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50 Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Any Hair Length, Hair Type, and Wedding Theme

Although bridesmaid hairstyles are not meant to outshine the look of the star attraction, you will need something fancier than a bedhead look or the hair tied with an elastic for the special occasion.

That’s why we are here with a fresh collection of Insta-worthy ways to style bridesmaid hair, covering all hair lengths and suitable for different wedding themes.

1. Carelessly Twisted Bridesmaids’ Hair. The pieces of pre-curled locks haphazardly twisted on the crown chime well with a bunch of tendrils and a messy bun to create a carefree style.

2. Elegant Chignon with Draped Sides. This is a more sophisticated take on bridesmaids’ hairstyles since it requires advanced styling skills for framing the crown with lacelike wraps of hair.

3. Mermaid Waves Packed in a French Twist. A French twist is a popular choice for bridesmaid updos because of its elegance and versatility, and this airy version shows the romantic side of it.

4. 3D Effects for a Sleek Low Bun. While polished hairstyles for bridesmaids may lack texture and dimension, this updo remains neat yet has something to catch the eye.

5. Old Hollywood Shoulder-Length Bridesmaid Hair. The glamorous locks with not a hair out of place dramatized by a deep side part and a lift in the front bring a retro-chic vibe into the wedding mood.

6. Pearls and Diamonds for a Relaxed Low Bun. Accessorized maid of honor hairstyles will never go out of style, and they can add a bit of luxury even to disheveled locks.

7. Cascading Locks Coupled with Micro Braids. If you are looking for fun yet showy hairstyles for junior bridesmaids, you should make a note of this J.Lo-esque half-up complemented with tiny braids and long, center-parted bangs.

8. Poufy Crown Braiding with an Opalescent Effect. Color is no less important for wedding bridesmaid hairstyles since contrasts and transitions can turn a beautiful hairstyle into a piece of art.

9. Heavily Braided Updo with Highlights. Loose braiding running around the head creates plenty of texture and volume in addition to a perfectly romantic feel.

10. Lush Chignon with Golden Flares. Effortless styles maintain their positions in bridesmaid hair 2022 trends, the more so that you can customize them to your hair type, length, and color scheme.

11. Curly Bridesmaid Ponytail with Side Braiding. This bouncy low pony is a statement on its own, but what’s wrong with taking it a step further with a texture-boosting braid?

12. Tousled Braids and Twists for Boho Vibes. If you hunt for bridesmaid hair ideas suitable for a bohemian wedding, look no further! This head of braids comes with both a rebellious spirit and an artistic touch.

13. Undone Low Bun Bridesmaid Hair. Imperfections reign supreme! These caramel brown tresses look sexy and touchable despite (or rather thanks to) all those loose ends and tangles.

14. Gorgeous Bouffant and Tight Waves Galore. Here is a nice example of volumizing bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair, where the combed back and lifted hair is beautifully balanced by a cascade of large curls.

15. Shaggy High Bun Dressed Up with Pearls. Delicate pearls are popular accessories for wedding party hairstyles, but we like when their daintiness contrasts with messy hair.

16. Curled and Braided Half Up Half Down Hair. Just imagine how these springy locks will bounce when you dance at a wedding party! But don’t worry, the braids will hold the top of your hair in place.

17. Neat and Voluminous Infinity Chignon. There are three things one can watch forever: fire burning, water falling, and these white streaks running into the tuck.

18. Wavy Lob Wrapped in a Low Bun. A bun sitting at the nape is a go-to option for medium-length bridesmaid hairstyles, as it can be constructed with a handful of tresses.

19. Soft Chignon with Side Parting. It’s a great idea to shift the focus to the side when creating a no-frills bun with just a bit of texture added.

20. Creatively Twisted Locks for Bob-Length Hair. It’s not true that bridesmaid hairstyles for short hair are limited to artless options, and the myth is easily bustled by this step-by-step guide.

21. High Contrast Messy Weave. This style capitalizes on a decent hair length and multi-shade highlights to deliver volume and texture enhanced by the color play.

22. Crimped Side Braid with a Striking Accent. We have chosen this ‘do among many bridesmaid side hairstyles for its delicate braid and a teal green accessory popping up against the red hair.

23. Eye-Catching Braids for Bridesmaids. Although you can recreate this braided madness on one-tone hair, highlights are sure to make the texture more visible.

24. Cute Half Up Bubble Braid. Looking for easy bridesmaid hairstyles that don’t require booking a visit to a salon? Draw inspiration from this upgraded bubble braid!

25. Chic High French Roll. Open your neck and shoulders with a modern version of the French twist that creates a focal point right on the crown.

26. Neat Ashy Bun with a Crown Lift. Sometimes everything you need to emphasize the beauty of your hair is some volume at the top and some texture at the bottom.

27. Bouncy Pony with Extra Dimension. Wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids often incorporate sexy ponytails, but this ‘do adds a bouffant to the formula.

28. Crown Bun with Delicate Tendrils. While backcombing may look bulky and even outdated, styling your hair in tousled waves will give you the same volume at the crown.

29. Straight Hair with Twisted Bun. Although many updos for gala events are made with curls and waves, you don’t need to prep your straight hair for this offbeat bun with loose, textured ends.

30. Custom Braid with Mesmerizing Waves. Waterfall braids are often chosen for bridesmaid hairstyles with hair down, but you can rock tight waves flowing from under a stunning halo braid.

31. Tousled Pony with a Side Braid. If you want to match the theme of a beach wedding, polishing your Dutch braid and ponytail to perfection makes no sense!

32. Textured French Twist with Combed Back Bangs. This classy updo proves that beautiful texture can be extracted from your tresses with no wild hairs sticking out.

33. Sculptured Low Pony with an Accent Bow. Masterfully raised pieces of hair can transform simple bridesmaid hairstyles based on a ponytail into statement looks.

34. Glossy Barrel Curls with a Floral Accessory. Black and white is an eternal combination, and so is a waterfall of loose shiny ringlets with some teased hair on the crown.

Glossy Waterfall Curls with Bouffant
By Amie

35. Big Hair with a Curly Chignon. This swoon-worthy hairstyle reaps the max volume on all sides, either through combed-over bangs in the front or large curls gathered in the back.

36. Smooth and Silky Upstyle with Knotted Bun. Minimalists would appreciate our next idea. This formal style features flawlessly slicked back hair wrapped into a tight twisted bun.

37. Fancy Low Pony with a Wide Band of Hair. It looks like a great idea — using side strands of hair as a band to wrap the head and then feed them into a pony.

38. Unfussy Braid-Centered Updo. Here, loose side braids melt into a messy bun to create plenty of texture and lend a relaxed look.

39. Elaborate Styling for a Chignon Updo. Hey, girls, we have a staggering alternative to braiding — dimensional pieces of hair shaped to produce an exquisite interlacing pattern.

40. Bohemian Half Updo with Lavish Braiding. This rustic hairstyle is all about texture and movement crafted with lots of loops and waves.

41. Classic Upstyle with a Twisted Bun. This demure updo looks elegant and perfectly poised since it has nothing extra and still radiates romance.

42. Dainty Bob Hairstyle for Bridesmaids. If you don’t want to go with trendy beachy waves on your short hair, you can get it whimsically wrapped, braided, and decorated.

43. Curly Bridesmaid Updo. This low bun hairstyle is so packed with texture that it needs nothing more to shine out.

44. Poofy Twists for Natural Black Hair. Don’t hide your authentic textured hair but embrace its natural beauty in a fanciful updo with a voluminous chignon.

45. Picture-Perfect Loose Updo with a Stylish Hair Vine. This eye-catching hairstyle is crisp and graceful, with the tulle florals emphasizing its gentleness.

46. Lacy Braid and Bun with Tousled Finish. Have you noticed that the position of a bun changes the whole feel of a hairstyle? This braided updo looks royal even despite its messy finish.

47. Fascinating Greek Goddess Updo. This is a kind of updo you can spot on Greek amphoras, and it is smart-looking and fresh.

48. Attention-Grabbing Beehive with Hair Swirls. When retro styles are trending, a cool black girl should take the occasion and sport an updated beehive do.

49. Reversed French Twist with a Hair Bow. If you are looking for more than just cute bridesmaid hairstyles, try out this exquisite half up half down wrap decorated with a dope detail.

50. Randomly Twisted and Tucked Hair. This gentle updo incorporates a bunch of twisted, crisscrossed, and intertwined hair strands to give you as much texture as your head can accommodate.

From formal French twists to bohemian braids, we have explored an abundance of ways to style bridesmaid hair so that you can show your personality while fitting into a wedding theme. Select a couple of bridesmaid hairstyles from our collection and discuss with your hairdresser how they can be tailored to your features to arrive at the best look.

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