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What hair color brings out blue eyes?

What hair color brings out blue eyes the most?

When looking at Margot Robbie, you might think that there is nothing better than a blonde color palette to work for light blue eyes. But then Bella Hadid is on the catwalk, we start longing for her brown. Oh, well, how can anyone choose the best hair color for blue eyes without a beauty squad at hand? In fact, you can – if taking into account your complexion.

The Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes and Fair Skin

What was your first thought upon reading the heading? We bet you imagined those Scandinavian blondes with their light-colored eyes and complexion. And there is a scientific explanation behind it provided below. But blond shades are not a must for blue-eyed women with fair skin, and we are going to sort out every option you have.

Best Colors for Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

With the diversity of its shades, blond is truly the best hair color for pale skin and blue eyes since this combo is born by nature itself. In a few words, a lack of sunlight in higher latitudes triggered genetic mutations tens of thousands of years ago, which made human skin, iris, and hair go lighter altogether.

So, blond hair colors for pale skin and blue eyes are the most natural hair color solutions as long as they are chosen to set off your skin undertone flatteringly. You see, if your face is rather pale and you select a very light shade like platinum, it will melt into your skin completely, making you look washed out.

The point is that when picking a hair color for fair skin and blue eyes, you need to understand your undertone in the first place and then decide on how you want to complement it. Basically, if having peach, yellow, or golden sparks in your complexion, you are a warm type. If pink, red, or blue shines through your skin, you are a cool girl.

The most common approach is combining cool with cool and warm with … well, you get the idea. Based on this, the best hair color for blue eyes and cool skin is ash blonde, followed by platinum and all kinds of silver shades. It makes perfect sense when a girl has a lot of pink in her skin – adding even more red with a warm hair color could make her look beet-faced. But an icy hue will be a game-changing hair color for blue eyes and light skin with some redness you wish to neutralize. And strawberry blonde is a nice choice for very pale skin with neutral undertones as it brings some healthy blush.

Best Red Shades for Blue Eyes

But why are we talking only about blonde hair here? What about red hair color for fair skin and blue eyes? If you want to go this way, you are going to fall into the rarest color combination since only 1 in 100 people happens to be both red-haired and blue-eyed. Does this mean that red hues are unnatural hair colors for blue eyes? Not at all! We all adored Nicole Kidman in her red hair moments, and Christina Hendricks is an awesome source of inspiration for red shades that go with blue eyes and a porcelain complexion.

So, pale-faced neutral girls can opt for a light auburn hair color to brighten up their complexion and make the blue eyes pop. Those who are on the warm-tone side are encouraged to rock copper tones, but they should avoid too much warmth that is capable of making them sallow-skinned. Cinnamon brown can be a nice middle ground with only a hint of coppery shine.

Best Colors for Blue Eyes and Brown Hair

Well, as we go darker along the color palette, let’s explore brown hair color ideas for blue eyes. Though science holds dark-haired blue-eyed girls as a rare act of nature, celebs with porcelain skin like Megan Fox and Eva Green prove that stunning contrasts wow no matter what Mother Nature thinks.

Following the basic rule, ash brown, chocolate brown, and burgundy are good hair colors to complement cool undertones, while chestnut and golden browns do the job for warm skin tones. Keep in mind that dark brown hair color can be too harsh on older ladies, but they can still rock the recommended shades. If you are a lady over 50 with fair skin and blue eyes, consider adding highlights around your face to soften the look.

Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes and Tan Skin

Blue eyes and dark skin is a rather exotic combo (because of the genetic mutation, remember?), but the world is full of surprises. And if you are one of them, why not play it up by creating eye-catching contrasts? For example, opt for pastel hair colors, which will give a stunning frame around your face and make your beautiful iris even more distinct. For cool undertones, we like pastel purple, while for a balanced warmth, peachy pink can be recommended.

Beige hues look good on blonde hair that goes with blue eyes and dark skin of the cooler spectrum. You will get it more natural if leaving your roots a couple of shades lower to better match your complexion. When it comes to shades of brunette, mocha is our top pick.

As for warm undertones, honey and golden flashes are the best color highlights depending on how much yellow you want to bring out in your complexion. Another way to go is by adding wine splashes to a brunette hair color or getting your locks colored maroon red.

Prime Choice for Neutral Skin Tone and Blue Eyes

Here we need to pay some attention to olive skin, though it’s not quite neutral. Actually, it combines various undertones with green added to produce something unique. If it is your case, don’t go for anything too yellow, as this will result in sallow skin. Rich dark brown, golden blonde, caramel brown, mocha, and auburn are great choices for olive skin tone, not to mention bronde or light brown ombre hair color.

Girls with neutral undertones are lucky to pull off versatile shades from soft to rich, for example, blue-black, true red, or icy blond. Mind that lighter blondes are more cut out for bright blue eyes, while blue-gray eyes can be beautifully highlighted with ashy tones.

We hope that our hair color suggestions will help blue-eyed girls come to grips with their task, and each of them will be able to locate the best hair color for blue eyes based on her unique features.

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