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30 Slashing Soft Locs Ideas to Encourage Your Next Transformation

While soft locs are gaining momentum, many of us feel confused about the fancy term. How does this protective style differ from others, and what are those proverbial locs really look like?

Don’t fret, girls, since we have answers to both questions backed by a nice collection of pictures to take to a salon.

What Are Soft Locs?

Soft locs hair is a fancier version of fake dreads made with hair extensions. Due to the installation method and hair used for creating these locs, they don’t feel stiff, as is often the case with other variants.

Soft Locs vs Faux Locs

Faux locs is a generic term covering all the methods used to fake dreads. Soft faux locs refer only to hairstyles that come with comparatively lightweight, flexible, and natural-looking strands.

How Long Do Soft Locs Last?

Some girls manage to wear soft locs hairstyles for over two months, but hair experts don’t recommend leaving them in for more than 4-6 weeks because of the stress they put on the growing-out roots.

What Hair to Use for Soft Locs?

You will need both pre-made crochet hair extensions and wrapping hair for soft locs. Many stylists prefer working with synthetic afro kinky or water wave hair for the authentic texture and affordable price.

30 Tips on How to Style Soft Locs and Look Chic

Now that we are done with the terms and choice of hair for soft locs, it’s time to dive right into hair inspirations that have already deserved many shares and likes.

1. Long Soft Locs in Pecan Brown. The shine of these light brown locs illuminates the girl’s face beautifully and brings the texture into the spotlight.

2. Fun Half-Up Half-Down Soft Locs. The flexibility of soft locs allows for creating whimsical hairstyles like this high bun with statement face-framing strands.

3. Crimson Red Jumbo Soft Locs. You get quite another look when playing with sizes, gaining more volume with jumbo soft locs.

4. Cascading Soft Locs and High Pony. This gorgeous pony complemented with a cascade of soft locs along the sides creates a stunning dimension while opening up the face.

5. Intricately Twisted Soft Locs Upstyle. This version of a high pony is full of cool details, but we want to point out how the smoothed crown sets off the volume and texture of the distressed soft locs.

6. No-Frills Chocolate Brown Soft Locs. The muted yet yummy shade of these soft locs plays up the fullness and length of the simple style.

7. Lengthy Beige Blonde Soft Locs. While many girls prefer to leave their natural hair color intact when installing colored soft locs, this sis shows an alternative approach.

8. Soft Locs with Color Pops. With soft locs, you don’t need to commit to one color and can spice up your look with just a couple of bright strands.

9. Smooth Comb-Over Soft Locs. Although a big portion of soft locs styles comes with a textured finish, you are free to choose a more polished look like this.

10. Multi-Colored Short Soft Locs. Here is another tip on customizing soft locs, this time with the help of brown and golden accents.

11. Neon Pink Soft Locs. Embracing a bubblegum pink is a bold move, but it can really flatter your complexion, apart from striking the eye.

12. Tight and Tiny Crochet Soft Locs. Add the parting size to the list of factors affecting the final look of your soft locs hairstyle.

13. Sky-High Bun Made of Soft Locs. This gal has combined two protective styles into a voluminous and authentic look.

14. Meandering Soft Locs with Metallic Shine. This version of soft locs doesn’t run flat down but starts winding midshaft to ends for extra movement.

15. Soft Locs with Funky Space Buns. You can replace regular space buns with strands half pulled through elastics to arrive at such a fun style.

16. Butt-Length Vacation-Ready Soft Locs. Soft locs lend themselves to longer lengths perfectly, creating a sexy look with no additional effort.

17. Soft Butterfly Locs with Glitter. This awesomely knotted half-up hairstyle gains another point of interest with the added sparkling pieces.

18. Carefree Textured Soft Locs. Don’t you feel bohemian vibes radiated by these soft locs with the fabulous lived-in texture?

19. Silky Waist-Length Soft Locs. Depending on the hair used for soft locs, you can enjoy a matte or glossy finish of your hairstyle.

20. Fiercely Twisted Soft Locs. There is always a way to derive extra texture from soft locs, for example, by getting them double-twisted.

21. Center-Parted Knotless Soft Locs. Give your face a bit of framing with front locs placed right at the center part.

22. Endless Wavy Soft Locs. Make sure to discuss your part with a stylist if you prefer to wear soft locs swept to one side for better lift and fullness in the front.

23. Honey Blonde Soft Locs with Wispy Curls. This hairstyle boasts a fascinating texture mix, thanks to the spirals of hair inserted into the locs.

24. Small Soft Locs Twisted Around the Crown. It seems this girl is happy to rock a halo of soft locs as a part of her feminine half-up hairstyle.

25. Vine Red Soft Locs with Extra Texture. This style uses both color and texture to showcase the soft locs in a unique way.

26. Mesmerizing Burgundy Red Soft Locs. Here we have a whole flow of twists and bents brightened up with a rich color.

27. Irregular Thigh-Length Soft Locs. This hairstyle delivers the signature freeform look of soft locs through haphazard spooling all down the length.

28. Soft Locs Half Updo with Accent Baby Hairs. Make your baby hairs a valuable addition to your style, shifting the focus to the face.

29. Bombshell Knee-Length Soft Locs. Yes, soft locs can be that long, but you need to keep the length and fullness in balance.

30. Medium Soft Locs with Ombre. This adorable style proves that soft locs can completely mimic the seamless color transitions of the classic ombre.

How to Do Soft Locs?

The most common method starts with plaiting box braids throughout your head. Then, you need to pull crochet hair through the braid base with a hook, drag the braid through the pre-made loop of the extension hair, and secure it with a knot. The next step is to prepare your soft locs hair packs for wrapping by separating the bundles into smaller pieces. You should wrap the pieces around the extensions until the end of your hair and, finally, seal the ends with hair glue or by making a knot and wrapping the rest of the hair extensions upward.

How to Take Soft Locs Out?

Cut your soft locs braids a few inches below the end of your natural hair, and unravel the hair extensions moving from the bottom up.

We hope you are inspired enough to start searching for a soft locs tutorial or a nearby salon where you can get one of those wonderful styles. We wish you good luck in your endeavors and will see you on Instagram!

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