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50 Light Brown Hair Ideas to Collect Likes on Instagram

50. Light Metallic Copper Brown. This dainty shade of bronze has some metallic shine and natural depth, and it perfectly complements the girl’s fair complexion and light eyes.

All in all, light brown hair comes in many variations, which give you plenty of opportunities to play with shades and coloring techniques. We are sure that at least one of our pictures will make you tick, so we wish you good luck in achieving your hair goals.

Do you think that light brown hair is not as dramatic and chic as other deeper, shades of brown? We are going to debunk this myth and show how stunning and versatile the light brown color palette is, not to mention its low maintenance and ageless aesthetic appeal.

50 Most Beautiful Light Brown Hair Color Ideas

From almost blonde to reddish tones, today’s light brown spectrum is amazingly diverse and can be tailored to your needs with different coloring techniques. Scroll through our collection to find your perfect light brown solution.

1. Warm Light Brown Balayage on Summery Waves. Here, the golden-brown base is beautifully illuminated with blonde highlights, which look totally natural in effortless waves.

2. Warm Light Brown Hair with Off-White Sparkles. This brown color combination avoids harsh tones, creating an absolutely natural look with a dusty base and creamy highlights.

3. High-Contrast Light Brown Ombre Hair. Although not as vivid as some of our other options, this version of brown still garners attention with a lot of blonde against the dark base, albeit smoothed out and well-blended.

4. Delicate Earthy Brown Balayage. This cedar brown hairstyle shimmers with dusty pink undertones, which will chime well with the same tints in your skin.

5. Neutral Brown with Blonde Highlights. This balayage keeps the whole color scheme on the muted, beige side, with a bit of cool and warm shades throughout the hair and the natural brown base, which will grow out gracefully.

6. Light Chestnut Brown Hair with a Creamy Feel. This light brown hair color with a reddish tint is a perfect choice for a warm complexion or dark skin of a neutral tone.

7. Light Caramel Brown for Mid-Length Hair. The honey hues of this balayage chime well with the warmth of the skin, while the natural dark brown base left untouched at the roots promises low maintenance.

8. Nude Light Brown Shoulder-Length Hair. While neutral hair colors suit every skin tone, this balayage has a bit of bronze for the fall, which makes it a safe choice for warm complexions.

9. Honey Light Brown Hair Color with Blonde Ribbons. Striped Y2K hair is officially back, so don’t hesitate to add brightness to your reddish-brown mane either with foils or freehand painting.

10. Light Hazelnut Brown with Subtle Face Framing. If you are looking for a shade with a lesser amount of red, this light brown hair dye still has subtle warm hues in it to complement the golden tones in your skin.

11. Light Brown Blonde Hair with a Mix of Tones. While this color scheme feels overall ashy, it catches the eye with the intricate alteration of cool blonde and warmer brown.

12. Lived-In Light Brown Short Hair. What we like about this lovely lob, aside from its impressive depth, is the low maintenance that comes with the masterfully done root melting.

13. Light Golden-Brown Hair with Buttery Blonde Ombre. This delicate color melt pairs the richness and warmth of brown with the brightness of blonde and can be customized to flatter cooler skin undertones.

Buttery Blonde Balayage for Light Brown Hair
By Mick

14. Light Brown Lob with Blonde Ends. Since dip-dye hair is officially in vogue, you can pair a light brown base with splashes of blonde at the ends to get a bright, fashion-forward look.

15. Dimensional Light Brown Hair. This girl has swapped a flat brassy shade for a whole head of tiny highlights matched with wide blonde ribbons placed near her face.

16. Light Brown Hair with Greige Finish. Apart from delivering a perfect balance of cool ash hues and warm golden tones, this color scheme with a distinct money piece doesn’t let the face get lost in the cascade of hair.

17. Light Golden Brown for Layered Hair. The killer combo of layers and piece-y texture creates tons of movement in this hair, with light reflected by the golden highlights enhancing the effect.

18. Butterfly Layers in Almost Blonde. While feathery layers here are responsible for texture, volume, and an airy feel, the light brown hair color at the roots adds contrast and depth to the style.

19. Perfectly Blunt Lob with Pinkish Tint. Girls with cool undertones in their fair complexions will look really ethereal after getting a super-polished lob colored with a rose-tinted light brown hair dye.

20. Modern Shag with Light Brown Highlights. This Brigitte Bardot-esque style boasts trendy curtain bangs and a set of light honey highlights that sit right where the sun would hit and, thus, feel absolutely natural.

21. Long Bronde Hair with Full Bangs. Thick brow-grazing bangs look very Frenchy and are truly timeless, so we recommend adapting them to boho-chic light brown hairstyles following the nice example provided by this girl.

22. Undone Light Chestnut Brown Lob. Mildly layered and handsomely textured, this lob is covered with a dusty hue of chestnut brown and spiced up with barely-there highlights to land an exquisite and dimensional look.

23. Light Copper Brown for Long Hair. This long hair is anything but flat for two reasons: it is cut with layers and thinned-out ends to bring out waves, texture, and volume, and it is sculptured by red balayage to enhance movement.

24. Light Brown Beach Waves. Here we have a totally summer-ready style that pairs a medium brunette base with a light brown hair color grazing mid-shaft and cool-toned blonde pieces around the face to artistically mimic sun-kissed tresses.

25. Cocoa to Light Ash Brown Transition. This bob embraces two versions of cool, pale brown to arrive at a balanced proportion of ashy and warm shades to flatter the fair skin and light-colored eyes.

26. Seamless Light Chocolate Brown Balayage. Actually this absolutely natural-looking style accommodates all the yummy hues from dark to milk chocolate, which are incorporated using both highlights and lowlights to add dimension and dynamics.

27. Streaky Light Brown Layers. The movement of these relaxed waves is masterfully emphasized by sandy blonde ribbons which also bring in shine, as well as the alluring illumination for the face.

28. Modern Flipped-Out Bob with Caramel Highlights. If you are after light brown haircuts with a Parisian feel, this bohemian bob with an undone finish, lots of texture at the ends, and diffused highlights is just the thing.

29. Smokey Light Brown with Pops of Warmth. Customization is key to a good color job, and this style shows how cool and warm tones can be mixed to better suit your features and preferences.

30. Light Brown Meets Bright Blonde. The pearly blonde in this mane is beautifully set off by the blushy light brown that makes grown-out roots less visible and keeps the overall look fresh.

31. Light Reddish-Brown Hair with a Money Piece. A bit of copper is just the thing for girls with fair skin and light eyes, but it won’t hurt to brighten up the face with golden ribbons placed around it.

32. Light Brown Balayage with Bronze Flair. If you are after warm shades of light brown hair color, this bright and dimensional balayage with notes of red, caramel, and gold should get you inspired.

33. Soft Caramel Light Brown Hair. A medium brown base works as a great starting point for adding amber or golden highlights, which will give tons of depth and shine.

34. Light Chocolate Brown Hair with Highlights. While chocolate brown is eternally rich, you can regulate its deepness with highlights and keep the whole palette on the warmer or cooler side depending on your complexion.

35. Vibrant Light Red Brown Hair. If you long for autumnal tints and happen to have peachy or golden undertones in your skin, going lighter to medium red will be a smart idea.

36. Light Brown Medium Hair with Sun-Kissed Pieces. Just look how golden brown enhances the natural warmth of this skin tone while the pops of blonde remind us of summer vibes!

37. Light Brown Long Hair with Seamless Color Transition. This color job looks utterly fabulous with its pitch-perfect color transition and barely-there lowlights creating natural movement.

38. Light Mushroom Brown Hair for Warm Undertones. A cool-toned brown like this will make your skin’s yellow undertones look a bit creamier while creating an overall softer effect, but you shouldn’t go too ashy since this can wash you out.

39. Light Brown to Beige Blonde Melt. If you are not able to make heads or tails of light brown hair colors, consider this subtle color scheme as a good place to start — it mixes warm and cool tones and is very adaptable.

40. Rich in Contrast Light Brown Bronde. It can be tricky to find a light brown hair dye that will lend enough dimension to super long strands, but a good bronde like this streaky scheme will do the job perfectly.

41. Light Brown Pixie with Silver Strips. Here is what we call a masterwork —the bright, contrasting highlights are artistically incorporated into this playful chop to emphasize its wave pattern.

42. Light Cherry Brown and Blonde Balayage. If you are short of light brown hair color ideas, let’s delve into the seriously red side of the spectrum to arrive at a warm and vibrant fall-friendly look.

43. Light Ash Brown Hair for Pale Complexions. Those girls who have fair skin and light eyes will benefit from embracing this pearly version of light brown, especially in combination with strategic highlights.

44. Multi-Tone Bronde with Chunky Face Framing. It seems that these locks really glare from the inside — all thanks to the red splashes interspersed with bright blonde streaks.

45. Glossy Light Brown Balayage Hair. This brunette girl has elevated her look with golden highlights galore, which makes the whole scheme not only lighter but also much shinier.

46. Light Brown Beachy Hair. What about another approach to placing sun-kissed effects? This hairstyle shifts them towards the bottom, leaving the crown hair virtually intact, and it still feels natural.

47. Light Brown to Dirty Blonde Transition. This soft balayage starts as chocolate brown at the roots and ends in sandy brown at the bottom, with some blonde sparkles in between.

48. Light Brown Bob with Highlighted Fringe. Yes, this cut is adorned with highlights throughout the perimeter, but the brightest strip crossing the fringe wins plaudits for giving prominence to the face and adding drama.

49. Light Brown Contouring for Wavy Locks. While layering gives structure to these long locks and releases natural movement, the highlights accentuate the wave pattern and frame the face flatteringly.

50. Light Metallic Copper Brown. This dainty shade of bronze has some metallic shine and natural depth, and it perfectly complements the girl’s fair complexion and light eyes.

All in all, light brown hair comes in many variations, which give you plenty of opportunities to play with shades and coloring techniques. We are sure that at least one of our pictures will make you tick, so we wish you good luck in achieving your hair goals.

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