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50 Trendy Ideas of Gray Highlights for the New You

Gray highlights work to elevate women’s hair in their golden years. However, you don’t have to wait until you reach a certain age – now you could try this amazing color, as it’s a hot trend for all ages.

It is also suitable for all hair lengths and textures. If you seem to be lacking inspiration, check out the following styling ideas and find the best gray hair highlights variation that’ll work for you.

1. Marvelous Gray Balayage. Don’t worry about your original hair color growing out! With a balayage, your crown’s natural hue will transition to the dyed tone harmoniously.

2. Silver Gray Highlights. Pair the stunning silver-gray highlights with a shattered cut to give your locks a bouncy, flowy feel. A perfect idea for all hair lengths, even the shorter ones.

3. Black Hair with Gray Highlights. Want to be subtle about taking your hair game to the next level? Then this type of tender highlights is perfect for you!

4. Gray Highlights on Dark Hair. Don’t feel bad if you’ve naturally got gray hair at a young age. Instead, turn this feature into a fashion statement by adding defined contrasting highlights.

5. Bronde Hair with Gray Highlights. Who says you can’t have three colors in your hair at the same time? Don’t hesitate to mix your blonde, brown, and gray in a vibrant balayage!

6. Straight Gray Hair with Root Fade. Top your black hair with enchanting streaks of gray for an elegant, aristocratic feel. An awesome look!

7. Brunette with Gray Highlights. Upgrade your dark brown hair with gray highlights to achieve a softer, graceful overall vibe. Some long curtain bangs will make a perfect face-framing.

8. Brown Hair with Gray Highlights. Get a gentler feel by blending your naturally brown hair with gray highlights in a beautiful cascade falling past your shoulders. Leave straight or curl midshaft to ends.

9. Gray Highlights Short Hair. Fuse some gray highlights into your short haircut for a cool, sharp edge and a more youthful look. An undercut is an awesome idea if you’re feeling rebellious.

10. Gray Highlights on Dark Brown Hair. Tap into your feminine side with these mellow gray highlights on dark brown hair. You can also add some curls for extra refinement.

11. Gray Blonde Highlights. Blend your blonde hair with gray highlights and lowlights for a more natural and playful hairstyle. A really bomb look worth tons of compliments!

12. Gray Ombre Highlights. Experiment with gray hues in a popular (yes, still popular) ombre hair technique that transitions from black or dark brown to light gray and silver as it reaches the tips.

13. Rusty Gray Highlights. For more even and natural blending, choose to brighten your black hair with some gray and dark copper-brown highlights.

14. Silver Highlights in Dark Waves. Get striking silver highlights in your dark hair and create some waves for a stylish and distinguished hairstyle. The contrast is what makes this look so adorable.

15. Dark Hair with Gray Underneath. Play peek-a-boo with gray highlights underneath your natural hair color. This is a hot trend of 2021! It’s also a more conservative approach if you wish to try gray strands but want to hide them sometimes.

16. Gray Highlights on Light Brown Hair. Embrace your grays and make them a part of your unique look with these fashionable gray highlights on light brown hair!

17. Gray Highlights and Lowlights on Wavy Hair. Enjoy the mysterious vibe gray highlights and lowlights add to your hair color with this unusual styling solution.

18. Ash Gray Highlights. Mix different tones of gray to brighten your original hair color. Combine and blend the hues until you achieve the perfect ash gray highlights that complement you best!

19. Brunette with Gray Babylights. Boost your elegance and sophisticated style with a sprinkle of gray babylights combined with some soft and loose curls.

20. Uneven Gray Streaks in Hair. Let the world know about your creativity with hand-painted gray streaks around your face. They are unconventional, fashion-forward, and alluring!

21. Chocolate Hair with Gray Highlights. Add a dash of gray highlights to your natural reddish-brown hair for a stunning hair color choice.

22. Short Hair with White Highlights. Show off your white highlights against a dark hair color in a youthful and refreshing hairstyle like this one. Dark roots are a must for the WOW-effect we see here.

23. Beautiful Transition to Gray Hair. Gracefully transition to gray hair by completely covering your lengths to blend with your crown showing off some splendid salt-and-pepper highlights.

24. Wheat Blonde Hair with Gray Highlights. Look angelic by upgrading your warm blonde hair with gray highlights for a blurred and muted yet phenomenal hair color.

25. Thin Ashy Highlights. The barely-there babylights reflect the light just right to give more dimension to your beautiful brunette hair. Just look at that smooth gradient of colors!

26. Cool Smokey Highlights. Match long hair with smoky highlights that bring out those astonishing and impressive hues in your locks.

27. Silver Highlights and Root Fade. Stand out with an enchanting silver hair color paired with misty gray babylights. The roots are left dark for the popular “dimension” every client wants nowadays.

28. Silver Gray Highlights on Medium Hair. Mix and match silver white and ash gray strands to upgrade dark tones such as chocolate or dark brown.

29. Gray Babylights on Raven Black Hair. Take full advantage of babylights and their ability to twist your overall look with just one session at a beauty salon.

30. Silver Babylights for Metallic Brown. Go ahead and hop on the gray highlights train! Blend metallic brown highlights and bright silver-gray babylights for elevated grace and elegance.

31. Gray Highlights on Platinum Hair. Enhance your platinum hair color with soft blonde and gray highlights. This style will definitely make you stand out.

32. Gray Balayage Hair. Refresh your hair by blending natural shades into a gray balayage and enjoy the compliments that are sure to come your way!

33. Golden Gray on Dark Hair. Be fashionable and mesmerizing by adding obvious white highlights to your dark hair and creating a stark contrast.

34. Ash Babylights on Black Hair. Get away from a dull black color and play with lights by simply getting ash and bronze babylights.

35. Gray and Soft Gold Highlights. As if kissed by the sun and touched by the moon, gray and soft gold highlights make for a remarkable color combination on dark hair.

36. Metallic Highlights on Black Hair. Silver and gold highlights are perfect for brunettes with strands that started turning gray early.

37. Multi-Tone Gray Highlights. Highlights always give more dimension to your hair and add volume. They also look creative and will definitely receive a lot of attention!

38. Subtle Smoky Gray Highlights. Get classy and sophisticated with smoky gray highlights running down your hair. Blend them into your natural brown hair color.

39. Full Gray Highlights with Lowlights. Why pick this color combination? The full-head highlights with lowlights give depth, while the smoky gray hue adds an artistic touch.

40. Gray Highlights for Mousy Brown Hair. Try something new and let your roots grow while maintaining the gray highlights below and on the strands framing your face.

41. Bold Silver Balayage Highlights. If you’re craving a seamless blend of your natural hair color and chunky silver highlights, then this hair color idea is for you.

42. Dark Gray Highlights. Go for a refined and sophisticated shoulder-length hairstyle with dark gray highlights to look equally stunning every day and at parties and formal occasions.

43. Shiny Silver Gray Highlights for Lob. Silver gray and chocolate brown naturally work well together to give your hair a more polished, splendid color.

44. Gray Money Piece Highlights. If you want to highlight your face, go for a gray sombre with gray face-framing highlights. It is also pretty low-maintenance!

45. Salt-and-Pepper Highlights. Pick muted salt-and-pepper highlights for a more natural look. They will look especially amazing on medium-length hair.

46. Barely-There Ash Highlights. The fine ash strands with a hint of dirty blonde complement this brunette hair perfectly. Add waves or curls for extra glow.

47. Light Gray Highlights. Wish you could try something new but still want to keep it safe? Try some light gray babylights instead of committing to brighter colors.

48. Gray Foil Highlights for Mid-Length Hair. Brighten your hair with gray strands and invite more shine into your look. Layers and subtle waves will make this style even more captivating.

49. Blue-Gray Highlights. Be crafty and unique – add pastel blue and gray highlights to your hair. A mermaid vibe and a flirty mood are guaranteed!

50. Platinum Highlights. Build more dimension and volume in your hair with these high-shine platinum and gold highlights!

Do you think gray highlights will look great on you? You can pick several gray coloring options and combine them if you want. Besides, you can also make a bucket list of styles to try one after another. We also recommend asking your stylist for advice tailored to your appearance. Find what feels best and enjoy your gray highlights!

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