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50 Luscious Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair

What hairstyles for long thin hair would work best for you? Check the ideas below and take a picture from this article to the salon. You can’t go wrong!

1. Bronde Color Melt. A pearl blonde like this one is stunning and gives hair a healthy glow.

What hairstyles for long thin hair would work best for you? Check the ideas below and take a picture from this article to the salon. You can’t go wrong!

1. Bronde Color Melt. A pearl blonde like this one is stunning and gives hair a healthy glow.

2. Platinum Hair with Flipped In and Out Ends. We can’t but adore blowout hairstyles for long thin hair because of the volume they create, especially when the bounce is maximized with tips bent in different directions.

3. Long Hair with Feathered Layers. Here’s a great long hairstyle for very thin hair with softly feathered ends and a few shorter layers added for movement and dimension.

4. Summer Chic. We think we’ve found the one with the prettiest hairstyle for warmer months. Waves or loose curls for long thin hair are super gorgeous when placed right in the middle of the hair shaft.

5. Long Thin Hair with Highlights and Lowlights. Pin-straight long hair without the right haircut can visually weigh your face down and appear even flatter than it really is. That is why professional long haircuts for thin hair often include long layers, highlights-lowlights, and trendy curtain bangs. These tricks will help to open up your face and give your mane the desired volume.

6. Extra Long Layered Hair. Treat yourself to a blowout to make those long layers stand out. If you have a round face, keeping locks on the longer side will elongate the face.

7. Honey Blonde Layers with Highlights. Here is how you can emphasize your layers and make them seem more dimensional and textured without the risk of depriving your hair of body through over-layering.

8. Two-Layer Cut for Long Hair. For long fine thin hair, it might not seem easy to play up what you have, but a mix of straight lengths and curled ends does the trick.

9. Long Fine Hair with Blonde Balayage. Brunettes and blondes always dispute which color makes the hair look fuller and thicker. The truth lies somewhere in between. Mixing lighter and darker shades of the same color delivers depth and volume.

10. Long Very Thin Hair with Layered Ends. This airy style works by adding some lift at the roots with blow-drying, creating fullness in the front with face-framing pieces, and deriving bounce from the ends with dense layering.

11. Long Thin Hair with Layering and Feathering. The sparing layering sets these thin strands for volume by creating movement in otherwise straight, limp hair while its combination with sliced ends fills the hair with beautiful texture.

12. Ombre for Long Thin Hair. Adding a pop of color to thin hair brings texture and makes it look thicker. We suggest an ombre and layers for the best results!

13. Shaggy Long Hair with Bangs. When choosing volumizing haircuts for thin long hair, don’t forget about the fullness-boosting power of bangs, the more so as choppy fringes chime with shags perfectly.

14. Long Razored Cut. Thin layered hair gets a makeover when given a shiny gray blonde balayage. Keep roots dark and blend in highlights for a natural look.

15. Long Haircut for Thin Flat Hair. Layers for thin hair are key! In this picture, we see that these magic feathered strands generate the needed volume and movement! So, if you are in search of volumizing haircuts for thin long hair that really work, look no further. Some flattering layers are what you need.

16. Haircut Idea for Long Very Thin Hair. Imagine this hairstyle without layers. It would look really thin and flat. So, your first move towards a fuller hairstyle would be a good layered cut with feathered curtain bangs. The next steps are choosing the right professional volumizing hair products and learning how to style your new haircut.

17. Shadow Root and Long Layers. Haircuts for thin long hair can also be low-maintenance! This shadow root layered cut frees you from the need to visit a hairdresser for months.

18. Rapunzel’s Twin. We believe you’ll be mistaken for Rapunzel when you come out of the salon with this stunning long length style.

19. Ash Blonde Hair with Wispy Finish. This is another secret to fulness-saving haircuts for long thin hair — get the strands thinned out around the ends rather than throughout the length if you want to arrive at texture and volume.

20. V-Cut for Thin Hair. A V-cut has earned the reputation of being one of the most volumizing haircuts for thin long hair. Add waves and babylights for a triple volume boost.

21. Balayage and Tousled Layers. Long hair can get messy, and it’s alright! Tousled hairdos are trending, so give this layer cut a try.

22. Feathered Layers and Curtain Bangs. Hairstyles for long thin hair can be truly fascinating! Check how the curtain bangs, feathered layers, and subtle waves blend in a beautiful ensemble.

23. Layered Style with Highlights and Lowlights. Long fine hair benefits from layering and patchy highlights since they create volume and texture. Add curtain bangs for an even sweeter appearance!

24. Long Hair with Short and Fluffy Bottom. This fine hair features only a few face-framing layers in the upper part but has plenty of oomph on the bottom with a combo of highlights, short layers, and a tousled finish.

25. Blonde Hair Contouring. Apart from spotlighting the facial features, the brighter blonde highlights masterfully placed around the face bring depth into this long fine hair and make it appear much more voluminous.

26. Layered Low-Maintenance Haircut for Thin Long Hair. Long thin hairstyles in the well-known Rachel Green style always look thicker than they are. A lot of layers plus a cute blonde hair color with shadow roots – and your locks will transform from flat and boring dull strands to a luxuriant eye-catching mane.

27. Rooty Balayage for Fine Hair. This trick applies not only to blonde hairstyles for long thin hair but any color schemes: a root melt creates an illusion of depth, and the splashes of various shades throughout the length enhance the dimensional effect.

28. Volume-Boosting Honey Blonde Balayage. If you run out of ideas what hairstyles for long thin hair to try next, remember that soft layers and a pretty balayage are always a sure bet. Add face-framing pieces and shadow roots or a root smudge.

29. Natural-Looking Layers. The great thing about this kind of cut is that when you’re running late in the morning, a quick brush through with a comb works just fine!

30. Flowy Layers in Thin Hair. Long fine hairstyles may lack texture even when they have some layers, but they won’t look flat with definition and dynamics acquired thanks to feathered ends.

31. Root Smudge and Sculptured Face Framing. While the dark roots blended with platinum hair equal both dimension and low maintenance, the accentuated pieces along the face let this girl get the most texture out of the layers.

32. Disconnected Layering with Highlights. This girl smartly uses all the available fullness-enhancing armory: the cascading layering builds volume and structure in the front, and the light brown to sandy blonde balayage infuses depth into the entire hairstyle.

33. Blunt and Layered Blonde Hair. Blunt ends cut in long thin hairstyles deliver a fuller feel in their lower portion, but it can’t prevent you from gaining a bit of width with curtain bangs and layers in the mid-length.

34. Cascading Caramel Layers. With the well-blended layers amplified by loose waves cascading down from the cheekbones to the very bottom, this handsomely highlighted chestnut brown hair doesn’t look stingy and certainly oozes movement.

35. Lengthy Shag with Extensions for Thinning Hair. Shags have the power to revive limp tresses and give them definition, so don’t hesitate to add some extra hair to achieve the cool-girl look like this.

36. Bronde Thin Hair with Curtain Bangs. The caramel highlights inserted into the brunette hair work their dimensional magic here, while the lavish and handsomely textured curtain bangs add lots of body to the strands around the face.

37. Full Bangs and Disconnected Layers. While there is plenty of bounce around the ends of this hairstyle, the arched fringe still takes center stage enhancing fullness on the top.

38. Lightweight Long Layers with Bottleneck Bangs. Adorned with a deep wispy fringe, this blonde hair retains a fuller feel on the bottom thanks to the less defined layers ending in a blunt line.

39. Ginger Comeback. Red and blonde work great in unison. Try a thin layered hairstyle with a deep side part. It creates an asymmetrical look and makes the hair seem thicker.

40. Volumizing Metallic Balayage with Layers. This hair shines with multiple shades, ranging from light brown to beige blonde and even silver, so a few layers placed here and there are enough to get a fuller look.

41. Low-Maintenance Shag for Fine Locks. Shaggy hairstyles don’t require much styling and look edgy when left messy, but they do invoke much texture and movement in otherwise limp thin strands.

42. Long Caramel Blonde Hair. With a hairstyle like this, every single photo you post to Instagram may have #hairgoals next to it because that’s what you’ll be to all your friends!

43. Goddess Hair. Long hair past the shoulders always makes us women feel like goddesses. Whether you prefer blonde or caramel highlights, you’ll look not just good, but actually flawless!

44. Long Shaggy Hair in Lived-In Blonde. Boasting lots of razored texture, this shag successfully creates the illusion of thicker hair, enhanced by the depth added through the multi-tonal color scheme.

45. Blonde Color Melt with Delicate Texture. This long thin hair is made more dimensional on the crown with a beige color melt while a brighter blonde placed toward the ends gives a healthy glow to the delicate strands.

46. Tousled Butterfly Layers. The trendy feathered and flipped-out layers may come in a more disheveled version, which looks no less voluminous than polished ‘90s-inspired blowouts.

47. Highlighted Choppy Tresses. This redhead enjoys extra oomph with the strawberry blonde light-reflecting highlights which nicely emphasize the disconnection created by the choppy finish.

48. Blonde Hair with Swoopy Layers. Here is a great example of how to style long thin hair to the advantage: it won’t take much time to get the retro flip only in the front while the look will gain bounce immediately.

49. Copper Wolf Cut for Thin Hair. Hot and happening wolf cuts come with built-in texture, and you can have even better lift with trendy messy styling.

50. Subtle Bright Blonde Layers. If you are after volumizing haircuts for straight hair, look no further than this long icy blonde hairstyle with a lifted crown and face-framing pieces, which fix the flat strands to the max.

Now that we’ve got 50 ideas to update hairstyles for long thin hair, we wish you gorgeous makeovers!

by Serena Piper
Serena graduated from the University of Oregon where she majored in magazine journalism. She is a published writer both in print and online. She currently lives in Daytona Beach where she works at the Early Learning Coalition, an organization supporting children of low-income families. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, reading, country music concerts, exploring Florida, and of course, the beach.
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