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30 Short Hairstyles for Women Over 70 with Fine Hair to Look and Feel Younger

Ema Globyte

Aging comes with changes, and we are going to address at least some of them in our selection of stylist-approved tips and tricks illustrated by short hairstyles for women over 70 with fine hair.

It covers pretty much every cropped haircut, from bobs and pixies to shags and trendy hybrids, and caters to the needs of ladies with different hair textures. So, whether you want to accentuate your facial features and embrace graying or, vice versa, hide age-related changes, we’ve got you covered.


1. Duo Color Pixie. Think about bringing color into short haircuts for women over 70 with fine hair, as a darker shade on the bottom looks edgy and mimics density.

2. Classic Bob with Natural Silver. Apart from being timelessly elegant and looking sharp with those clean lines, a blunt bob creates weight around the ends, which is just what fine hair lacks.

3. Bowl Cut with Color Blocking. Here is a modern take on a bowl cut for older women with thin hair, where the choppy pieces and maroon color play together for edginess and fullness.

4. Voluminous and Airy Pixie. This hairstyle lifts the longer strands on the top and sweeps them backward to deliver volume and movement while leaving some pieces in the front for face framing.

5. Windswept Pixie with Shimmering Highlights. Don’t hesitate to open your face with one of the longer pixie haircuts for women over 70 which build volume on the crown through elevated bangs.

6. Silver Hair with Barely-There Bangs. If you are not ready to brush all your hair away from the face, leave a few pieces on the forehead to camouflage the thinning hair at the hairline.

7. Sassy Bleached Pixie with a Quiff. Here is one of the boldest short haircuts for women over 70 with fine hair — it uses a bright icy blonde shade that makes the hair scarcity less visible.

8. Piece-y Platinum Pixie. We marvel at how this super blonde shade plays with the blue eyes and how the fine hair is volumized with those wispy spikes.

9. Layered Bob with Face Framing. Layers stacked in the back can easily lift your crown without removing much body from the perimeter, while some layering in the front will help to soften the face.

10. Feathery Pixie Bob. Loosely shaped hairstyles are truly low-maintenance, as they don’t require frequent trims and precise styling, and a feathery finish can keep them beautifully textured at all times.

11. Choppy Crop in Icy Blonde. Give a new twist to your short hairstyle by adding choppiness throughout the crown and enriching your silver with a sophisticated bluish tint.

12. Angled Bob with Wispy Bangs. Those considering bob haircuts for women over 70 should pay close attention to the cool inverted versions boasting a clean shape and plenty of weight in the front.

13. Shaggy Salt-and-Pepper Pixie. Crops cut close to the scalp look extremely cheeky and youthful even with natural gray, not to mention the fact that they successfully imitate denser hair.

14. Inverted Bob with Gray Blending. Go the extra mile to beautifully integrate grayness into your hairdos. Draw inspiration from this beige blonde bob with silver peeping out around the face.

15. Pink and Lavender Bixie. Think multicolored schemes are not for older women with fine hair? Think twice and give them a try at least for the dimension they deliver!

16. Flirty Bob with Highlights and Lowlights. If you have lots of natural gray in the front, it makes sense to go for lowlights, which will make your grown-out roots less visible and blend well with the rest of your hair.

17. Tousled Copper Pixie. You can safely wear this pixie cut with glasses, having no fears about them stealing the show, as its vibrant color, volume, and texture balance the look to a tee.

18. Soft Bixie with Curtain Bangs. Curtain bangs are all the rage nowadays, and you can easily elevate your layered hairstyle by pairing it with this trendy addition.

19. Stacked Gray Bob with Jaggy Bangs. Let short layers in the back and on the crown work their volumizing magic, and complete the style with some piece-y texture around the face.

20. Ash Blonde Bob with Loose Waves. Getting waves is a surefire way to bring volume and movement into your fine hair, which makes you look younger and feel more coquettish.

21. Cool, Blonde, and Asymmetric. A bright blonde alone is enough to slay years, but you can add even more drama to your style with choppy bangs and longer strands on one side.

22. Smokey Concave Bob. Styled flirty with side tresses tucked behind the ear, this greige cut nicely incorporates silver threads and keeps the crown lifted with shorter layers in the back.

23. Ginger Pixie with Spiky Styling. Tomboyish cuts always look youthful, but ladies with thinning hair should also praise the volume and texture provided by the shaggy finish and spiky styling.

24. Silver Waves with Effortless Bangs. Waves have the power to handsomely volumize fine, thin hair, so release them with a slightly angled bob cut and enhance fullness in the front with lightweight bangs.

25. Gray Pixie with Elevated Crown. Styling is the key to this voluminous cut that creates a fuller feel around the face with a fringe and long temple pieces yet requires some blow-drying on the top.

26. Bold One-Sided Bob. This bombshell hairstyle maximizes asymmetry by attaching a buzz-cut piece to the shorter side and infusing the longer side with bouncy curls.

27. Champagne Blonde Pixie with Messy Styling. Shorter pixies are more forgiving to messy styling, which, in turn, offers a simple way to add interest, movement, and volume to your hairstyle.

28. Head-Hugging Short Fine Hair Over 70. For ladies with narrow and long faces, an extra height is something unwelcome, so a smoothed-down choppy pixie with highlights will be a great alternative.

29. A-Line Bob with Deep Side Parting. A deep side part does a nice job for fine hair by lifting the crown pieces at the roots, especially when paired with the hair’s weight shifted to the front.

30. Chestnut Brown Pixie with Feathery Bangs. If you want to soften your facial features rather than accentuate them, opt for a soft pixie with a shaggy finish and short feathered bangs.

The pictures above prove that short hairstyles for women over 70 with fine hair are extremely versatile and can be tailored to your face shape, hair texture, body build, and preferred level of maintenance. Don’t hesitate to get a big chop for a more flattering and rejuvenating look, and share your fresh cut with us!