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30 On-Trend Asian Hairstyles for Women

22. Asian Lob with Babylights. To achieve a splendid, sun-kissed glow on your hair, ask your hairstylist for babylights. Introducing color to your soft mane helps to give your hair a textured, full appearance.

Contrary to popular belief, Asian hairstyles for women are not just a few – there are too many to mention every single one of them. Besides, not every Asian girl has silky, fine hair. Some ladies are lucky enough to have naturally thick hair. It might be difficult to style, but definitely not impossible – you just need to find the perfect haircut for you.

Whether you’re looking for Asian short hairstyles or Asian long hair cuts, take a look at the 30 best and most popular Asian hairdos inspired by Asian celebrities and simply beautiful women.

1. Shoulder-Length Hair with Waves. Asian hair does look cute with layers delivering the trendy tousled texture. Loose waves and highlights will complete your Asian hairstyle. Female cuts like this one look bouncy and chic.

2. Medium-Length Asian Layered Hair. To rock this pretty Korean hairstyle, women need to take extra care of their hair, trim it regularly, and add wispy layers to make it look healthy.

3. Wispy Two-Tier Straight Hair. The beauty of this wispy Asian hairstyle is in the airy feel of its feathered ends and not-so-subtle hints of golden brown highlights scattered throughout the hair. The zigzag part and tousled styling added more volume to the hairstyle.

4. Pastel Peek-a-Boo Highlights. Consider mixing a pastel color with your naturally dark hair and make all the girls around complementing your beauty and creativity.

5. Lob with Curtain Bangs. This is one of the Asian hairstyles for women that is flattering on all face shapes. The flow of hair along the length of your face nicely sculptures it and highlights its beautiful features.

6. Tousled Princess Curls. A princess look doesn’t always mean long braided hair. You could pull off a royal look with short curly hair too!

7. Sliced Cut with See-Through Bangs. If you have straight hair, check out this hairstyle. It will encourage your strands to appear thicker, while the bangs will spice up the cut, making it more creative and refreshing.

8. Straight Textured Korean Hair. You can keep your straight locks basically unlayered down to the mid-length and make them shine with texture and movement through fundamentally choppy ends.

9. Cute Bronde Shag with Money Piece. Although Asian hair doesn’t curl readily, these thinned-out ends show us quite a bunch of effortless waves with some sparkles of blonde that chime well with the lovely money piece around the face.

10. Slick Pixie Bob. Short, slicked-back, and finished with the prettiest bangs, this statement hair oozes authentic Asian girl vibes. Cute and age-defying, this is short Asian hair that could make you look two decades younger.

11. Multi-Layered Shag Haircut. For women who would appreciate more volume in their hair, Asian haircuts like this are highly recommended. The fluffy layers, bangs, and shattered feathery ends create a messy feel that is chic and volumizes your hair as well.

12. Smoothed Korean Haircut with Face-Framing and Layering. While standard wolf cuts, which are the new black nowadays, offer lots of disconnection starting right from the top, this hairstyle has a shaggy feel just around the face and on the bottom.

13. Platinum Dye Job for Asian Hair. Women love experimenting with their hair, and Asian haircuts are ideal to try fresh looks. Consider dyeing your hair gray or platinum-blonde, as it’s one of the hottest 2024 trends.

14. Wavy Medium-length Hair. Short Asian hair is pretty, but long hairstyles have their special feminine charm. Parting your hair down the middle will give you a look this cheerful and sweet. Ask your stylist for highlights to add a hearty glow to your face.

15. Korean Bangs. Embrace your naturally silky strands with the classic Asian hairstyle featuring a medium textured cut and see-through wispy Korean bangs.

16. Long Hair with Face-Framing Layers. Another beautiful variation of the classic Asian straight hair look. For a more dazzling appearance, try curling the ends inwards and outwards randomly.

17. Two-Tone Straight Lob. Red-carpet-worthy Asian hair for fashionable women. This shoulder-length haircut is gorgeous. Money pieces in a shade that complements your natural hair color completely transform your hairstyle and draw attention to your face.

18. Inverted Shaggy Lob. A crazy new alternative for Asian short hairdos, this beautiful cut with uneven layers and a lifted crown provides extra dimension and volume to your hair.

Asian Uneven Shaggy Lob
By Hiro

19. Trendy Layered Hairstyle for Long Hair. Glossy blowouts are officially back, and this full-bodied style with long face-framing pieces and short choppy layers in the lower part gives you a chance to embrace the classic ’90s blowout.

20. Soft Blunt Bob. Make a detour from the dead-straight blunt bob to a soft bob that is cut less harshly. A soft blunt bob has less structured ends, more movement, and a really flattering slept-in texture.

21. Asian Hair with Highlights. Feel free to experiment with highlights. They’re the real game changer and make great finishing for Asian haircuts. Working with your stylist, you should be able to arrive at the highlights color that would look very beautiful on you.

22. Asian Lob with Babylights. To achieve a splendid, sun-kissed glow on your hair, ask your hairstylist for babylights. Introducing color to your soft mane helps to give your hair a textured, full appearance.

23. Soft Wolf Cut with Well-Defined Pieces. Here is a great tip on elevating your side and bottom layers — make them really piece-y with your favorite styling product and give the roots in the front a striking lift.

24. Asian Balayage. Long wavy hair is always a great choice, especially when it’s colored with a caramel dye against a dark base color. The rich chocolate shade will fit any skin tone, making you stand out from the crowd.

25. Layered Hair with Tousled Bangs. This combination of layers and long bangs on long hair is absolutely fascinating. The hairstyle is uniquely chic, sassy, and stylish. Try out the look that stands out from other Asian hairstyles for women.

26. Mushroom Brown Hair with Gray Streaks. We like the idea of emphasizing the layered warm brown strands with tiny yet clearly visible ribbons of ashy color.

27. Disheveled Wolf Cut for Fine Hair. The wolf cut works to boost volume even with longer layers placed through the mid-length, but messy styling creates extra oomph.

28. Bob-on-Lob Haircut. Who says you have to stop at one? You can rock a short bob on a lob. Sounds complicated, but quite easy to pull off. The outcome makes this fabulous Asian hairstyle worth trying. Your stylist will simply cut your hair in two layers – a lob with bob-like bangs hanging atop.

29. Ginger Red Long Hair with Wispy Fringe. Soft looks can be no less beautifully shaped and textured if you know the recipe: graduated face-framing tresses, tapered ends on the bottom, and wispy lash-skimming bangs.

30. Soft Waves with Highlights. Women’s Asian hairstyles with layers and waves are truly amazing. Try adding highlights to your hair to create a sun-kissed look.

We have to admit it, Asian girls rock all haircuts! Whether it’s a Korean haircut, or Chinese hairstyle, or a simple balayage Asian hair option – they all look wonderful, sexy, and incredibly youthful. You can also try something a bit edgier like a bob with Asian bangs or a trendy Korean hairstyle female short cut. When you feel the need to refresh your style, your possibilities are unlimited. Be brave and experiment as much as you want with your beautiful hair!

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