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20 Short Butterfly Haircut Ideas to Flatter Your Style

Serena Piper

Curious if the trendy short butterfly haircut works for your hair? You’re in the right place! This article is packed with 20 stunning ideas, proving that you don’t need long locks to rock this ethereal style. Whether you’re after something delicate or dynamic, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here to transform your style.

Ready to discover the hottest short butterfly cuts? Keep reading to find your next favorite hairstyle!

1. Short Layered Haircut. The 90’s layered bob is one of the timeless layered haircuts short hair can effortlessly pull off. It offers a voluminous look with its distinct, bouncy layers.

2. Butterfly Cut Bob. A butterfly cut bob looks fantastic on oval, heart-shaped, and round faces. Its layered structure complements facial features by adding movement around your cheekbones and chin.

3. Side-Flipped Bob. Tired of the same look day on and day off? Try flipping your layered bob to one side. It adds asymmetry, instantly boosts volume, and lets your layers shine from a new perspective.

4. French Bob with Curtain Bangs. Graceful curtain bangs seamlessly blend into this layered bob à la Parisienne, reinforcing the butterfly effect. They add softness, dimension, and charm to the final look.

5. Airy Butterfly Pixie Cut. To add airy volume to your pixie and create a trendy butterfly cut, ask your stylist for techniques like point cutting or texturizing. These methods will create the desired lightness.

6. Hairstyle for Straight Hair. For a dimensional look of your butterfly cut on short straight hair, try playing up the layers with color. You can go for a subtle ombre effect or brighter highlights for a higher contrast.

7. Shag with Layers. By incorporating layers short hair can look both bold and feminine. Flowy face-framing layers soften the shag with their delicate touch.

8. Layered Bixie Cut. This Winona Ryder-inspired bixie features choppy layers for a slightly tousled look. It perfectly captures her iconic 90’s charm.

9. Short Haircut with Highlights. Want to emphasize the layers of your short hair? Warm highlights will flawlessly melt with the base color, catching sunlight and illuminating the face.

10. Short Haircut with Bangs. If you want to draw attention to your eyes, keep the bangs of your cut a tad longer and style them so that they graze the eyebrow area ever so slightly.

11. Short Layered Bob with Blended Bangs. To achieve a cohesive look, ensure the bangs gradually transition into layers of your short hair. It will help to maintain the shape of your cut and increase styling options.

12. Layered Haircut for Thick Hair. Thick hair finds its ally in this type of short haircuts! With the reduced bulk and polished shape, the styling is easy.

13. Highlighted Pixie. The blonde highlights on this side-swept pixie cut are reminiscent of the patterns on butterfly wings. They produce an intricate pattern that adds to the butterfly-inspired look.

14. Wind-Swept Blonde Bob. To achieve this dynamic, wind-swept look on your short hair, use a round brush to lift and curl sections away from the face.

15. Layered Haircut for Thick, Wavy Hair. A short layered haircut with textured ends will accentuate thick, slightly wavy hair. This style amplifies natural waves while reducing the bulk.

16. Haircut for Short Curly Hair. The structured bob combined with a curly texture and bangs infuses the butterfly haircut on short hair with oodles of movement!

17. Warm-Toned Haircut. Warm, auburn tones lend richness and depth to the layers of the butterfly cut. These hues create a subtle glow that focuses attention on the texture of your hair.

18. Glossy Layered Lob. The airy long layers craft a natural and effortless look on shoulder-length hair! For the admirable gloss of your cut, use a quality shine-enhancing shampoo and conditioner, followed by a serum or oil.

19. Extra-Voluminous Bob. Love uber volume on your bob cut? Us too! Blow-drying your hair upside down with a volumizing mousse will create an incredible root lift and make your layers super bouncy.

20. Choppy Haircut. Adding choppy layers will do the job if you want your short haircut more textured. These layers create a tousled, modern look with plenty of dimension.

So, can you get a butterfly haircut with short hair? The answer is a resounding “yes!” Whether you opt for a cute pixie or an effortless lob, the versatility of this haircut shines through. From increasing volume to adding a playful bounce, these styles prove that short hair can be just as dynamic and stylish as long manes.