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40 Best Wispy Bangs Hairstyles That Look Great on Anyone

39. Wavy Bob with Wispy Bangs. Pair short wavy hair with a wispy fringe to achieve this spectacular look. Sweep the bangs to one side for a softening effect.

Wispy bangs complement trendy haircuts for ladies. The lightly-feathered soft bangs instantly transform your look, giving you a more youthful and sassy appearance. Wispy bangs haircuts nicely frame your face and soften strong jawlines, especially when you go for a style that flatters the shape of your face.

Here is our collection of images of classy wispy bangs hairstyles for you to make your pick from before heading to your hairstylist.

1. Layered Medium Hair with Wispy Bangs. For a sultry and sexy tousled effect, opt for layered mid-length hair with a feathered wispy fringe. This style will easily disguise a large forehead and give you a stylish, chic look.

2. Crisp Wispy Bangs. Nothing spells sexy like face-framing feathered bangs. This sassy hairstyle is ideal for those who desire full fringes without the thickness of the classic bangs.

3. Wispy Bangs for Thin Hair. Soft and light feathered bangs with lots of texture are best for people with thin hair. The layers add volume and bounce to flat-looking hair. Feathered bangs with layers are your go-to if you’ve got delicate, wispy strands.

4. Wispy Curtain Bangs. Brigitte Bardot made this hairstyle famous in the 60’s and now it’s hot again. Curtain bangs are usually long, layered, and center-parted, creating a sexy frame for your face with a focus on your eyes and cheekbones.

5. See-Through Wispy Bangs. These go well with wavy hair. The feathered, wispy bangs at her brow exquisitely complement her wavy hair and chime in with the subtle highlights at the ends.

6. Messy Wispy Bangs. Messy is effortlessly cool, and nothing comes as close to chic as a messy wispy bangs haircut. For a gorgeous texture and sexy look, add lots of layers to your messy fringe.

7. Ponytail with Wispy Bangs. Pair your ponytails with wispy bangs for a classic schoolgirl appearance. A high ponytail with a messy side-swept fringe gives you a youthful, carefree, girlie look.

8. Long Wavy Hair with Wispy Bangs. Feminine and classic, the long wavy hairstyle with wispy bangs is always a hit for both casual and formal outings. Messy wavy hair pairs well with wispy fringes.

9. Wispy Curtain Bangs. Face-framing wispy bangs are the bomb. It’s little wonder that side bangs hairstyles lead on many red carpet events. This hairstyle is extremely stylish and simply gorgeous.

10. Wispy Bangs for Black Hair. For a powerful, captivating look, pair your jet black hair with wispy fringe bangs that go past the eyes. Make the bangs light to easily manipulate the style and not overpower the look.

11. Wispy Bangs for Thick Hair. Bangs are just what thick, full hair with much volume needs to go from ordinary to fabulous. They lend a beautiful and balanced-out vibe to full hair.

12. Wispy Hair with Side Bangs. Side-swept bangs make the face appear more oval and a bit longer. This makes side bangs suitable for people with round and heart-shaped faces. Layered wispy bangs swept to the side create an asymmetric effect that helps to elongate your face.

13. Shoulder-Length Hair with Wispy Bangs. Textured bangs are great for shoulder-grazing hair. The layers add volume and body to your hair and frame the face in an amazing way.

14. Wispy Thin Bangs for Long Hair. This super-feminine long hair with soft, light wispy bangs is a great option for those trying out a wispy bangs hairstyle for the first time or those too shy to commit to full bangs. The style is soft, natural, and enhances the beauty of your face.

15. Wispy Baby Bangs. This attention-commanding wispy type of bangs looks fantastic on oval-shaped faces. Pair this style with bold make-up to be everyone’s admiration. Wispy baby bangs, also called micro bangs, are a no-no for those with round and square-shaped faces.

16. Wispy Feathered Bangs. These fabulous wispy feathered bangs are, indeed, a sight to behold. The layered cut of the bangs blends in seamlessly with the rest of the hair, and lends a beautiful effect to the face, softening the strong jawline. The reverse blonde to chocolate ombre adds a dramatic and stunning twist to this style.

17. Brunette Wispy Bangs. Brown hair is versatile, from amazing lighter brown shades like honey-brown to dark brown shades like dark chocolate. Add wispy bangs to your brunette hair for a totally fabulous appearance.

18. Wispy Bangs for Curly Hair. How about adding cute wispy bangs to your curly hair? A wispy fringe will make thick curls look less heavy, and complete your voluminous face-framing hairstyle.

19. Wispy Thin Bangs. The fringe is not thick, but fabulously light, soft, and a bit feathered towards the ends. You can keep the length of your bangs at the eyebrow level or a little past your eyes, grazing the cheekbones.

20. Wispy Bangs for Medium Wavy Hair. Wispy bangs make an elegant complement to wavy hairstyles, whether long or medium-length. Keep the bangs shorter in the middle and longer at the sides for a modern touch.

21. Korean Wispy Bangs. Korean wispy bangs have a signature see-through appearance as the bangs are so thin that the forehead peeks through. The delicate fringe usually stops in-between the eyebrows and the upper eyelashes and does give a subtle youthful vibe.

See-Through Korean Bangs
By John

22. Wispy Bangs with Medium Hair. Wispy bangs add texture and interest to medium-length hair, creating an illusion of volume and thickness. The chunky highlights bring a perfect finishing touch to this style.

23. Long Wispy Bangs. Super elegant and so feminine, long wispy bangs turn heads in admiration. The bangs beautifully frame her face and bring out the cherubic beauty of her eyes and cheekbones.

24. Bent Eyebrow-Skimming Wispy Bangs. This is another great wispy bangs hairstyle for naturally fine hair. Soft and light, with the fringe grazing the eyebrows. Together with a cropped, shaggy bob cut, the bent fringe makes for a chic and feminine hairstyle.

25. Half-Moon Wispy Bangs. One of the advantages of wispy bangs is that they can be styled in several ways to generate different looks and effects. Complete your bangs with a bouffant half updo and enjoy a retro vibe.

26. Lob Haircut with Wispy Bangs. Check this gorgeous combination of a classic wispy fringe and a thinned-out long bob. The blunt cut of the ends contrasts beautifully with the feathered wispy bangs.

27. Wispy Piecey Bangs. For a classic and lovely laidback look, try a piecey wispy bang with shoulder-length or long hair. Piecey bangs can be achieved with the right cut or products, and make for effortlessly chic hairstyles.

28. Bob with Wispy Bangs. Short hair with wispy bangs looks just as fantastic as long hair with bangs. Wispy bangs pair well with short bob hairstyles, making them appear fuller and more dynamic.

29. Blonde Hair with Wispy Bangs. Blonde says beautiful, throw in some wispy, feathery bangs and it goes from just beautiful to alluringly beautiful. Trust bangs to direct attention to all the right features on your face.

30. Textured Wispy Bangs. Check out these before and after pictures, and the transforming effect of wispy bangs. Her textured, uneven, wispy bangs look great. The deliberately messy tresses are undeniably cool.

31. Round Face and Wispy Bangs. Long wispy bangs are undoubtedly flattering for round faces. Leave the side pieces longer for a flattering touch that will make your face seem more oval.

32. Wispy Middle Part Bangs. This 90’s inspired hairstyle is back in vogue. The wispy fringe is noticeably parted in the middle to blend with the asymmetrical sides of the bob. Cute wispy bangs with a middle part are perfect for softening a strong jawline and drawing attention to your cheekbones.

33. Wispy Bangs for Short Hair. Short hair will always look elegant and cool, whether it’s a bob or pixie cut. What other way to bring more pizzazz to a short hairstyle than to try a wispy bangs haircut. These wispy feather-like bangs look so cute.

34. Wispy Bangs for Straight Hair. The wispy feathered bangs with longer pieces at the sides are nothing short of perfection. The bangs of this type look amazing on straight hair – whether short, medium-length, or long.

35. Oval Face and Wispy Bangs. Neat bangs that are of the same length are ultra-flattering on oval faces. Keep the length of your wispy bangs just a little below the eyebrows.

36. Bob with Wispy Bangs. Add a wispy fringe to your inverted or straight bob for an extra chic effect. The feathered or piecey fringe lends a sophisticated look to the classy bob hairstyle.

37. Wispy French Bangs. French fringes are somewhat rounded and stay arched above the eyebrows. They appear a bit thicker but have textured ends that blend in smoothly with the rest of the hair.

38. Layered Wispy Bangs. Layering your wispy bangs with shorter pieces in the middle and longer side wisps gives them more texture, movement, and vibe. Layer the rest of your hair for a stunning messy look.

39. Wavy Bob with Wispy Bangs. Pair short wavy hair with a wispy fringe to achieve this spectacular look. Sweep the bangs to one side for a softening effect.

40. Short Wispy Bangs. If you like to keep your hair simple and practical, this style is definitely for you. Try micro bangs or wispy baby bangs with no tresses touching your eyes or obstructing your view.

If you’re looking to make a transition to bangs but don’t really fancy a thick, full fringe, these hairstyles with wispy bangs might just be exactly what you need.

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