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50 Perfect Haircuts for Older Women to Reverse the Effects of Aging

Serena Piper

Let’s make it clear from the get-go — there are no one-size-fits-all hairstyles for older women. No, you don’t need to chop off your long hair because short hairstyles are deemed more age-appropriate, and yes, you can rock an undercut if you feel comfortable with it. What are the best hairstyles for older women then?

Actually, these are any haircuts and colors that flatter your skin tone and bone structure, suit your hair texture, and reflect your personality. Surely, hairstylists have some tricks to counteract age-related changes and make any hair look healthier, and you will find them attached to the age-defying hairstyles below.

1. Textured Bob in Total White. That’s why textured bobs are listed among the best haircuts for older women — the shaggy ends bring lightness to the cut while the lengthy fringe lifts the cheekbones.

2. Midi Hairstyle with Feathered Layers. While you might not succeed in replicating this natural mix of white, gray, and beige, you can surely adopt the airy feel of this feathered cut.

3. Layered Fine Hair in Glossy Red. This modern shag would work for women with fine hair too because of the lift created with the short layers and the depth delivered through the mahogany and copper combo.

4. Ginger Layers with Bright Highlights. Sometimes, hairstylists jazz up older women’s haircuts with some tiny strips of a brighter color, such as this illuminating gold. This trick works well with all hair lengths.

5. Top-Heavy Pixie. This icy blonde pixie is cut and styled to deliver maximum volume on the crown, while its violet tinge chimes well with the lady’s cool undertones.

6. Baby Blonde Lob. Need to choose a hairstyle for an older woman with blue eyes? Look at how this extremely light blonde hue enriched with deeper undertones brings out the icy color.

7. Cool Shag with Micro Bangs. We can’t decide what we like more about this shag — the statement fringe, the wavy texture, or the dip-dye portion of the hair.

8. Straight Hair with Long Layers. This naturally gray hair gains structure and movement with only a few layers cut around the face and toward the bottom without depriving the strands of their length.

9. Wavy Bixie for Abundant Hair. The layers and thinned-out ends of this cut do a great job of releasing waves in the thick hair, which fill the look with age-defying movement.

10. Choppy Silver and Beige Strands. Apart from safely hiding newly generated grayness, this choppy bob delivers texture and dimension, not to mention its cool feel.

11. Salt-and-Pepper Layers. As we all know, layering allows for creating movement in haircuts for older women, and the swoopy fringe here adds even more dynamics.

12. Wind-Blown Pixie. This blonde crop with closely cut sides and lightweight bangs sets the top tresses in motion by shaping effortless waves kind of blown backward with a breath of wind.

13. Spiky Ginger Cut. This boyish red hairstyle features a very short bottom, which perfectly sets off the sassy spiky pieces on the crown, accentuated with a metallic hue.

14. Blonde Bombshell Over 60. This beautiful lady rocks her longer hair with trendy curtain bangs blended into face-framing bits, which soften her face and usher volume in the look.

15. Beige Precision Bob. This medium beige blonde cut belongs to the best hairstyles for older women with straight hair because its length and nape-level layers naturally add volume to the flat strands.

16. Fringed Shag for Thin Hair. Cut blunt and adorned with a fringe to mimic fullness on the bottom and in the front, this blonde bob manages to derive plenty of texture from the thin hair.

17. Fancy-Colored Bowl Cut. This daring female sports a bold steel-gray bowl cut spiced up with tapered top pieces and insertions of metallic rose.

18. Shoulder-Length Brunette Hair with Highlights. This brunette hair with a lift in the front gains better shine and texture through bronze highlights, which also invoke golden sparkles in the brown eyes.

19. Golden Blonde Volume. This voluminous bixie with side bangs breathes new life into the thinning hair by lifting it at the roots and depositing a dimensional color.

20. Garnet Pixie Bob. This is a truly good fit for a mature woman with thick hair since the piece-y cut with a vibrant shade and a clean shape erases a score of years.

21. Medium-Length Cut with Long Bangs. This dirty blonde hairstyle comes with a side parting and a long fringe, which adds to the volume and creates a flattering frame for the face.

22. Lilac-Tinted Bixie with Side Bangs. These layered and lifted side bangs feel weightless and play extremely well with glasses, while the lilac tint makes the style even airier and more exquisite.

23. Icy Blonde Shag with Straight Bangs. Here is one of the youthful hairstyles over 50 for longer hair, tailored to visually reshape the oblong face with straight bangs and extra width.

24. Jaggy Two-Tone Pixie Bob. This is an edgy and easy-to-style cut for dense and rebellious hair since it thrives on a loose shape and messy styling.

25. Smokey Loose Waves. Not only does this hairstyle reliably camouflage graying, but it also produces depth at the roots, movement around the ends, and a soft frame along the face.

26. Rooty Blonde with Effortless Waves. Women with square faces should steal this mid-length hairstyle, as it boasts both dimension and movement in addition to softening the facial contours.

27. Blonde Babylights for a Shag. Babylights, aka delicate white-blonde pieces, worked into textured haircut styles for older women are sure to lend a refreshing, just-from-the-beach look.

28. Silver on the Top, Dark Brown on the Bottom. This cool short pixie successfully mimics a bowl cut by defining the top part with silver in contrast to the tight brown bottom.

29. Pixie Meets Mullet. This shaggy style is just the thing for thick and fluffy hair, but the whiter spot emphasizing the bangs is what deserves special attention.

30. Soft Shag with Deep Bangs. Here is another one of the shaggy hairstyles for fine hair over 50 that overpowers gravity and lets the scarce strands look fuller in the front and more voluminous all around.

31. Flirty Layered Bob. By filling in the space around the chin and spotlighting the cheekbones, these tapered and highlighted side bits styled toward the face make the look more balanced and youthful.

32. Bushy Asymmetric Pixie. Apart from showing off the lavish texture of the thick hair, this wavy asymmetric style builds the necessary height to elongate the round face shape.

33. Playful Comb Over. How to pick a good hairstyle for an older woman with thinning hair? A long pixie with messy top tresses swept to one side like in this picture will do great.

34. Snow-Blonde Blunt Bob. Blunt lines help to provide fullness in haircuts for mature women, but it never hurts to add texture, for example, through shaggy bangs.

35. Funky Pixie with an Undercut. If you are not ready to go shorter than a regular pixie, you can still add zing to your style by shaving your temple and letting it coquettishly peep out.

36. Big Curly Hair with a Twist. Although these springy, well-structured curls seem to radiate enough oomph, the volumized crown and wispy bangs take them to the next level.

37. Sleek and Streaky Bob. This one-of-a-kind bob manages to feel textured without layering — all thanks to the point-cut tips and the blend of black, silver, and beige streaks.

38. Radically Blonde Pixie. Such perfectly tailored bright blonde older women’s hairstyles look especially stunning with asymmetric angles and a choppy fringe.

39. Long Pixie with Feathery Finish. This beige blonde hairstyle with tapered pieces scattered throughout the crown shows the dense hair to the advantage without looking heavy and motionless.

40. Thin Hair Bob with Bangs. Here are all the secret ingredients to fuller-looking hair — deep and lightweight bangs, volume-adding waves, and light-reflecting pearl blonde highlights.

41. Neat Pixie with Highlighted Crown. This hairstyle offers a flattering color combination for any woman over 50 with a cool complexion that won’t clash with the ashy hues.

42. Layered Lob with Color Accents. There is no way for straight hair to look flat if it is skillfully sliced out and accentuated with a brighter shade similar to this slightly streaked lob.

43. Elegant Razor Cut Pixie. You might be surprised to learn that choppy hairstyles for senior females can be as elegant as this clearly shaped cut with a raised crown.

44. Butterfly Layers with a Touch of Silver. With the photos of butterfly cuts popping up all across the Internet, it would be a shame for older ladies to ignore this volume-boosting hairstyle.

45. Concave Bob with Layers and Lowlights. This simple cut is actually dimensional on many levels, from stitches of metallic gray to arrive at a salt-and-pepper look to feathered layers to ensure lift at the roots.

46. Long Bob with Flicky Face Frame. In addition to some layering around the perimeter, this silvery lob features a set of short layers along the face, flipped out for airy movement.

47. Striped Gray Blending for Shoulder-Length Hair. This color scheme creatively combines an icy blonde hue with a pale yellow shade to get a bit warmer and brighter look.

48. Sharp Angled Bob. This is an easy haircut for pin-straight hair – it’s timelessly chic and merciful for thinning tresses, as the longer pieces in the front give the illusion of fuller ends and sharper angles.

49. Bi-Level Taupe Hair. This medium-length hairstyle with trendy curtain bangs blends a silver hue into an ashy brown shade for a muted look ready to embrace grayness.

50. Long Mermaid Waves. We are totally in love with mature women’s haircuts that preserve a longer length while creating a cascade of waves and beautifully framing the face.

With such a diversity of stunning hairstyles for older women in our collection, you are sure to find something to your liking. Take the pictures that inspire you to your hairdresser, and talk with the pro about how to adopt the chosen hairstyle to your features. We are waiting to see your fresh look on Instagram!