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50 Current Ideas of Most Flattering Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

There are some ways to be sure you’ve picked the best cut for you. If you are searching short hairstyles for round faces, keep in mind that your hair needs choppy or razored layers and tousled styling. Prim and proper looks are almost never flattering.

Below you will find 50 excellent examples to choose from and show to your stylist before getting a haircut.

1. Fun Feathered Pixie Bob. A tapered shape with longer uneven layers throughout provides a carefree look for a fun girl.

There are some ways to be sure you’ve picked the best cut for you. If you are searching short hairstyles for round faces, keep in mind that your hair needs choppy or razored layers and tousled styling. Prim and proper looks are almost never flattering.

Below you will find 50 excellent examples to choose from and show to your stylist before getting a haircut.

1. Fun Feathered Pixie Bob. A tapered shape with longer uneven layers throughout provides a carefree look for a fun girl.

2. Blonde Pixie Hairstyle with Lowlights. If you want to create an illusion of a longer face, not a round one, get a pixie haircut with long bangs and add some chunky long lowlights on a blonde base.

3. Choppy Angled White Bob. It looks like this bob haircut for round face makes your features softer and gives a glamorous appearance.

4. Short Choppy Hairstyle. It’s all about framing! Your light choppy bangs that start up at the crown are another way to elongate your round face.

5. Chin Length Haircut. Women with round faces struggle to hide their face shape, but there’s no need for that! Throw in an asymmetrical twist by combing your hair over, and you’ll look very cute.

6. Short Wavy Hairstyle. Tight curls usually don’t go well with round faces. If you want stylish hair, choose a tousled wavy look.

7. Messy Bob with Subtle Highlights. This trendy hairstyle is one of the most popular short haircuts for women with round faces these days. It adds a cool-girl touch to your look, while highlights freshen your natural hair color.

8. Chin-Length Bob with Highlights. Black is always a good hair color for those who have a round face. It makes you look thinner and frames your face nicely, especially if you opt for a peek-a-boo hairstyle.

9. Pixie with Super Short Bangs. Who says a short haircut isn’t sexy? Look at this fabulous Audrey Hepburn pixie hairstyle! It gives such an elegant touch!

10. Messy Uneven Bob. Get some nice warm tones for your long hair strands. A brightening balayage will add very romantic allure.

11. Short Mauve Bob. There’s no need to pick a regular hair color if you don’t feel like doing so. A warm mauve shade will make you feel young and fresh.

12. Pixie Bob for Round Chubby Faces. Contrary to popular belief, short hair for a round face looks gorgeous, diverting attention from double chins or other insecurities you may have. The right short pixie bob visually elongates your face.

13. Messy Bob with Curtain Bangs. Definitely consider trying this short curly hairstyle to create a grunge look. Messy cuts are perfect for fine hair and round faces, and they look edgy and sexy. Absolutely phenomenal!

14. Bright Orange A-Line Haircut. A bright color with dark roots has a breath-taking effect, and it flatters a round face. It will radically change your appearance.

15. Layered Textured Bob with Parted Bangs. If you’re looking for a longer hairstyle for a round face to look slim, go for this sweet, romantic beach look. Add layers and highlights to create texture and volume and cover your chubby cheeks.

16. Black Choppy Haircut. Asian girls with round faces can always pick a razored bob with swept over bangs.

17. Comb-Over Pixie. Among all the short hairstyles for round faces, edgy pixie cuts are probably the most flattering ones. Diagonal bangs and a slightly tousled top section can visually change your face shape, narrowing and elongating it.

18. Dark Purple Bob. Inverted bobs are in high demand right now and here’s the reason why. They can make you look feminine and elegant and help to balance out your face shape.

19. Inverted Ombre Bob. Get a fabulous look with a cool bob that’s longer in the front. If you want to make it look more stylish, add some highlights to the ends.

20. Long Top Short Sides Hair. Partially shaved haircuts can suit both skinny girls and ladies with a fuller figure. Don’t be afraid to experiment with hair colors, or go for the elegant black.

21. Long Pixie with Bangs. Struggling to find a haircut for round chubby face? This pixie haircut should easily do the trick.

22. Feathered Platinum Pixie. Add texture to your very short pixie by choppy layers. These will give the necessary angles even with a short length.

23. Pixie with Extra Long Bangs. Grow out your bangs long, flowing down one side and try a gray ombre. Keep your edges razored for a more dramatic appearance.

24. Highlighted Feathered Crop. This is a pixie haircut done right! Embrace a soft creamy blonde balayage and style long strands in different directions. You’ll get a pretty stylish look.

25. Round Face Pixie Cut. Boyish cuts work great as short hairstyles for a chubby face, too. Add a piece-y fringe, tousle the top, and you’re ready to rock your hot summer hair!

26. Dark Turquoise Highlights. Don’t be afraid to play with your favorite colors if you have nice thick hair.

27. Wavy Long Bangs. This hairstyle is perfect for round faces and thin hair! Create some easy waves to give your hair texture and volume.

Bob for Round Faces and Thin Hair
By Mara

28. Platinum Blonde Choppy Bob. A haircut that’s near your chin can work for your round face if you opt for choppy layers and a combover style.

29. Wavy Chin-Length Hairstyle. If you want to look slim, a haircut with deep bangs and choppy edges should be a perfect fit.

30. Golden Ginger Wavy Pixie. Enhance texture in the upper part of your cut to make your face look longer; wearing angular glasses is also a bonus that makes your face look thinner.

31. Super Short Sides. This rockstar look is unforgettable, isn’t it? The pale pink color contributes to the effect.

32. Extremely Short Blonde Hairstyle. A pearl blonde goes pretty well with blue eyes, as you can see in the image below. To get a fascinating look like this, all you have to do is adopt a sexy pixie cut.

33. Shaggy Bob Hairstyle. A shaggy haircut with choppy ends is ideal for an everyday look. Tousle your hair a little bit, and you’ll get a ravishing appearance.

34. Layered Pixie Cut. A very short hairstyle for round faces can make miracles if it includes an undercut with height-adding top layers. Glasses may also help you get a slimmer look, depending on their shape and size. Cateye frames lift round faces flatteringly and give them that sought-after edge.

35. Mauve and Blonde Highlights. OMG! What a spectacular transformation! This image is proof that short hair can make you look even more stylish.

36. Blonde Straight Choppy Cut. If you want to obtain an angelic look, a wavy blonde haircut with bangs is exactly what you need.

37. Blunt Mauve Bob. This mix of mauve color and a short haircut is breath-taking. Don’t be afraid to cut your long locks if you have a round face; the final effect will surprise you.

38. Jagged Short Cut. Want a Hollywood diva look? Short pixie hair with layers and choppy bangs is the best decision you can make.

39. Messy Wavy Bob Hairstyle. This is how to contour round face in the right way! Try a choppy neck-length haircut and style some easy waves for a romantic everyday look.

40. Asymmetrical Blue Bob. A dark color is a right choice for round faces with double chin. It doesn’t necessarily need to be black; a dark midnight blue shade can become your practical choice.

41. Soft Blonde Pixie. One of the most flattering ideas of short hair for chubby face is a faux Mohawk. This haircut will make your face look slimmer and longer.

42. Ruby Red Pixie. Make your pixie haircut look astonishing! It takes a tapered shape, sleek styling and a vivid color.

43. Very Short Haircut. Very short can also mean edgy, quick to style, and effortless.

44. Sleek Turquoise Bob. Keep your roots dark with an unnatural hair color to get a more natural effect.

45. Razored Bob with Chocolate Balayage. As we said before, tight curls are not your thing if you have a round face shape. Try some loose, negligent waves, and your final look will be incredibly beautiful.

46. Extra Short Style for Round Face. If you have a round face, with a choppy crop you make your cheekbones more pronounced.

47. Gray Tousled Bob. Give your face a beautiful frame with an imperfect gray bob. Mess your hair a little bit to get an effortless look.

48. Wavy Choppy Haircut. If you want to make your face appear thinner, go for a razored bob with loose, barely there waves.

49. Inverted Short Bob with Layers. Layers are a pretty good trick to make the upper half of your hair gain more volume.

50. Blonde Layered Pixie Cut. Whether your hair is shorter or longer, if your face is round, layers should be your best friend.

Based on the gallery above, choppy pixie cuts and angled bobs are the best short hairstyles for round faces. Remember also that hair colors play an essential role in your appearance, so be sure you pick a color that suits your skin tone, eyes, but also your personality.

by Andreea Haba
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