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50 Cool Wedding Hairstyles for You to Totally Steal the Show

Today’s wedding hairstyles are extremely diverse. It’s easy to get lost in the abundance of glam pictures, especially now when fashion changes really fast, and every season bridal trends are updated. So, where to go if you are a bride and want an eye-catching hairstyle that will stun everybody? You may stop searching, you are in the right place!

A lot of bridal websites show too polished, catwalk-ready wedding hairstyles. Should you copy any of them? Will it be not only beautiful but also comfortable? We have tried a completely different approach and collected wedding hair ideas from regular hairdressers rather than celeb hairstylists. This means you can be sure that each option is utterly doable and won’t cost you a fortune. Let’s get going!

1. Big Loose Chignon with Romantic Tendrils. This bridal hair is easy to recreate by getting your locks backcombed on the crown and tucking strands at the nape into a loose bun with tendrils randomly popping out for an effortless touch.

2. Dainty Braid and Bun. If you are looking for something more sophisticated, borrow this Mohawk-inspired braided hairstyle with beautifully twisted and emphasized tresses full of movement.

3. Playful Pony with a Braid. Wedding hairstyles for long hair go hand in hand with romantic braids, but pairing them with a bouncy pony is a nice way of bringing some fun into the classic style.

4. Bridal Hairstyle for Highlighted Hair. Textured doesn’t necessarily mean messy, which is proven by this elegant wedding hair. It is anything but flat due to the stunning dye job. Neat and classy.

5. Downdo with a Bridal Pearl Headband. Easy wedding hairstyles reveal the natural beauty of your locks with minimal effort. The example below thrives on barely-there waves and a pearly headpiece that complements the creamy blonde hair hue.

6. Loose Updo with Braids. Dutch braids are often incorporated into wedding hair styles for the amazing dimension and distinct pattern they deliver. This updo takes it a step further and adds trendy messy styling to the scheme.

7. Glossy Vintage Look for Your Wedding. This Hollywood waves wedding hair radiates retro chic accentuated by the out-of-the-ordinary headband. The style can be easily adapted to shorter cuts, but healthy-looking tresses are a must.

8. Bridal Crown Bun with Bangs. A high bun is another best friend of bridal hairstyles, and here is a modern take on it – get it nicely textured and a bit undone for an edgier feel.

9. Blooming Low Bun. Details can make a big difference, which is perfectly illustrated by this otherwise common chignon. The waterfall of tendrils and colorful floral accessories make it eye candy.

10. Floral Centerpiece. This smooth and straight wedding hair shifts the focus from the locks to the face and the lavish accessory at the nape, which prompts our eyes to proceed to the fancy open-back outfit.

11. Cute Beaded Bob Short Wedding Hair. The next styling shows how a creative approach to accessories can change wedding hairstyles for short hair. Pile a whole set of matching pins and combs on one side of your bob, and you are the Queen.

12. Wedding Rolled Updo with 3D Effect. Wedding updos for thin hair should come with a lot of dimension, and teasing your tresses is not the only option. Look how much depth and movement can be derived from highlights and twists.

13. Tight Wrap with a Flower. Sleek hairdos for brides are absolutely in vogue, despite the abundance of boho styles. This look is spiced by an intricately wrapped chignon and a spectacular floral décor, not to mention how cool it embraces the balayage.

14. Ample Messy Braid. Wedding braid hairstyles can be stunningly versatile. This one boasts an ample fishtail braid winding down right from the top. BTW, this idea will also work as a good bridesmaid hairstyle.

15. High Ponytail with a Veil. Think that it is impossible to combine a veil and a ponytail in one bridal look? Actually, a high pony is a perfect choice for wedding hairstyles with a veil since you can wear the latter without covering the whole head to show off your bouncy locks.

16. Wedding Hairstyle for Neck-Length Hair. Mermaid waves can be aptly infused into medium-length wedding hairstyles to deliver a volumizing effect with no hair extensions applied.

17. Rosy Dream Braids with Pearls. This fabulous crown braid is a statement by itself, but the rose blonde color and pearl pins of different sizes turn it into a real piece of art.

18. Wedding Top Knot with Curtain Bangs. Aren’t you afraid of coming into the spotlight with something unusual? While this top knot doesn’t seem too creative, the fringe beautifully framing the face is truly one-of-a-kind.

19. Relaxed Upstyle with a Bun. Back to bohemian vibes, we’d like to inspire you with this soft hairdo for brides or bridesmaids that drapes the hair on the sides to push it into a loose low bun.

20. Sculptured Swirled Top Knot. A pouf with bangs in the front and a sculptured bun on the crown is a great combination for those brides who prefer sticking to unique styles.

21. Feminine Chignon with Silver Gloss. This could be yet another loose chignon if not for a couple of cool finds: the silver hairpiece bringing out the golden hues of this champagne blonde and the seamless flow of strands rolled into an elegant chignon.

22. Careless Curly Oversized Bun. If you want neither a low chignon nor a top knot, what about placing your bun in-between? It will open your neck and shoulders while creating tons of volume and texture throughout the hairstyle.

23. An Organic Touch to Plaiting. This whimsically feminine styling deserves our attention for the gentle twists of the braid and bun updo. It also stands out with its appealing color palette that links red tones in the hair to the green accessory.

24. Classy Nape Bun Full of Curls. Flawless hair coloring makes wedding styling a child’s play. Get a lush curly bun at the nape, pull out some strands on the crown, and attach a stylish hairpin for a pop of color.

25. Nice Wispy Chignon. Grab some inspo for wedding updos for short hair – ask for messy waves gathered in the back and embellished with an eye-catching hairpiece. A fake hair bun to plant under the locks for more volume is optional.

26. Artistic Mix of Braids. This boho wedding hair is loosely braided both vertically and horizontally to deliver maximum volume and boost visual interest.

27. Touchable Spirals with a Gather. Curly hair wedding styles often don’t need much styling, except for making the natural curl pattern more distinct and taming frizz. Well, adding a stylish accessory won’t hurt.

28. Soft Bow Bun Made of Loops. This lovely updo is both voluminous and effortless, and you won’t worry about any escaped wisps since they can make the look only more romantic.

29. Utterly Textured Braiding. Long hair wedding styles can be overwhelmed with details, but it’s not the case with this to-die-for braid – its fancy pattern and sensational volume don’t require bells and whistles to leave us speechless.

30. Perfectly Imperfect Wedding Hairstyle. Messy chignons are all the rage nowadays, and one of the reasons why everyone adores them is customizability. For example, make the style work for you with a piece of fancy hair jewelry.

31. Pearl-Embellished Fine Twists. Actually, you can land a daintier look by shifting from chunky twists to a finer weave, especially when it is so stylishly decorated with a set of big and small pearls.

32. Provence Style Pony with a Hair Bow. Think a hair bow looks too plain for such a big day? This beach wedding hair with a textured ponytail proves otherwise, as the huge tulle bow creates a great focal point while emphasizing the rustic feel.

33. Gorgeous Waterfall Braid. We really cannot decide what we like more about this half-up braided wedding hair – the eye-popping pattern of the braid? The fascinating color combination? The artistry of the coiffeur? We like everything.

34. Natural Coils Packed in Rolls. This African take on low bun hairstyles is elegant and worry-free since it tames frizz and holds your unruly coils in place while striking the eye with the piquant pattern, shine, and body.

35. Lovely Textured Low Bun. The next Insta inspiration will work even for fine locks and shorter hair lengths because it plays off narrower rolls which look sweet and natural yet don’t require much length or density.

36. Flirty Upstyle with a Headband. Looking sexy and careless, this is, probably, the edgiest of our simple wedding hairstyles. And it’s a snap, indeed – teased hair on the crown, a tousled bun sitting just above the nape, and a bold headband.

37. Charming Cocktail with Braids and Waves. The high-contrast balayage turns this half up half down wedding hair into a stunning canvas for loose braids running from the sides into the volume-infused central plait.

Wedding Braided Half-Up Hairstyle
By Sara

38. Silky Blonde Locks. Proceeding with half-up wedding hairstyles, we want you to savor those shiny and bouncy curls cascading down from under the soft side twists.

39. Admirable French Roll with Ringlets. A French twist is a perfect choice for wedding updos, but the idea to combine a polished roll in the back with playful curls on top is utterly brilliant.

40. Sculptured Shiny Chignon. It seems that these locks change directions and intertwine just to accentuate a marvelous play of shades ranging from caramel brown to golden blonde.

41. Textured Waves Partially Pulled-Back. Are you there for finding a unique way of wearing wedding hair down with a veil? Match your veil comb with sweet little flowers and scatter them around the crown to set off those beachy waves.

42. Elegantly Wrapped Chignon. This is a clean version of the low bun, which is neither disheveled nor sleek but ritzy and textured. Surely, a pair of snow-white accessories add a touch of class.

43. Wavy Updo with Crystals and a Veil. While other wedding updo hairstyles may hide all the beauty under veils, this wavy do featuring a chignon simply sparks with crystals peeping out the waves.

44. Crown Braid and Bun Bouffant Updo. Wedding updos for long hair can accommodate braids galore as shown in the picture below. The plaiting from the top meets the lush side braids to be wrapped into a gorgeous bun at the nape.

45. Curly Side Bun. This side bun will work for natural black hair or any authentic curls since it accentuates their pattern and shine to shape a vibrant organic look.

46. Mohawk Braid and Ponytail. Your go-to-wedding pony doesn’t need to be overly textured if it is paired with a dimensional braid on the crown. Don’t miss the elegant side piece and cool wrap around the ponytail.

47. Red Upstyle with Accents. If handled creatively, one-color updos for a wedding are no less spectacular than ombre or balayage hairstyles. This low bun is full of drama with the intense copper-red color, lifted accent pieces, and overall volume.

Spectacular Wedding Updo for Red Hair
By Nina

48. Dreamy Wedding Do with Wisps. It’s one of our fav wedding hair ideas for the delicacy it boasts and the awesome blend of colors it delivers. This peachy-silver scheme is totally yummy, while the face-framing tresses and loose ends ooze romance.

49. Boldly Deconstructed Bun. Here is how wedding updos for medium-length hair can gain the dimension of longer locks – create plenty of depth with highlights and shadows and supplement it with haphazard waves and a messy bun.

50. Filigree Braiding with Face-Framing Pieces. Don’t even think that wedding hairstyles for medium hair cannot be strikingly braided! This laced piece of plaiting art debunks the myth ultimately.

Our vast collection of hot wedding hairstyles can get you overwhelmed with ideas, so we recommended taking a couple of the pictures to your hair salon and discussing with a pro which do will suit you best. A good hairdresser will adapt a chosen bridal hairstyle to your unique features and offer a hair trial to make sure you are happy with the look. May your wedding day and your whole life be filled with love and happiness!

by Editors
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