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50 Hottest Haircuts with Bangs to Try in 2022

2. Wispy Side Bangs. Adopt this breezy look featuring some elegantly cut wispy side bangs. They go great with both shoulder length and long hair.

Are you stuck trying to find your most flattering haircut? Should you rock some bangs? Hairstyles with bangs can bring out your favorite cute features and even complement your personality. Be sure, there’s always a perfect fringe haircut for every face shape and hair texture.

Whether you are going for a blunt, subtly layered or choppy haircut, you are covered! Here are some amazing haircuts with bangs you could copy.

1. Side Bangs. These bangs are especially gorgeous on round faces with wider cheeks as they help create a more oval face. Opt for bangs hitting the cheekbones.

2. Wispy Side Bangs. Adopt this breezy look featuring some elegantly cut wispy side bangs. They go great with both shoulder length and long hair.

3. Beachy Bob. These low-key bangs seem effortless and flatter most face shapes, making you look like you’ve just stepped off the beach.

4. Long Shag. Achieve the cutest appearance without seeming like you tried too hard. Consider modern long hairstyles with bangs that add the classic rock n’ roll glam to your look.

5. The Classic Fringe. With a long face, you could easily go for a subtle side-swept fringe or a heavier blunt one. It gives you a laidback vibe with the coolest mini-makeover you could get.

6. Wispy Shag. Do you like shag hairstyles and think of trying a fringe? Wispy is the way to go. It complements your seemingly effortless look with a cute touch; everyone will think you just wake up to fly every day!

7. Textured Bangs. Out of many ordinary hairstyles with bangs, this sliced lob gives you a really unique style that screams your personality.

8. Piece-y Fringe. This is akin to curtain bangs but without the part. Feel free to wear your fringe bangs whatever way you want!

9. Long Shag with Curtain Bangs. Try bed-head fringe bangs layered and tousled for extra volume. The curtain bangs style nicely frames any face shape and lends you some mysterious allure.

10. Blown-Out Curtain Bangs. Retro-glam girls with long hair would love this bangs style. The swoopy strands are versatile and offer you a softer look.

11. Short Blonde Hair with Baby Bangs. A unique cut that features short-to-medium hair and goes well with glasses. The bangs are low-maintenance and won’t bother you soon.

12. Wavy Hair with Bangs. Need to go long and flowy? It’s a perfect wavy hairstyle with bangs. Not to mention, long, natural-looking hairstyles are ideal for every occasion.

Long Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs
By Tess

13. Layered Curtain Bangs. Mid-length haircuts fall a little past the collarbone and pair just fine with any type of bangs, from side bangs to full blunt bangs.

14. Choppy Bangs. What haircuts with bangs work with any face shape? This particular one gives you a chic, uneven fringe to balance your facial features and face shape.

15. Platinum Wispy Fringe. Searching for a haircut for women with bangs that can give you artful, gorgeous locks? Then, this one’s for you. It will be grazing your eyebrows so you can leave your hair down or put it up.

16. Bangs for Feathered Choppy Hair. These eyebrow-grazing feathered bangs with neck-length fluffy blonde hair are all shades of glam. Perfect fringe hair for ladies with fine blonde hair. A layered haircut with bangs and shadow roots gives visual volume to thin and fine hair types.

17. Parted Straight Bangs. One of the most charming fringe hairstyles, that will help to cover your forehead and slim the face if needed.

18. Medium-Length Hairstyle with Bangs. Want to add some fullness around your face? It’s the right style for you as it flatters best those who have a long face shape.

19. Soft Choppy Bangs. Piece-y bangs work for most face shapes and come with versatility in daily styling. You can split them in the middle and wear as curtain bangs or tousle and rock the trendy shag.

20. Grown-Out Shaggy Fringe. This shoulder-length hair with bangs is inspired by the ’60s, making for a great combination of modern and retro.

21. Long Side-Swept Bangs. Are you craving something trendy? Showcase your chic side with this fringe. It primarily works well with round faces.

22. Full Cropped Bangs and Long Hair. Cute is the word for these bangs. Hair like this deserves compliments. Get the full fringe benefits (pun intended) with this modern retro-style haircut with bangs. The fascinating beach curls and thick fringe bangs make her shag so admirable.

23. See-Through Blunt Bangs. And these work best with oval and long faces. Choose a medium-length haircut to frame your face perfectly.

24. Short Shag. Are you ready to embrace some French girl bangs? Keep the cool factor high with this seemingly effortless haircut.

25. Wispy Piece-y Bangs Hair. Straight wispy bangs past the brows hovering a little above the eyelashes. This is a fantastic hairstyle with bangs for trendy 25-40 years old ladies! Such bangs would soften your strong jawline if you need it. Adding subtle highlights to her fringe hair spiced up the look.

26. Feathered Curtain Bangs Hair. You just have to give it to her. Her lovely brown blonde hairstyle with bangs looks A-amaazing. Angelic-looking center-parted flipped-up fringe bangs with stunningly fabulous soft wavy hair.

27. Sliced Parted Fringe. Embrace some playfulness with this cute and charming short haircut. If you want a low-maintenance and professionally looking style, pick a bob cut to pair with your dainty bangs.

28. Long Piece-y Bangs. Layered hair with bangs is awesome in free-flowing styles. Add the brightest highlights to your bangs for a flattering accent drawing attention to your eyes.

29. Center-Parted Fringe. You can try many different styles of bangs, but long curtain bangs give you a feminine vibe and focus on your eyes and cheekbones.

30. Classic Full Bangs. Although there are many bangs in 2022 to choose from, going for this timeless fringe will also be a fabulous choice. Make sure it hits just below the eyebrows so you can style it easily.

31. Long Swoopy Split Bangs. These bangs veil your face when it’s necessary and can be clipped away when you are working out or running your errands.

32. Wavy Braided Hairstyle with a Fringe. Drop some jaws with this fashionable fringe haircut. The textured arched bangs are a good addition to messy waves and sloppy braids.

33. Browline-Length Bangs. Open up your face with browline-length bangs that won’t overwhelm you. You could also achieve some illusory width with this hairstyle if you want to balance out your elongated face.

34. Short Messy Fringe. Medium length hairstyles with bangs can be customized to flatter any face shape. Bangs are a perfect addition to shag haircuts. It’s a messy fringe hairdo with bangs that not only go across the forehead like traditional bangs but also frame your face blending with short side pieces.

35. Choppy Bangs. Let your bangs appear less heavy than the traditional straight-cut ones by making them uneven. It pairs well with a bit of texture throughout the length.

36. Crisp Eye-Brushing Bangs. Let your bangs go past your browline and cover your eyes just a little, giving off that unique, mysterious vibe. What do you think? No one can tell!

37. Outgrown Razored Fringe. Tired of the usual center-parted hair? How about razored bangs added to soften your face? A little twist to refresh your style and make you stand out.

38. Wispy Curtain Bangs. Here is a fringe haircut that goes well with any length of hair. Those split curtain bangs are in, so if you like them, don’t hesitate to try them out this season.

39. Curtain Bangs with Feathered Ends. Thicker than the common middle-parted style, curtain bangs are a fringe option that doesn’t take much upkeep. And, who doesn’t love that 70’s cool-girl vibe they give off?

40. Short Textured Haircut with Bangs. This textured short hairstyle falls below the brow, almost creating the peek-a-boo effect. It is a great option for both adults and kids.

41. Piece-y Straight Bangs. Reducing your bangs’ bulk after cutting them will give you this wispy curtain instead of a heavy fringe. Just be sure to keep them clean, so they don’t get too thin and limp.

Uneven Straight Bangs for Medium Hair
By Hiro

42. Shag Haircut with Bangs. A shag haircut, when coupled with bangs, gives your hair some much-needed texture that’s sure to get heads turning in admiration.

43. Textured Side-Swept Bangs. Attract positive attention with these brow-grazing, side-swept bangs. They also provide a great in-between style solution when you are growing out a heavier bang.

44. Long Layered Shaggy Bangs. Layered haircuts with bangs have become so trendy! The hair is twisted a little to make the layered effect more pronounced.

45. Medium Length Bangs. From accurate long bobs to shaggy styles, medium-length bangs can take years off your face. They lighten thick hair and add volume to fine hair, giving you an angelic look.

46. Messy Curtain Bangs. The center-parted fringe hairstyle gives you the classic bombshell blonde look that is sure to make your friends thrilled.

47. Bangs with Glasses. Wondering whether you can rock bangs with glasses? Yes, this is a great combination guaranteed to be a head-turner. Glasses go best with eyebrow-skimming bangs or longer side bangs.

48. Shoulder-Length Cut with Bangs. Are you trying to avoid the conventional bob look? Add angled piece-y bangs to your shoulder-length layered hair and enjoy the new naughty style.

49. Adorable Curly Bangs. Curly bangs shouldn’t be short. Cut them when your hair is dry and blend them into your face-framing layers.

50. Bangs and Layers. Layering both your bangs and the rest of face-framing hair is the perfect way to make your cut seem more voluminous.

There are plenty of hairstyles with bangs that won’t disappoint you. No matter how you want to do your hair, there is always a perfect fringe look for you out there. Remember, you want to avoid a blunt cut with a longer face shape and consider a longer side sweep or any other softer style for a more balanced angular jawline. On the flip side, with a rounder face, you want more elongated bangs that create face-shaping angles.

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