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50 Greatest Balayage Hair Ideas for Your Next Salon Visit

8. Auburn Balayage on Dark Hair. There is a variety of balayage color options that work incredibly well with dark hair. Auburn, cherry, and burgundy red are great shades to try if you are up for adding some fire sparks to your usual look!

Sure, each of you at least has heard about balayage hair or maybe even tried it – well, today it’s one of the biggest hair trends! This hairstyle is amazing and so well-loved because it doesn’t require frequent visits to the hairstylist and, undoubtedly, is able to make the hair look many times more beautiful, and your image – much more stylish. In addition, balayage is a technique #1, which visually adds volume and enhances the texture of the hair. Isn’t it exactly what we always want the most?

What is balayage? Balayage is a special hair coloring technique, related to highlights. This technique is mainly used to give soft shades to the locks and to create a natural sun-kissed effect. The bleaches are applied to individual strands and not from the roots, but at some distance, so that the emphasis on the new color is mainly on the tips of the strands.

The dye is applied to the strands in vertical strokes in a V shape, while the intensity of the coloring is unequal all over the hair – so the transitions between the shades are soft and smooth. In such a way a colorist can emphasize the shape of layered and textured hairstyles, as well as create a beautiful face-framing effect. This is especially important in case you have a non-standard face shape.

There is a huge variety of colors used in balayage coloring, starting from the natural hair shades and ending with all the colors of the rainbow: pink, lavender, blue, yellow, burgundy, purple etc. Which one to choose? It depends on your preferences and courage!

1. Bright Tiger Eye Coloring. Soft amber-chocolate shades of the “tiger eye” look great on brown-haired women and brunettes with a warm skin tone and brown, green or hazel eyes. Works for both long and short hair.

2. Strawberry Blonde Balayage with White Highlights. The combinations of warm and cool shades are very in. White blonde and strawberry blonde strands give completeness and a luxurious look to the image.

3. Shoulder Length Dark Root Balayage. Shorter hair is an excellent base for experimenting with balayage. The caramel balayage with dark roots looks attractive and quite natural as if the hair has slightly burned out in the sun.

4. Caramel Mocha Balayage. Toffee and caramel balayages are among the most fashionable color trends. You just have to decide whether you want to refresh the ends or to make caramel highlights along the entire hair length.

5. Cinnamon Brown Balayage. If you want a natural-looking yet unusual balayage hair color, search no more. Cinnamon brown is the hue that will blend with dark hair perfectly, creating a stunning gradient and contributing to the overall glow of your locks.

6. Soft Brunette Balayage. Sometimes we are not ready for radical changes in style, and that’s alright. Balayage highlights don’t have to be obvious and may look like sun-kissed strands creating a vacation mood.

7. Partial Balayage on Dark Hair. The beige blonde balayage hair color contrasting with a dark base is a beautiful sight. Add highlights to the front strands so that they frame your face and make you look even more irresistible!

8. Auburn Balayage on Dark Hair. There is a variety of balayage color options that work incredibly well with dark hair. Auburn, cherry, and burgundy red are great shades to try if you are up for adding some fire sparks to your usual look!

9. Brown to Blonde Contouring Balayage on a Bob Cut. Dark roots and a smooth transition to the bright blonde tips: seems impeccable and fits almost everyone! Strands near the face are lighter than in the back of the head, which makes the appearance more expressive, and gives more depth to the main hair color.

10. Caramel Balayage with Bleached Ends. With a soft brown balayage like this, you can grow your hair in style, as well as see for yourself whether blonde suits you or not.

11. Wavy Lob with Balayage. Balayage hair works perfectly with all hair lengths. Yet, there is something extra alluring about a lob hairstyle with partial balayage highlights. Look how classy and chic it is!

12. Bronde Balayage with Money Pieces. The lightest balayage highlights next to your face not only look incredible but also have a superpower. They can visually elongate your face and emphasize the beauty of your eyes.

13. Messy Waves with Bronde Balayage. Light blonde highlights on dark hair in combination with messy beach waves create a fabulous summer look, and are a wonderful coloring option for those who have no time for regular salon visits.

14. Subtle Balayage Highlights. If high contrasts are not your cup of tea, a balayage can still work for you. Try this simple style variation that creates a soft gradient from the roots to the hair ends and enjoy a refreshed look!

15. Bronze Partial Balayage. The balayage hair dyeing technique is beloved by many ladies for the classy and trendy look it creates. So, if you want to freshen up your look, this delicate bronze balayage will do the trick!

16. Stunning Beige Blonde Balayage. The darkened blonde balayage is so mouthwatering and for a good reason. The freshness of cool blondes meets the depth of darker browns, creating an altogether hypnotizing dimension.

17. High-Shine Full Copper Balayage. An intense hue, such as copper, will definitely make you stand out both during casual gatherings and special occasions. A full balayage is recommended for color consistency and an enhanced WOW effect!

18. Ash Brown Hair Balayage. An ashy balayage on dark hair is for the sophisticated ladies out there. The partial balayage highlights on this cold shade of brown look dreamy and chic at the same time. Together with wavy locks, they create the dye job others will crave to recreate!

19. Subtle Light Brown Balayage. You don’t want a new style with a lot of maintenance. With a touch of balayage, you won’t need to visit a beauty salon often – once every three months is enough to keep it fresh.

20. Shiny Honey Balayage. A gentle and warm honey hue creates a compelling balayage hair variation. Combine it with shades of gold and amber for an even more attractive blend fit for a Hollywood star!

21. Metallic Bronde Balayage for Brunettes. This balayage hair color is a delicately balanced combination of a warm blonde and dark chocolate brown, and it can totally add a juicy spark to your look. Style it with soft waves for a cheeky relaxed vibe.

22. Caramel Balayage on Dark Hair. The caramel balayage looks as sweet as it sounds! This delicious shade will really catch the eye in contrast with a dark hair color and contribute to your romantic style.

23. Chocolate Hair with Subtle Balayage. Use your favorite balayage technique to bring more volume and movement to your hair. Some delicate babylights are a flawlessly stylish way to do so.

24. Brown Hair Balayage. Balayage for brown hair comes in a variety of hues. All you have to do is pick those that suit your skin tone and eye color best! Some great shades are vanilla, honey, caramel, and sandy blonde.

25. Ash Brown Balayage for Brunettes. Soft ashy brown ends add certain radiance to the deep dark base. In addition, thanks to such a color solution, this hairstyle is low-maintenance and the roots can grow out without bothering you.

26. Refreshing Toasted Coconut Balayage. If going to the beach seems difficult right now, bring it to you with seductive coastal balayage hair. These shades look amazing on both curled and straight hair! A great idea to beat hair boredom.

27. Partial Caramel Highlights for Brunettes. Make your brunette locks twice more fun with random balayage highlights woven through the length of your hair. Not only will it look fresher, but also beneficial for your facial features.

28. Ash Brown Balayage. Ash brown is a classy balayage hair color that will not keep you waiting for compliments! It is a tasteful styling choice that looks especially flattering with waves or soft curls.

Partial Blonde Balayage for Dark Hair
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29. Warm Blonde Balayage for a Wavy Lob. A smooth gradient from dark to light shades creates the effect of a natural color transition as if you’ve spent a whole month on the beach, lying in the sun.

30. Smokey Blonde Balayage. Do you want to become a platinum blonde, but hesitate to make this bold leap? Lay it on the balayage – bright blonde ends will, of course, attract a lot of attention, but the shade of the strands near the face will be warmer and softer, blended with your natural root color.

31. Icy Blonde Balayage with Shadow Roots. Such a cool ash blonde balayage looks gorgeous when the gradient between the colors is blended into dark roots since they set off the icy shade perfectly.

32. Cool Brunette Hair with Ash Brown Babylights. Just look at how amazingly the babylights reflect the light and create a three-dimensional effect on the strands!

33. Reddish Balayage on Long Dark Hair. Such a balayage option looks pretty simple and natural, and at the same time visually adds lightness and depth to the long layered hairstyle for thick hair.

34. Copper Color Melt Balayage. Such a fabulous and spectacular combination! Auburn locks stand out really beautifully against the deep mahogany tone.

35. Rose Gold Balayage on Long Dark Hair. Sure, it would just be a crime not to combine these two huge trends in the beauty industry – the balayage and the elegant luxurious rose gold hue!

36. Multi-Dimensional Blonde Balayage on Medium Hair. The mix of several shades of blonde and coloring in chunky pieces make the hair multi-dimensional, shiny and at the same time preserve the natural “sun-kissed” touch.

37. Golden Caramel Balayage. Ideal for long and very long hair: some strands are lightened almost from the very roots, and some are colored only at the tips. The blend of warmth and shine is rich and gives an unsurpassed brilliance to the curls.

38. Strong Black to Caramel Balayage on Long Hair. Dark hair can be perfectly complemented by caramel hues. This contrast between the strands represents a chic style, especially if you make elegant curls.

39. High Shine Caramel Blonde Balayage. For lots of dimension and seductive waves, give a blonde balayage a go. Add chunky curls to feel like a hot Hollywood star.

40. Light Brown Roots with Face Framing Blonde Balayage. It’s so easy to become a few years younger within a couple of hours: just ask your stylist to make a center-parted balayage hairstyle that would frame your face nicely!

41. Brown to Baby Blonde Face-Framing Balayage. These highlighted strands in the front will contour your face, complement its best features and also make you look younger and more delicate.

42. Shiny Balayage Highlights and Lowlights. Yet another amazing option for brunettes looking for a color change. A slight variation of tone here and there, and your amazing style is ready to go. Don’t forget to style your curls too!

43. Rooted Bright Bronde Balayage. The best way to achieve a natural blonde look for a brown-haired girl is to make a beautiful color melt, leaving the roots untouched and mixing several light shades in – both cool and warm. Also, lowlights will help texturize the hair.

44. Dimensional Blonde Balayage for Brown Hair. Keep them guessing what color your hair actually is. The saucy blonde shades diluted with chocolate browns create a mesmerizing blend that happens to be pretty low-maintenance. Balayage on dark hair is always a win!

45. Ash Brown Balayage with Bronze Strokes. This one is particularly pretty on women with tanned skin. When using honey-beige shades you can get matte waves on the bottom and some healthy shine near the roots. This color will emphasize the naturalness of your look.

46. Soft Caramel Balayage on Short Beach Waves. If you’re a brunette and want to get the most natural effect, you can use such win-win shades as caramel, milk chocolate and coffee in your balayage. You’ll end up with an awesome and rich color shine.

47. White Coffee Balayage on Dark Hair. A delicate transition from dark to creamy shades is a wonderful option for those who have soft and gentle curls because they’ll immediately become visually more voluminous. It will also smooth out the sharp features, making them softer.

48. Subtle Bronde Balayage for Long Dark Hair. A soft, glossy balayage on dark hair is a guaranteed way for your locks to look stunning everyday: gorgeous shades really adorn your hair, no matter what hair texture you choose – curly, wavy or straight. Here you can apply the method of hair contouring, emphasizing the “strong” points of your appearance.

49. Metallic Caramel Brown Highlights. Imagine a jar of salted caramel poured over your head with a high shine effect added. It’s definitely how we’d describe this mouthwatering sun-kissed honey bronde balayage color to our stylist when making the much-needed appointment.

50. Dimensional Dark Blonde Balayage. A natural dark blonde looks very stylish. With the help of the balayage technique, you can create a wide variety of shades and soft highlights that resemble sun-bleached strands.

Don’t be afraid of changes. It’s never too late to make your image even more stylish and modern. And balayage hair is one of the easiest ways to achieve it!

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