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30 Beautiful Hairstyles with Bangs for Women Over 50

In this article we’re sharing hairstyles with bangs for women over 50. As we grow older, our skin changes and so does our hair – often becoming thinner and, in some cases, more brittle. At the same time, other women over 50, still have thick locks and need fringe hairstyles for their hair type and texture.

So, should older women wear bangs or not? Is there the one-size-fits-all type of bangs that flatters all women over 40, over 50, and over 60? We have answers and ideas for all of you. Check out the pictures with tips and tricks below!

1. Rounded Bob with Bangs. For women over 50 with a square-shaped face, very short hairstyles can be quite aging, however, a chin-length bob with bangs resting at the eyebrow level can soften the face as well as conceal those tell-tale fine lines on the forehead.

2. Gray Pixie-Mullet with Bangs. For ladies with busy lifestyles, a shorter cut is easy to manage, and the ever-popular Pixie cut can be softened for women over 50 by adding a feathered fringe and longer sideburns. This versatile style suits oval, square, and heart-shaped faces best.

3. Layered Bob with Feathered Bangs. And yet, do bangs make you look younger? Many women, particularly those going through menopause, find that their hair becomes significantly thinner. Short bob haircuts with bangs for older ladies are a magic wand. A layered bob with choppy bangs like this one can give your hair volume and make the face look more youthful. Your hairstylist will help you choose the right youthful bangs.

4. Short Cut with Side-Swept Bangs. Perfect for blondes over 50, this style combines an easy-to-manage short cut with a feminine sweeping fringe. Adding highlights can help to create the illusion of volume for this chic style. Many ask ‘do bangs make you look older’? This can be the case with a heavy symmetrical fringe, however, this softer style definitely makes the face look more youthful.

5. Blunt Bob with Jagged Bangs. For super-straight hair, a blunt bob with a matching fringe is a glamorous and low-maintenance look for the over 50s. This is also a great choice for ladies looking for styles with bangs over 60. However, it will flatter only thicker hair types.

6. Back-Swept Layered Bob with Bangs. For those who like a less fussy style, or prefer to keep their hair off their face, the back-swept layered bob is a stylish and flattering choice. Adding feathered layers deliver volume to this cut.

7. Wavy Bob with Long Bangs. Professional-looking and feminine, this soft style perfectly frames the face while also covering a multitude of age-related ‘problems’ women over 50 can have (wrinkles, sagging skin, etc.). The long bangs can also be held back with a pretty clip to add a touch of glamor.

8. Shoulder-Length Layers with Bangs. Long hair with bangs over 50 can be tricky to get and style right. You need some thickness and hair health. However, incredibly versatile, the shoulder-length layered hairstyle suits most face shapes. If you want something similar, ask your stylist if they can add some loose wavy layers for more movement and volume, discuss, and then make a decision together.

9. Shaggy Bob with Bangs. Popular older women haircuts with bangs include a lot of short crops, but chin-length and neck-length cuts are also stunning. Why not try something longer? For over 50s with smaller faces, this choppy almost-shoulder-length deconstructed bob will be flattering and super easy to manage.

10. Feathered Pixie with Bangs. For women over 50 with high foreheads, a short cut like this one can help to balance the face while providing a chic style with minimal maintenance. A few highlights add glamor and volume.

11. Graduated Bob with Bangs. Great for any shade of hair, the graduated bob is an enduring favorite, and, adding long bangs, women over 50 can create a softer version of this popular style.

12. The Rock Chick Cut with Bangs. Funky and incredibly low-maintenance, this short but feminine shaglet style ticks all the boxes for women over 50 who want to combine practicality with edgy style.

13. Wispy Bob with Bangs and Glasses. The classic bob with bangs can look a little front-heavy for women over 50 who wear glasses, however, older ladies can make a spectacle of themselves in a good way by adding a shorter, wispier fringe to balance out the face.

14. Wavy Mid-Length Haircut with Bangs. Naturally wavy hair lends itself perfectly to this style for the over 50 stylish divas. Soft layers and a mid-length fringe create a style that can be easily dressed up for a more sophisticated look. So, if you were wondering if a woman over 50 can beautifully wear her shoulder length with bangs or no bangs, you now know the answer, right?

15. Layered Crop with Bangs. This no-fuss style is practical yet elegant, and the layered bangs help to frame the face while concealing fine lines on the forehead.

16. Choppy Shag with a Fringe. Hair can often become brittle over 50, and bangs for older faces are sometimes heavy and aging. This chopped style works with the texture of straight gray hair to create a glamorous look for older ladies that is, on the contrary, very modern, stylish, and fun.

17. Long Sleek Bob with Side-Swept Bangs. For the more conservative over 50s gal, this longer bob with a side-swept fringe is super-feminine without being too fussy. It is a hairstyle that suits most lifestyles, events, and outfits.

18. Curly Cut with Bangs Over 50. Curls just wanna have fun with this cute cut for ladies of color over 50. Natural curls are enhanced with a shoulder-length cut while mid-length bangs are added to soften the face.

19. Deconstructed Bob with Curtain Bangs. This chic and hassle-free style is a showstopper, agree? Your hairstylist just needs to add curtain bangs to a shoulder-length deconstructed bob, and voila, one of the most stunning haircuts for a lady over 50 is ready!

20. Super Short Crop with Sweeping Bangs. This no-nonsense style for the over 50s can look chic and elegant with a short fringe, however, those with rounder faces may want to add a little more length. Always bring several different pictures to the hair salon and ask for advice.

21. Classic White Bob with Long Side Bangs. The classic chin-length bob will never go out of style for women of all age groups, and, paired with the trendy side bangs, it can be super-flattering for women over 50 too.

22. Wavy Shoulder-Length Style with Straight Bangs. With a touch of 1940s glamor, this feminine shoulder-length style suits thicker hair types. Appropriate for most life situations, it can be combed over, tucked behind the ears, or dressed up. You choose.

23. Dark Undercut with Long White Bangs. Not for the faint-hearted, this edgy style will suit those with oval and heart-shaped faces. Though the cut looks amazing, be warned that it does take a fair amount of upkeep to look its best.

24. Shaggy Neck-Length Hair with Bangs. Incredibly forgiving for women over 50, this shoulder-length cut with shaggy layers suits most hair colors and face shapes, although those with smaller faces may want to add shorter layers in the front.

25. Spiky Crop with Bangs. Favored by celebrities such as Dame Judi Dench and Jamie Lee Curtis, silver hair shades look stunning when combined with spiky crops. You will also need longer, side-swept bangs for an effortless style like this one.

26. Shoulder-Length Waves with Flipped-Up Bangs. For those lucky enough to have thick, naturally wavy hair, this over 50 style is feminine without being too girly. Thick bangs help to perfectly frame the face with this fuss-free look.

27. Cropped Bob with Face-Framing Long Bangs. Ideal for smaller faces, this slightly graduated cropped bob hits just below the ears for easy management, while curtain bangs perfectly frame the face and soften the look. Highlights fit well here too. Looks very youthful, doesn’t it?

28. Flicked Bob with Feathered Gray Bangs. For instant glamor vibes, this Farrah Fawcett-esque shag with swoopy curtain bangs is incredibly suitable for all important events in your life, be it a New Year’s party, a wedding of your daughter, or a date with your boyfriend.

29. Long Waves with Bangs. This age-defying hairdo, balanced by mid-length bangs, is feminine and fresh. The hair color is also a jackpot. A perfect over 50 style, that indeed would make you look as if you were 17 again. Just don‘t forget to pair it with your beautiful smile.

30. Short Shag with Bangs for Older Women. Fringe, wispy bangs, glasses – can these be combined? Yes, and here is the proof. For ladies with glasses who prefer a shorter, less fussy style, this shaggy, deconstructed bob with slightly graduated bangs is a great choice. The great news is it works for thicker locks and for thinner hair too.

Older Women's Bob Shag with Glasses
By Hiro

Getting older doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style and, as we’ve shown in this article, bangs for women over 50 can be extremely flattering as well as practical. Bangs on older women help to frame the face while concealing fine lines on the forehead which older ladies are often self-conscious about. If you’re unsure about bangs or no bangs over 50, your hairstylist will advise you on the best style for your hair type and face shape.

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