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30 Cute Butterfly Locs Hairstyles for Your Inspiration

Although butterfly locs are all the rage nowadays, most people don’t know what they are exactly and how they differ from similar hairstyles.

We are here to explain the basics of butterfly locs hair and deliver a collection of trendy looks you can adopt if you are ready to take the plunge.

What Are Butterfly Locs?

Butterfly locs combine natural tresses and hair extensions to form rope-like strands similar to dreads. Curly loops throughout the shaft add texture to the locs and give them a signature look.

What Hair to Use for Butterfly Locs?

There is no single solution on the best hair for butterfly locs, but most experts recommend synthetic water wave extensions since they are affordable and have an irregular pattern which creates better volume and looks like natural Afro texture.

How Many Hair Packs Are Required for Butterfly Locs?

It depends on the length and fullness of both the desired butterfly faux locs and your natural hair. You are unlikely to use less than 6-8 packs of extensions for wrapping, and you will also need some filler hair for locs longer than your own strands.

How Long Does It Take to Do Butterfly Locs?

The installation time varies from two hours for mid-length butterfly locs of jumbo size to six hours for long and thin strands.

How Long Do Butterfly Locs Last?

You can wear butterfly locs hairstyles for 4-6 weeks before your roots grow out and the strands get frizzy, but you should be also guided by your hair and scalp condition, which can be affected by buildup and tension.

30 Fancy Ideas on How to Style Butterfly Locs

Now, let’s move on to learning cool ways to style butterfly locs of various lengths and sizes.

1. Side-Swept Medium-Length Butterfly Locs. Wearing locs doesn’t prevent you from playing with asymmetry, especially when it gives more space for showing intricately styled baby hairs.

2. Platinum and Ginger Butterfly Locs Combo. We really don’t know what makes this style stand out more — its unique color scheme or the marvelous texture.

3. Super Long Butterfly Locs. This gal rocks her Rapunzel locs loose, but they are ready to embrace various upstyles too.

4. Massive Top Knot with Face-Framing Strands. If you are not sure how to style butterfly locs, you can steal this classy look.

5. Butterfly Locs with Color Pops. Sometimes less is more, and a couple of golden locs here prove it right.

6. Long Blonde Butterfly Locs. Those willing to try on a strikingly different hair color can get even several shades with hair extensions.

7. Butterfly Locs for Thick Lob Hairstyle. This girl has arrived at handsomely shaped hair with the locs getting thicker toward the ends.

8. Gorgeous Half Up Half Down Locs. Apart from the volume and length that come with the butterfly locs packed into a high bun, we cannot but give a second glance at these fun spirals.

9. Jumbo Butterfly Locs in Bright Blonde. Amazed by the color and the size, you can miss the texture that becomes messier on the bottom.

10. Small Butterfly Locs Gathered on the Crown. This lovely hairstyle feels totally bouncy, from the bulk of spirals on the top to the face-framing locs.

11. Center-Parted Distressed Butterfly Locs. While oval faces pull off a center part easily, you are free to customize butterfly locs to flatter your face shape.

12. Butterfly Locs with Contrasting Texture. This girl has chosen to emphasize the texture transition with tighter wraps around the roots.

13. Bob-Short Butterfly Locs. The next picture shows that short hair is not an obstacle to installing playful butterfly locs.

14. Butterfly Locs with a Shaved Side. What could make a shaved hairstyle even bolder? A mix of black, brown, golden, and white locs, of course!

Asymmetrical Shaved Hairstyle with Butterfly Locs
By Arie

15. Bohemian Butterfly Locs with Chocolate Flavor. This hairstyle catches the eye with its fancy color and distinct loops of hair.

16. Fluffy Butterfly Locs with Interesting Parting. Playing with parting is just another way to give a unique touch to your butterfly locs.

17. Shoulder-Length Butterfly Locs with Wispy Curls. The well-defined spirals in the front work to set off the cute messiness of these lob locs.

18. Half-Up Butterfly Locs with Triangle Parting. The triangle parting selected for this hairdo adds whimsical star-like patterns to the look.

19. Shoulder-Length Side-Parted Butterfly Locs. Actually, butterfly locs can be smoother or messier depending on the way the hair extensions are installed.

20. Long Layered Butterfly Locs. You might not believe it, but these lavish butterfly locs are done on the base of a short pixie.

21. Crimson Red Butterfly Locs. Going red from roots to ends is the surefire way to garner attention and make your butterfly locks pop.

22. Flirty Butterfly Locs Bob. The butterfly locs of this bob got additional bents to create better fullness and bounce.

23. Uniform Butterfly Locs. Here, we have a nice blunt lob made of butterfly locs with a more regular pattern and smoother finish.

24. Butterfly Locs with Honey Blonde Ends. Don’t you like this cute two-tone look? Pair your favorite shades for a standout look – both in color and texture.

Standout Two-Tone Butterfly Locs
By Arie

25. Striped Butterfly Locs. Since lighter shades tend to better showcase the texture nuances, the white locs of this hairstyle accentuate the fluffiness.

26. Ultra-Knotted Butterfly Locs. With such a length and volume, you don’t need pink butterfly locs to steal the spotlight.

27. Bronze Brown Butterfly Locs. Going for butterfly locs with metallic shine is a smart move when you want to highlight the texture.

28. Royal Burgundy Butterfly Locs. If you wish to spice up your look but aren’t ready to rock bright red, burgundy butterfly locs are just the thing.

29. Soft Waist-Length Butterfly Locs. This hairstyle is oh-so-feminine, and its loopy locs feel absolutely effortless.

30. Butterfly Locs with Fiery Highlights. With butterfly locs, you are not limited to black and white when creating stunning contrasts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Butterfly Locks

After scrolling through our collection of bang-on hairstyles, you could have some questions left but we got them covered.

How to do butterfly locs?

You can use a hook to pull pre-looped crochet butterfly locs through braids or make tight twists/braids and wrap them with pieces of extension hair, either with the help of a hook or without it.

How to seal butterfly locs?

The most common way is to make a kind of knot at the end of a loc and wrap the remaining piece of extension hair up the shaft. Pressing the hair with a flat iron or fixing the ends with a hair clue are alternative methods.

How much do butterfly locs cost?

The cost of butterfly locs styles done in a salon ranges from $150 to over $400 depending on the style complexity, hairdresser skills, and salon location (hair extensions are not included).

Do butterfly locs hurt?

No, if they are not too tight.

Is it possible to do butterfly locs on short hair?

Yes, having pixie-length hair is enough for the installation.

Are butterfly locs a protective style?

Yes, they shield natural hair from physical impact and environmental factors.

Do butterfly locs tangle?

They are not likely to tangle but can become messy over time.

Do butterfly locs pull your hair out?

No, if they are done with no extra tension at the roots.

Why may butterfly locs become stiff?

They may become matted with time if not maintained properly.

Do butterfly locs help to grow your hair?

They can contribute to hair growth by protecting the length from manipulations.

How to refresh butterfly locs?

Butterfly locs maintenance requires spraying them with a mix of hair-friendly oil and water and massaging the oil into the scalp.

You can also shampoo the scalp and let the product run through your locs when rinsing the hair.

How to take butterfly locs out?

You need to cut a loc a bit below the point where your natural hair ends and then unravel the extension hair, moving upwards.

Now you have all the answers about butterfly locs and a bunch of inspirational pictures for your next hair goal. Follow a video tutorial for a DIY hairstyle, or book a visit to a salon — we are waiting to see the outcomes in our next collection!

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