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25 Trendy Shaggy Choppy Bob Hairstyles to Shake Things Up in 2024

Nkeiruka Obiwulu

A shaggy bob is a winning choice for those seeking an easy-to-maintain yet stylish hairstyle. Its signature features are the textured layers, usually tousled and edgy, that look equally good in asymmetric, angled and blunt bob cuts.

Check out these stylish shaggy choppy bob hairstyles for inspiration and hurry to book the next hair appointment to transform your style.

1. Short Textured Bob for Fine Hair. Short and sassy, this shaggy bob has slightly shorter layers in the back, providing the ideal, understated variation on the classic bob length. Style your hair with texture spray to give more definition to the layers.

2. Razor Cut Bob for Older Women. Jikaiah Ayla created a beautiful layered bob for white hair. It’s suitable for any face shape and hair type, so if you’re looking for a low-maintenance yet captivating style for over 60, go for this stylish, shaggy haircut.

3. Long to Short Shaggy Hair Transformation. A short bob with bangs can add height to your mane and beautifully open up your neck. To give it a more interesting and cuter appearance, curl the strands away from the face for a flipped-up retro vibe.

4. Razor Cut Bob for Straight Hair. Enhance the facial frame with a chin-length bob with shaggy layers and fuller bangs. Combined with the dark hair hue and razored ends, it forms a contemporary take on the classic shag hairstyle.

5. Untamed Wavy Bob. Achieve all the texture and volume you desire by adopting this timeless shaggy bob and enhancing your look with natural waves. By embracing your natural hair texture, you don’t only make the style super low maintenance, but also amplify the volume and allure.

6. Choppy Bob with Micro Bangs. Subtle graduation and blended layers let the stylist tailor the chin-length bob to the unique features of its wearer, making the hairstyle look effortless and super flattering. Choppy bangs and face-framing pieces add a touch of playfulness and youthful energy.

7. Voluminous Bronde Bob with Bangs. Thin hair is not a reason to say no to layers or bangs. This impressive layered haircut with bangs is a good proof! “I tried to create a playful and youthful cut that would be easy to edit,” says Martina Odstrčilová, the creator of this gorgeous look.

8. Short Shaggy Choppy Bob Transformation. This short bob nails all the key elements: shaggy, blunt ends, fluffy texture, and a flattering length that falls just below the chin. Short, layered bangs are edgy addition to the choppy bob haircut that make it unusual and eye-catching.

9. Short Shaggy Bob with Middle Parting. Created by Dominick Serna from DomDomHair studio, this shaggy bob features a slightly longer front and shorter, choppy layers at the back. This creates a deliberately messy and disheveled appearance in an effortlessly chic manner.

10. Short Layered Haircut with Layered Bangs. Opting for a chin-length style with numerous layers imparts that appealingly thik-hair look that can beautifully accentuate your appearance. Those with long, limp hair will definitely benefit from this voluminous layered bob cut.

11. Shaggy Bob with Soft Curtain Bangs. Here’s proof that the shaggy bob haircut can look very romantic and feminine. For those with straight hair, you can slightly curl your locks to give them a subtle wavy texture. For women with natural curls, a touch of texturizing spray will be enough to emphasize the various layers of the haircut.

12. Disconnected Shaggy Bob with a Fringe. A short shaggy bob with bangs is good option for women with thick hair. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can also add wavy texture and subtle highlights to your layers.

13. Wavy Blunt Bob with Curtain Bangs. Beachy waves will naturally introduce added fullness to your hair, especially when combined with a short, shaggy cut. The abbreviated length, complemented by the curtain bangs, encircles your face, drawing attention to your appearance.

14. Cute French Bob for Round Faces. If you want to make a striking statement with your thick hair, pay attention to this French bob haircut that falls below the chin, made by Hiro Ochi. Don’t hesitate to incorporate face-framing layers and bangs for added dimension and style.

15. Messy Copper Bob. The texture of this shaggy bob is truly impressive, especially considering it can be easily achieved with hidden layers and choppy ends. To give your bob cut a slightly messy and tousled look, apply some texturizing spray when styling it.

16. Micro Bob Style. The thing we love about a super short bob cut the most is its ability to fatter face shapes and open un the features you want to accentuate. If you want to highlight your eyes and cheeks, ear-length bob with bangs would be a marvelous option.

17. Short Layered Cut for High Forehead. For ladies with fine hair and high forehead, Martina Odstrčilová suggests that this hairstyle can effectively boost volume in the overall appearance. “We chose a shorter but soft and airy cut with the bangs cut in an arc that hid the higher forehead and at the same time softened the features,” says Martina.

18. Neck-Length Shaggy Bob. This shag bob effortlessly displays all the dynamism that comes with its natural texture and layered structure. You can additionally accentuate your shaggy layers with subtle highlights to complement your brown mane and fair complexion.

19. Tousled Stacked Bob with Long Bangs. Textured and voluminous, this blonde shaggy cut looks absolutely fabulous! Long bangs and face-framing layers can cover fuller cheeks, making this bob haircut a perfect option for women with round face shapes.

20. Shaggy French Bob Haircut. The focus of this look lies in accentuating your natural waves and giving them a nice shape. Additionally, the extended, parted fringe serves to frame the face, as well as balances its shape if necessary.

21. Blunt Bob with Shaggy Texture. If you’re hesitant to go for a chin-length cut, consider asking for a flattering style that falls just above the collarbone, just like this style created by Yuki. Angled blunt ends will also give your shaggy bob an ultra-chic appearance.

22. Textured Lob for Thin Hair. “A grown out shaggier style is so fun to convert into a textured bob style,” notes Dinah, a stylist and the owner of Textured Petite Hair Studio. If your natural salt and pepper hair starts looking too dull for you, you will be impressed to find out you can fix the thing by wearing a brighter lipstick.

23. Long to Bold Razored Bixie Hair. According to Marmalade Salon, “a good razor cut can be so transformative for straight, fine hair, adding shape and texture to the strands,” and we totally support this statement. When combined with the uneven bangs, your shaggy bob hairstyle can get a bolder and trendier look.

24. Bob with French Girl Vibe. A lived-in texture looks super flattering on a square bob with bangs, that might look too strict otherwise. “I carved interior layers to create negative space for Erin’s natural texture to move and flow freely,” says Holly Vatter about this chic French bob haircut.

25. Two-Tone Shaggy Hairstyle with Short Bangs. This multi-tone shaggy bob is described as “the sweetest hybrid of a French and textured bob,” and we totally agree! The stylist recommends pairing it with a popular balayage coloring in warm brown and blonde tones, just like in the photo.

Try one of these versatile shaggy bob haircuts to transform your look and achieve an effortless and trendy style. The best part, this hairstyle works great for both thin and thick hair, so why not give it a try!