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50 Cool Asymmetrical Haircuts for Every Face Shape, Hair Length, and Hair Type

What asymmetrical haircuts are the hottest in 2021? What face shape are they best for? Check out the fullest guide on the asymmetrical hair women are wearing this season.

What is an asymmetrical haircut? We aren’t talking about math when we describe a haircut as asymmetrical. We just mean that one side of your hair is longer than the other. An awesome thing about asymmetrical haircuts is that they’re for both long and short hair, and they work for all face shapes, even for full or somewhat disproportionate faces. They’re also great for adding an instant spark to your style.

50 Asymmetrical Haircuts That Always Look Cool

Take a look at our 50 favorite ways to wear an asymmetrical haircut!

1. Textured Asymmetrical Pixie. Pack your personality into funky short asymmetrical haircuts that feature texture everywhere.

2. Piece-y Patchy Pixie. Ask your stylist to do an asymmetric cut with piece-y layers for instant texture. Frosted tips or short hair balayage highlights are a must for this look.

3. Uneven Bob with Balayage. Asymmetrical haircut styles featuring highlighted waves, like this asymmetrical bob, give your look softness and bring brightness to your face. Plus, they hide big foreheads.

4. Long Layered Pixie. The messy layers of this super cute asymmetrical pixie give it all the texture you could want! Create some soft waves and tuck one side behind the ear for the most feminine hairstyle ever seen.

5. Asymmetrical Pixie Bob with Waves. Get a luscious, touchable asymmetric haircut by going pixie-short and adding in lots of waves for texture. Or leaving your natural curls almost intact.

6. Summery Short Asymmetrical Pixie Bob. When the warmer season comes around, give your locks a big chop and level up to a soft wavy asymmetric cut.

7. Curly Asymmetrical Pixie. The asymmetrical curly hair gets an edge from the undercut side. The curls and shortness combine for an amazing style.

8. Short Asymmetrical Haircut. If your hair has a lot of volume but you want to go short, try a heavy side part to emphasize your hair’s thickness.

9. Sassy Blonde Pixie. Older women can still sport their sass – just try on a blonde asymmetrical pixie. Plan regular trims to keep this haircut in shape and invest in a good hairstyling product.

10. Asymmetrical Side Bangs. This blonde asymmetrical cut with bangs pulls all the length to the front and across the forehead for a flattering dimension.

11. Asymmetry with Caramel Highlights. The mom bob is no longer outdated when you upgrade to an asymmetrical neck-length bob! We love the caramel blonde pieces woven into her brown hair. Looks lovely!

12. Blonde Asymmetrical Lob. Can’t decide between short and long? Go for medium-length asymmetrical haircuts in shades of blonde. Shadow the roots for extra dimension.

13. Feathered Pixie Bob. Kelly Osborne herself would be proud to wear this hip, edgy asymmetrical pixie! The spiky pieces on the crown help with texture.

14. Asymmetric Mohawk Curls. Women with naturally curly hair take note: get phenomenal volume on asymmetrical curly hair by using large rollers. Small finger waves on the side ensure this look isn’t short on detail.

15. Side-Parted Hair with Waves. Use a bit of hair product to scrunch some waves and dress up your bob. Short asymmetrical haircuts beg for easy style.

16. Short-to-Long Asymmetrical Bob. Try this inverted haircut to make it look as if you’ve just got out of bed, which is really charming and sexy. Tease your hair now and again throughout the day to freshen it up a little.

17. Funky Short Asymmetrical Pixie. A short asymmetrical hairstyle has always been considered bold and risky, so definitely go for it if you feel the confidence. Adding curls or waves to your asymmetrical cut makes it look like a brand-new hairstyle.

18. Asymmetrical Short Hair with a Zig-Zag Part. This short hair with one side longer looks very elegant, and it immediately lets people know what kind of person you are – daring, confident, and eager to try out new things.

19. Wavy Asymmetrical Long Bob Haircut. Curly bobs are really cute – know it and take advantage of this knowledge. For example, if your locks have grown long, but you’re not ready to cut them yet, a curly hairdo will make your hair look way shorter!

20. Asymmetrical Short Hairstyle with Curls. Another bold haircut for true fashionistas. But this one has a more feminine vibe: it’s cool but looks very romantic and will definitely suit the girliest girl out there.

21. Asymmetrical Hair with an Extra Long Side. Most asymmetrical haircuts don’t have a drastic difference in lengths, but if you want to make a big splash, get short hair on one side and let the other be long.

22. Straight Asymmetrical Bob Haircut. The hairstyle is great for those with healthy thick hair that doesn’t need any extra texture or volume. Just keep it simple if you don’t want to distract people with an avant-garde hairdo.

23. Asymmetrical Layered Bob with an Undercut. Undercuts will make anyone look younger and fresher. Add more layers to create texture and tease the back of your hair for a messier look.

24. Asymmetrical Bob with a Long Side Fringe. Bangs are supposed to be shorter than the rest of the hair, right? Well, not these days. You can come up with literally any type of haircut, and the more unusual it is, the more attention you’ll receive.

25. Short White-Blonde Asymmetrical Haircut. What do you do if you want to get a classic bob and a shaved haircut at the same time? You do both! That would be a perfect union of your tomboyish and feminine sides.

26. Wavy Asymmetrically-Styled Bob. If you have thin or fine hair, this is a haircut for you. Highlights, as well as waves, will make your locks look thick, healthy, and beautiful. A definite go-to look for summer.

27. Wavy Asymmetric Hair with a Side Undercut. The undercut certainly makes the haircut stand out, providing a more dynamic look and showing off your long, thin neck.

28. Short Edgy Asymmetrical Haircut. Sometimes you get tired of tucking your locks behind your ears all the time, especially in winter, when the wind blows your hair right on your face. What you can do is comb your short hair back and reveal your beautiful face.

29. Elegant Bob with Asymmetrical Bangs. This bob haircut is universal, suiting women of all ages. Add some waves and enjoy stealing glances of every person passing by.

30. Asymmetrical Undercut Pixie Cut. It’s one of the trendiest asymmetrical haircuts 2022. Challenge yourself by cutting your hair short and leaving a longer side to create a modern and timeless haircut.

31. Asymmetrical Bob Haircut with a Short Temple. Need to ‘lift’ your hair a little? Get your hairspray and add volume to your hairdo by teasing your crown layers. Just don’t forget to take your hairspray with you and make sure to check on your hairstyle throughout the day.

32. Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircut. How charming does this hairstyle look? It goes well with smoky eyes and dark lipstick, while the undercut provides extra edginess and boldness.

33. Short-to-Medium Angled Asymmetrical Cut. It seems like the bob haircut will never go out of style. It makes you look (and feel) like a princess, especially with a graceful hair color like this one.

34. Layered Asymmetrical Hairstyle with Beachy Waves. If you need to spice up your asymmetrical bob for a moment, add layers and waves to it for more texture and dimension. The hairstyle brings amazing summer vibes that are so needed during winter.

35. Two-Tone Asymmetrical Hairdo. Silver locks are so fascinating! Your hair will look even more gorgeous if you dye it different shades of gray. It’s one of the best short asymmetrical haircuts for older ladies as well as young girls.

36. Long Asymmetrical Cut with Color. Long asymmetrical haircuts carry color well, and this pastel pink shows off the unique cut beautifully.

37. Straight Asymmetrical Cut. For thin or small faces, one of the best asymmetrical hairstyles you can opt for is a sleek and straight bob. A good ol’ classic.

38. Voluminous and Sexy Messy Asymmetry. Women always try to find ways to make their look captivating – well, with the crazy volume on a blonde asymmetrical bob, you’ve got it!

39. Pixie with Asymmetrical Bangs. Adding asymmetrical bangs to a short haircut is a cute way to draw attention to the eyes and balance out the face shape.

40. Colorful Asymmetrical Pixie. Make your asymmetrical pixie stand out with two complementing colors, like these metallic purple and metallic blue shades.

41. Angled Straight Cut. Medium-length asymmetrical haircuts look best on perfectly straight locks. Add shine to your hair with a small amount of serum.

42. Asymmetrical Bob with Face-Framing Highlights. The asymmetrical bob features blonde money pieces – a perfect look for women of all ages!

43. Straight Comb-Over Hairstyle. A comb-over and straight locks are all you need for an instantly sophisticated asymmetric hair cut.

44. Asymmetrical Stacked Bob. For thick and fine hair, a stacked asymmetric cut is a great solution to enhance and distribute the volume of your hair properly.

45. Extra Long Asymmetrical Fringe. Asymmetrical bangs can be hard to figure out how to style, but this cool cut simply requires combing all the hair forward and to the side.

46. Wavy Asymmetric Short Hair. Combine light blonde streaks in the front and a dark brown base shade with waves and a short asymmetrical haircut to get the true money piece look.

47. Pixie ‘Updo’ Imitation. By using a product to emphasize the texture of your asymmetrical pixie with a side undercut, you can make your look truly elegant on that special day.

48. Long Asymmetric A-Line Cut. Keep the length you love by choosing an appealing option between long asymmetrical haircuts. This no-bangs style is perfect for daily wear to the office.

49. Chic Soft Retro Asymmetry. Just look at this beautiful black asymmetrical bob! We love this long elegant curl on one side.

50. Asymmetrical Jagged Bob. Your fine hair is a perfect match for an asymmetrical bob with bangs. Mix shadow roots with blonde highlights for the perfect look.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of unique, edgy, and just plain beautiful ways to wear asymmetrical hairstyles. Whether your hair is short or has a little more length, a simple change in the way you have it cut can do wonders for your overall look. Which one will you try?

by Serena Piper
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