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30 Chic Ways to Adopt the Trending French Bob in 2024

Serena Piper

Stemming from the flapper hairstyles of the roaring twenties, the French bob has proved it’s timeless and come back into fashion with a new surge, although in somewhat different iterations. In 2024, the style is having a moment again, modernized to fit into the current hair trends.

What is a French bob? Its classic version comes in a daring above-the-chin length and is accompanied with blunt edges and straight brow-skimming bangs, all wrapped into a nonchalant styling. However, the modern take on the Parisian bob is by far less rigid, and we are going to explore its numerous variations adjusted to different hair types, face shapes, and personalities.

1. Messy French Bob with Choppy Bangs. This jet-black hairstyle pairs the length and blunt ends of the canonical bob with modern messy styling and edgy bangs chopped at varying lengths.

2. Vintage French Bob with Bangs. This ear-length cut is as classic as you can get, and we are absolutely in love with the way the flirty side locks emphasize the cheekbones.

3. Parisian Bob with Bottleneck Bangs. Modern French bob haircuts play well with the undone vibes of trending bottleneck bangs which are cut short in the center to graduate into longer pieces toward the temples.

4. Heavily Layered French Bob. This sassy hairstyle radiates tons of texture gained through the choppy layers and feels totally authentic with the ginger shade complementing the eyes and complexion.

5. Graphic French Bob for Thick Hair. This otherworldly hairstyle is sure to catch the eye with its high-contrast color scheme and clean lines accentuating the hair’s density.

Ear-Length High-Contrast French Bob
By John

6. Textured French Bob for Thin Hair. The subtle layers give structure and volume to these limp tresses while the deep fringe makes the style look fuller and balances the oblong face.

7. Chin-Length French Bob for Straight Hair. Here is a no-frills straight bob that has just a bit of layering on the bottom and is adorned with long curtain bangs to deliver a flattering face frame.

8. Smokey French Bob with Curtain Bangs. This girl opts for a shorter set of curtain bangs yet with a denser feel and dares to rock her bob in a dramatic salt-and-pepper color.

9. Cowboy Copper Bob with French Vibes. This girl rocks the hottest red shade for a French bob 2024 since the muted blend of warm brown and copper is edging out the bright coppers of the last year.

10. Flipped-Up French Bob Haircut. This lovely beige blonde bob takes inspiration from the flicked-ends styles of the ’60s and swaps the classic sharp edges for a softer curved finish.

11. Sleek French Bob without Bangs. Bangs are not a must for a bob to feel Frenchy, and this sharp style oozes the required minimalistic appeal with its clean lines and austere styling.

12. Straight French Bob Cut with Statement Bangs. The French bob is more about personality than a certain length or styling, and this girl adds some attitude through the intricately curved bangs.

13. Soft Wavy French Bob Haircut. The laid-back jaw-length style complemented with curtain bangs proves that soft wavy hair can pull off a French bob breezily.

14. Razor-Cut Curly French Bob. While the lip-length cut can debulk your flat hair to give it the required lift, the razor-cutting technique has the power to release curls in what may look like straight strands.

15. Blonde French Bob with Fun Details. This cute blonde bob is perfectly customized to the girl’s persona with fun additions like the tiny tails in the back and the pink-colored edges in the front.

16. Edgy French Bob Over 50. This stacked bob gives a stunning shape to the thick jet-black tresses and strikes a balance between the sharp line of the full fringe and the feathery side pieces softening the facial contour.

17. Copper French Bob Hairstyle with Micro Bangs. We would hardly expect something less daring from this bold copper bob than an eye-catching jagged fringe maximizing the overall choppy finish.

18. Tousled French Bob for a Round Face. The blunt edges of this French bob do a great job of balancing out the roundness of the face while the messy texture brings in the required movement.

19. Choppy Blonde Bob for Oblong Face. This chin-grazing cut with straight-across bangs creates enough width to counteract the excess length and feels absolutely effortless to convey Parisian chic.

20. Bouncy French Bob with Piece-y Bangs. The well-defined texture of these sassy bangs gives a nice chance to bring a more high-fashion feel into the French bob with a hint of wave.

21. Shaggy French Bob with Face Framing. We totally like how this shaggy fringe transitions into the cropped sides to make the eyes and cheekbones pop.

22. French Girl’s Sleek Bob. If you are short of ideas on how to style a French bob, take a page from this girl’s book and combine your lifted crown with a middle strand tucked behind the ear.

23. Comb-Over French Bob for Fine Hair. The loose natural waves make this style modern, and the lift in the front is what works to maximize the volume.

24. Texturized French Bob with Graduated Bangs. Chic curtain bangs are flawlessly incorporated into the blended layers of this shattered brunette bob.

25. Super Short French Bob. This beautifully illuminated avant-garde crop couples the lip-level length with piece-y arched baby bangs and builds a flattering frame for the face.

Avant-Garde French Bob Crop
By Nick

26. Anna Wintour’s French Bob. This style recreates the severe pin-straight bob of the US Vogue’s editor-in-chief but in a lighter version, adapted to the thinner hair texture.

Straight French Bob with See-Through Bangs
By Mari

27. Feathery French Bob. Here is a great example of smart layering that builds a shape for straight hair while a tad of feathering injects texture into the flat tresses.

28. French-Style Boxy Bob. This style is cut intentionally blocky to look sharp and cheeky, but it is also spiced up with a feathered finish to avoid overly blunt edges and a heavy feel.

29. Low-Maintenance French Bob for Straight Hair. Having a straight fringe, blunt edges, and lip length, this style checks all the boxes of the traditional cut but adds quite straightforward styling to the pack.

30. Off-Duty French Bob with No Bangs. This girl nails the unfussy vibes of the Parisian style easily by getting an imprecise off-center part and playfully tucking a random strand behind the ear.

As you can see, the French bob can be tailored to flatter all kinds of natural textures and various face shapes, even without any particular styling tricks. Borrow a reference photo from our collection, and head to a salon for a new sophisticated and effortless look.