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30 Spectacular Mahogany Hair Color Ideas to Turn All Heads in 2024

Serena Piper

Incorporating comfy brown and warming red hues, mahogany hair color is a perfect choice for a cold season, all the more so as you have good chances to retain reds for longer in the more merciful winter sun.

But first things first — what color is mahogany? Available in both lighter and darker versions, this is a highly adaptable blend of hues and one of the deepest shades in the red color palette. Apart from red and brown, it includes a purple tinge and some chocolaty, copper, or espresso tones, which makes the color suitable for different complexions.

Let’s see how it works in the real world.

1. Dark Mahogany Brown with Seamless Root Melt. So deep that it is almost black, this base brown color serves as an accommodating backdrop for the soft reddish highlights to surface.

2. Glossy Mahogany Highlights. Radiating a whole set of copper and berry hues, these chunky mahogany ribbons fill the hair with stunning shine and create plenty of depth against the ultra-dark base.

3. Lush Ringlets in Deep Mahogany Hair Color. This amazingly rich mahogany has the right proportion of red and purple to land a neutral shade flattering for both cool and warm skin tones.

4. Mahogany Hair with a Taste of Cranberry. This subtly layered mane brings together a deep brown base with a purple tint and a vibrant red shade with notes of fuchsia.

5. Purple-Leaning Mahogany Blowout. Apart from adding an exquisite flair to the bouncy blowout, the purple tinge of this hairstyle works great to correct the yellow undertones in the girl’s skin.

6. Hand-Painted Red Mahogany. Made by a fine hand, these subtlest transitions between brown and red shades create a totally lived-in but still extremely dimensional look.

7. Black Hair with Mahogany Stripes. Red and black play well together, and this stripy combo spices up the voluminous lob nicely while bringing in a little bit of violet to complement the cool skin tone.

8. Warmed Up Mahogany Balayage. Illuminated by warm and rich shades of mulberry wine, this brown hair offers a perfect cool season switch without undergoing any drastic changes.

9. Mahogany Meets Burgundy Hair Color. Starting with coppery brown at the roots and flowing into reddish-purple on the bottom, this scheme lets you clearly understand mahogany vs burgundy hair color.

10. Low-Maintenance Mahogany Brown Hair. Since we know that reds tend to fade out quickly, staying closer to the brown end of the mahogany spectrum promises a longer life to your brunette balayage.

11. Long Layered Dark Mahogany Mane. This long hair amped up with layers gives us an excellent chance to observe a fascinating play of red, brown, and purple in the mahogany color.

12. Streaky Merlot Wine Hair. Here is another way to add a dreamy violet hue to mahogany hair dye for a dimensional streaky hairstyle full of shimmer and movement.

13. Lustrous Mahogany Hair with Highlights. You will hardly be able to drag your eyes away from these zingy splashes of pomegranate red masterfully inserted into the deep brown base.

14. Medium Golden Mahogany Brown Hairstyle. Girls with warm undertones can easily bring out a healthy glow in their skin by placing a tad lighter shade of copper or golden brown along the face.

15. Fluffy Mahogany Red Hair. A bright purplish red is just the thing for this girl’s dark complexion, and the mix of light and deep hues makes her fluffy waves even more dimensional.

16. Cool-Toned Reddish Mahogany Hair Color. Oozing the delicious sangria flavor with its blend of carmine and violet, this gorgeous long hair leans red rather than brown while staying fairly light and perfectly cool-toned.

17. No-Frills Dark Mahogany Auburn Hair Color. Here is a softer take on trendy cherry cola hair sitting between rich wine and dark auburn but muted with some brown.

18. Bright and Light Mahogany Brown Hair. This beautifully polished mane has a secret ingredient in its formula — a pinch of rose and violet added to red and chocolate brown.

19. Bold Cherry Cola Hair. Getting back to lush cherry tones rising in popularity together with Y2K hair, this mahogany red hair color showcases a bolder version of the violet-infused brunette shade.

20. Mahogany to Red Ombre. Having a good portion of hair colored medium mahogany brown, this color scheme takes an unexpected turn when going into a vivid red.

21. Autumnal Mahogany Lob. This picture proves that a darker reddish-brown shade can be a good fit for fair skin, creating a striking contrast and drawing out pink tones in the cheeks.

22. Mesmerizing Mahogany Waves. Featuring a remarkably uninterrupted flow of chocolate, violet, and reddish shades, this soft balayage brings tons of dimension into the barely layered long strands.

23. Half Black Half Red Hairstyle. Here, a dark base fades gracefully into a glimmering mix of purple and brown, which helps to soften the yellow in the skin.

24. Mahogany Balayage with Pops of Color. This fun hairstyle embraces the whole reddish-brown color palette and allows bright coppers and reds to pop randomly here and there.

25. All-Over Dark Mahogany Hair Color. If you are looking for a rich brunette shade that happens to bring out blue eyes, this killer mahogany tone is sure to make your iris appear brighter.

26. Light Mahogany Hair Color with Depth. This is a rooty alternative to light mahogany balayage, where a dark neutral base handsomely sets off the iridescent auburn hues.

27. Violet and Red Melt. Those who don’t mind trying more of a statement color can opt for such a flamboyant berry tone with just a touch of ginger red.

28. Saturated Mahogany Copper Hair Color. This color job pays homage to the popular cowboy copper trend but enriches the warm brown and copper blend with some red.

29. Mahogany Brown Hair Color with Wine Red Insertions. Whether you want to test out a vibrant red or add brightness to your current mahogany brown, getting those glossy reddish-purple highlights is the way to go.

30. Deep Brunette with Red Reflection. Here is one more way to play with reds and browns — by creating a dimensional cool-toned color with lots of added violet.

We are quite sure that our selection of mahogany hair color ideas will strike a chord in blondes, brunettes, and redheads. However, light-haired girls should keep in mind that it will be tricky to go back to their natural color after depositing this deep hue. Speak to your hairdresser and have a happy hair journey!