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40 Newest Trendy Haircuts Women Are Asking for in 2024

Serena Piper

20. Stunning Messy Lob with Money Pieces. The bleached waves of this messy lob look natural and carefree. Wispy layers and sliced ends add nonchalance to female hairstyles as if the coastal wind has ruffled the hair. This haircut is suitable for any style of clothing, so you’ll be looking magical in any situation!

Let us guess, you are a woman bored with your current style and looking for 2024’s hair trends and particularly for a fresh trendy haircut that will shake things up this year? Or possibly you are a hairstylist in search of strong hairspiration for your clients’ makeovers in 2024? Anyway, you happened to be in the right place at the right time!

We’ve found 40 perfect haircuts for women that are stylish, trendy, and easy-care. These pictures are a total delight to the eye!

So, the trendiest haircuts of 2024, what are they? Do women prefer classic cuts nowadays, or something futuristic, solid colors or highlights, blunt ends or shaggy layers?

Stylists bid for such types of haircuts:

– blunt chops without layers,

– medium neck-length bobs,

– shorter pixies,

– one-length haircuts,

– modern shags,

– textured haircuts,

– bangs (short, long, curtain, side-swept).

As for the coloring trends, stylists prefer mixing highlights with ombre, soft babylights, colored streaks in the hair, blues, red hair shades, two-tone duos, as well as solid colors.

Let’s have a look at all these trends on different hair types, textures, and ages.

1. Tousled Lob Haircut. If you want that glamorous edge that a crop can give but with the flexibility of longer locks, then a lob haircut is a perfect choice.

2. Cascading Golden Waves. Here the layers are meticulously cut to create a cascade-like feathery effect. Such natural, carefree waves provide depth and dimension even for the finer hair types. The ‘sun-kissed’ balayage and voluminous curtain bangs also add to the beauty of the style.

3. Wavy Cut with Curtain Bangs. This is one of the most fascinating trending hairstyles for women of any age. The face-framing bangs make your cheekbones appear more prominent and elongate your face. The shoulder-length layered loose waves contribute to the statement look.

4. Textured Haircut. Another great way to take advantage of short bob haircuts without high maintenance is to try a textured look. The quickest way to style a trendy bob is to make it a bit messy and tousled.

5. Lob with Face-Framing Bangs. A voluminous lob is one of the trendiest haircuts for women, and it looks so charming with long face-framing bangs. If you have dark brown hair, just add some subtle highlights to create a lively, romantic look.

6. Center-Parted Medium Hair. Such classy female hairstyles look adorable on most ladies! The haircut parted in the middle with the sides framing your face is drawing attention to your lovely facial features. Shift the parting to any side of your face if you have a round face.

7. Long Brunette Shag with Subtle Highlights. If your hair is long enough (past your shoulder), you should consider getting this fascinating hair cut with long side bangs. Such trendy hair cut styles for women are not only beautiful but also low-maintenance. Layers add extra volume to your hair. You can part it the way that suits your face shape.

8. Razored Brunette Comb Over Bob. If you’re a proud wearer of long thick hair, there may come the time when you feel like chopping at least a half of it for the greater good. Hop on the 2024 hair trends train and give yourself a makeover with a deep side-parted lob. A razored lob is easy to style at home, especially for those who’s got slightly wavy hair. Looking drop-dead gorgeous will be easy with this haircut.

9. Chic Tousled Long Bob. How do you give that edgy, fashionable allure to the classic bob cut? Create the same captivating blend of layers and tousled waves as in this photo! A side part, a mix of soft and contrasting highlights, airy texture make the hairstyle a true masterpiece worth trying ASAP.

10. Wispy Bangs for Medium Hair. If you want a haircut that would give you a different look without making any major changes to your hair length, go for wispy bangs. Wispy bangs are among the cutest 2024 hair trends. And it seems that they will never go out of style!

11. Blonde Shag with a Fringe. This flirty hairstyle blends the timeless shag cut with a chic, modern fringe. Structured layers provide volume, texture, and dimension. The thinned-out fringe draws attention to the model’s beautiful eyes, and blonde babylights here and there give a luminous, sunlit effect. Like to blend classic and contemporary elements in your locks? Give this trendsetting look a go!

12. Collarbone Razored Feathered Bob. Medium-long bobs were hands down created for girls that live for effortless chic. With this hairstyle, you can enjoy your morning coffee and easily style the cut to look amazing all day. Garnish the look with curtain bangs to soften the features.

13. Layers and Highlights. Not yet ready for a full-blown new color and haircut? Then go for some soft, highlighted layers and get a subtle yet eye-catching and fashion-forward hairstyle!

14. Two-Tier Inverted Bob. A refreshingly chic and sassy hair style for women that is everywhere this season! This glitzy hairstyle is short in the back, with elongated front pieces tapered at the ends. One of the most trending hairstyles of 2024.

15. Fun Medium Messy Shag. Get the best out of your wavy hair with a proper cut. When looking through trendy hair cut styles for women, you see many inspiring slightly frizzy, tousled looks. Well, this shag totally makes an example of the best 2024 haircuts.

16. Medium Haircut with Shaggy Layers. The gorgeous rich brown mane needs a haircut to match the seductive color. Natural-looking layers will keep it light and voluminous. Use a curling iron to create large waves for a glam hairstyle that will last for a few days at least.

17. Shoulder-Length Shag for Thick Hair. If you’re after a sophisticated, trouble-free hairstyle, then try this wavy shag. It’s one of the long-term trending hairstyles that are both elegant and fun!

18. Radiant Auburn Layers. What can be more desirable for a real red-hair lover than this luxurious cascade of dark auburn tresses? A rhetorical question. Skillfully crafted layers here make each strand look rich and full of life! Long, jagged bangs add a touch of drama. Such a mix of comfy length, longer bangs, and strategically cut layers offers a lot of flexibility in styling.

19. Textured Cut for Thick Hair. Tired of the boring medium length? The best way to add some volume with no effort is by highlighting your hair. Varying light and dark shades to add dimension to your locks is one of the hottest hair trends these days!

20. Stunning Messy Lob with Money Pieces. The bleached waves of this messy lob look natural and carefree. Wispy layers and sliced ends add nonchalance to female hairstyles as if the coastal wind has ruffled the hair. This haircut is suitable for any style of clothing, so you’ll be looking magical in any situation!

21. Shoulder-Grazing Sun-Kissed Waves. Want to brighten up your style for an upcoming season? A stunning blend of honey and caramel highlights like in this picture will do the trick! Get the right balayage for your locks, and you are always ready for all casual outings and every formal event. Hair is a crown you. . . never take off! So, why not make it shine with a look that truly represents you?

22. Gorgeous Side-Parted Shaggy Bob. Messy bobs are the best hairstyles for women this year. They provide a flattering shape and sufficient length when it comes to ombre or balayage hair ideas.

23. Long Bob with Choppy Ends. No matter which face shape you have, try a long bob with choppy ends and style it the way that suits you best. Caramel highlights and face-framing waves create a cute look, and you will certainly hear a lot of compliments.

24. Side-Parted Blonde Balayage Lob. Warm blonde tones in the right blend can create a really striking look on shorter hair. Here we see the proof! If you prefer stylish and easy-to-manage haircuts that allow you to effortlessly transition from day to night (raise your hand if you don’t), choose the hairstyles with tousled carefree layers, universally flattering long side bangs, highlights, and darker roots. A textured finish would be the final touch in your styling routine.

25. Textured Angled Bob. A modern bob with a sharp angle, textured layers, subtle highlights, and a stylish full-bodied look will be ideal for both work and play! Despite its short length, this haircut offers plenty of versatile styling options (straight locks, beach waves, big curls, different twists, short braids, and even updo imitations! ) and room for experimenting with shades. Great for the busy, fashion-forward ladies!

26. Shoulder-Length Haircut with Swoopy Layers. A medium brown base with soft, warm blonde highlights can create a really delightful contrast on your shoulder-length locks! As you see, some heavily layered feathered ends blown out outwards provide just the right amount of volume where the straight hair types lack it.

27. Bed-Head Blunt Bob. If you’ve got no time for prim-and-proper hair but want it to be on fleek at all times, you should go for this low-maintenance female haircut. The choppy, straight-out-of-bed hair cut with blunt ends is all shades of glitz and glamor.

28. Below-the-Shoulders Textured Haircut. One of the hairstyles for women to fit any style. Got more hair ideas? You can also opt to texture it a bit and add some golden highlights to elevate your overall glow.

29. Straight Blunt Haircut with Long Curtain Bangs. Such minimalist haircut styles for women turn out to be the classiest. Go sleek and straight. This blunt cut reflects light nicely and feels smooth to the touch. It’s also one of the best haircuts to try if you want to grow your bangs out!

30. Romantic Inverted Bob. Want a charming and effortlessly chic hairstyle that will make every single day feel special? Say no more! This trendy angled bob cut that gracefully touches the shoulders in the front is the right bet for those who love to flirt with their style! These waves! This mix of highlights! This relaxed texture! True comfort and fashion fusion.

31. Straight Layered Lob. Hairstyles for women may vary, but a straightened lob with face-framing layers would be perfect everywhere from a brunch to business trip downtown. It doesn’t take long to style a haircut like this, so you won’t ever be running late!

32. The French Bob. A short and sophisticated haircut that gives you the edge. Haircuts with bangs are becoming a big trend this year.

33. Shoulder-Skimming Blonde Waves. The hair colorist, according to their words, opted for a full heavy foil with a 6-8 weave in each section. With hair health in mind, this method ensures a nuanced tone and seamless grow-out through customized sections. They say foil highlighting guarantees a softer regrowth transition and a polished appearance over time. Want your hair to reflect the sun’s warmth? Ask your hairdresser to copy this style (with some adaptations, of course).

34. Trendy Sculpted Step Layers. In this stunning ‘total look’, the emphasis is made on modern sculpted layers and a pretty coloring based on the air-touch technique. The hair color job is done in blonde shades with subtle darker roots at the top. From the midshaft, layers are expertly crafted in distinct rows, creating an intricate play of tones and textures. Interest? Depth? Volume? This chic hairstyle has it all!

35. Voluminous Wolf Cut Shag. Looking for a hairstyle that blends eclectics with a fresh, individualistic flair? Retro vibes and contemporary trends are masterfully mixed in modern shaggy wolf cuts! There are lots of shaglet variations with some slight or major differences, but the thing they all have in common is that a boho-looking shag always helps to express your unique style! Interested? Add cheekbone-skimming shaggy layers that frame the face and bottleneck or curtain bangs to your past-the-shoulders locks.

36. Chest-Length Wavy Haircut. Long hair is often seen as straight and sleek, but a textured haircut for women with a full fringe could give your length the new fresh vibe.

37. Two-Tone Messy Bob. A great haircut idea for medium length hair. Use a side parting and disheveled texture. Long bangs are also the thing that it-girls ask for in 2024.

38. Chic Deep Side Part. If you crave a blonde haircut that is cute and easy-maintenance, consider opting for highlighted rooted hair cascading just past your shoulders and styled with a deep side part. Why? The natural roots and see-through dark strands extend the time between color appointments, layers create a flowing volumizing silhouette, and highlights freshen up your appearance, delivering a youthful effect. Nice perks, eh?

39. Textured Mid-Length Layers. What if you are not fond of all those trendy highlights, lowlights, ombre, balayages, and sun-kissed effects? And yes, everything is OK with you, and you have all the rights not to like them! Enjoy the classic allure of an expensive solid color or go for a low-contrast color scheme. Add layers if you want a bit more depth and movement in your medium locks, gently curl or blow out the ends, and keep your hair healthy-looking with the right hair routine, of course.

40. Pixie Bob. Super short cuts are a strong trend this year, but if you still need a longer length on top, a pixie bob is for you. It is a golden mean between trendy bobs and sexy pixies.

As you see, there is a big group of casual and easy-maintenance haircuts for women, and a ton of futuristic 2024’s hair trends straight from catwalks. Which ones do you prefer? We tried to include different haircuts flattering for all ages, hair types, and textures. Hope this helps and now you have something to show to your hairstylist during your next salon visit!

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        I asked my mom if she wanted to do this hairstyle and she absolutely loved it! it’s such a beautiful look! I recommend it very much! so beautiful!

      • Anna Nelson

        I asked my mom if she wanted to do this hairstyle and she absolutely loved it! its such a beautiful look! I recommend it very much! so beautiful!

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