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What are the best hairstyles for overweight women?

30. Lightweight Champaign Blonde Bob. A straight bob like this can be the number one choice for heavy-set women with fine hair since it comes with some wispy layers to raise the crown while retaining the body around the ends.

We hope you have found some pictures of attractive hairstyles for over 50 and overweight that are just right for you. Go ahead and try them out really soon to switch up your look.

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Knowing how to choose the right hairstyles for overweight women is a must! It is a necessity for ladies with a feminine body at any age. However, many of our readers ask us to show them haircuts for women over 50 and overweight. So, in this article, we have rounded up a selection of the 30 most fascinating hairstyles for over 50 and overweight women, but they will definitely work perfectly for any age.

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1. Feathered Shag Haircut. Does short hair make you look thinner or fatter? Well, it depends on how you style your hair. Adding some height to the crown with wispy layers makes your face appear longer. Layering short-to-medium hair definitely slims down a chubby face.

2. Short Blonde Hair. For a heavy-set woman with a round face, lovely blonde hair is a great asset. A medium-length shag is one of the most flattering haircuts for overweight women over 50. Face-framing layers and a side part help to make the face look less rounded. The layers and flyaways also give the extra volume and conceal thinning hair if it’s needed.

3. Feminine Feathered Hairstyle. Opting for a medium hairstyle with feathered flipped-up layers is a great slimming hair hack for the overweight woman over 50. The uneven layers with their ends flipped backwards do a lot to narrow a round face and make it look less chubby.

4. Medium Hair with Swoopy Layers. This lustrous layered hair with flipped up ends is just the right hairstyle for older overweight women. Why? Texture, layers, and color come together to produce a stunning balanced look with a rejuvenating effect. A really good hairstyle for the over 50 and overweight woman has to be this voluminous and dimensional.

5. Plus-Size Wavy Hairstyle. Keep your looks trendy and classy with adorable wavy hairstyles for overweight women over 50 like the one in this picture. An amazing dark blonde hair color and a lovely cloud of curly ends make this style a great example of flattering curly hairstyles for overweight women with chubby faces. The volume distracts attention from those parts of your face that you’d prefer to keep in the shadow.

6. Professional Haircut for Older Overweight Women. Steal this look p-l-e-a-s-e if you’re looking for a fantastic haircut for overweight women over 50 that is playful and still professional.

7. Ash Blonde Midi Hairstyle with Lowlights. Life begins at forty isn’t just a cliché, make it your experience and try these fascinating hairstyles for over 40 and overweight divas. This feathered midi cut with lowlights could make any fashionista go green with envy.

8. Textured Bob with Side Bangs. Angles work magic in short hairstyles for plus-size women, and this layered elongated bob with sliced ends, side parting, and long side-swept bangs has plenty of them to offset the chubby face.

9. Long Shag with Feathered Bangs. A great hairstyle for full faces and double chins should take attention away from the chin as well as tone down the fullness of your face. This lovely shoulder-length blonde hair with uneven wispy bangs does exactly that, plus it works for sagging necks too!

10. Shoulder-Grazing Shag in Gold and Brown. As demonstrated by this rebellious style, shaggy haircuts for plus-size women can create a youthful look full of fun, texture, and movement, with lots of volume balancing the massiveness of the face and body.

11. Seriously Asymmetric Pixie with Bronze Tint. If you are over 50 and overweight, you should copy this sassy style ASAP since it catches the eye with the stark contrast between the long and cropped sections.

12. Long Angled Pixie Cut. Short hair surely does look cute on ladies of any age if cut right. The angled pixie haircut with some feathered crown layers is an incredibly beautiful hairstyle for the ladies who wear glasses. Tease up your hair to give it a fascinating shaggy appearance.

13. Short Brunette Hair. Looking for the right bob hairstyle for overweight women? For brunettes with thicker short hair, this no-fuss haircut is a fashionable way to cover the sides of your face and it works wonderfully for a full face and double chin.

14. Silver Fox Style with Highlighted Pieces. This silver style is a great pick for fuller-figure women in later years since the layers make it bouncy and voluminous while the color encourages them to embrace natural graying.

15. Neat Pixie with Wispy Bangs. This lady shows us a haircut demonstrating that neither mature age nor higher body weight and a curvy figure should prevent a woman from opening up her face and rocking a short pixie cut!

16. Short-to-Medium Shag for Fine Hair. Side-part your hair to smooth out the roundness of your face. For overweight ladies with thinner hair types, stepping away from the traditional straight part and trying an alternating pattern will volumize the hair better than any commercial volumizing product! Tease your hair a bit to add volume to your thinning hair.

17. Refreshing Bob with Some Texture. Women who are over 40 and overweight can arrive at a fresher and more balanced look with a slightly layered and textured bob wrapped in a dimensional and effortless blonde.

18. Pearly Blonde Lob with Lift. Elongation plays a major role in haircuts for plus-size women, and the side part in this luminous lob allows lifting the hair at the roots and thus contributes to some extra height.

19. Icy Blonde Feathered Cut. Feathered texture brings both lightness and a host of angles into haircuts for overweight women, with the former softening mature faces and the latter counterbalancing the chubbiness.

20. Long Hairstyles for Overweight. If you’re over 40 and overweight and you want to know what haircut makes you look younger, just try a classic long bob or a layered shoulder-length haircut. Longer full hairstyles look good on heavy-set women.

21. Shoulder-Length Wavy Hair. Some golden bronde highlights, soft beach waves, longer front pieces, a nice side-part, and your regular long bob goes from basic to impressively pretty. A beautiful hairstyle to go for at any age and with any body type.

22. Choppy Brunette Hair with Lengthy Bangs. That’s why hair stylists recommend incorporating long side-swept bangs into plus-size hairstyles — they give the eye a vertical line to follow and hit the cheekbones to define them nicely.

23. Shaggy Waves with Added Depth. Getting excessive weight removed to release waves is the best way to add some balancing volume to hairstyles for overweight women, let alone that rejuvenating texture and movement.

24. Chin-Length Bob with Full Bangs. Plus-size haircuts can visually slim plump faces in different ways, and this playful blonde bob uses a deep but not blunt fringe to build more height and accentuate the eyes.

25. Toffee Brown Balayage on Layered Hair. The best hairstyles for senior overweight ladies should deliver not only slimming but also refreshing effects, such as created by this well-blended balayage suiting the lady’s complexion to a tee.

26. Rounded Bob with Subtle Highlights. This classic bob with long side bangs can be the best option among short haircuts for a heavy woman who is not comfortable with opening up the face since it leaves enough hair to use as a safety blanket.

27. Voluminous Long Pixie. Pixie cuts with longer top strands work fine for a plus-size body shape, provided they have ample lift at the roots and/or texture around the crown to balance out the build.

28. Heavily Feathered Pixie for Thick Hair. This is a longer and far more textured version of the pixie, which is flattering for large women because of the dimension it creates in the upper part.

29. Very Short Hairstyle. We couldn’t resist adding this delightful chubby short hairstyle for over 50 overweight women. The unique and cheerful layering and subtle youthful highlights are so captivating.

30. Lightweight Champaign Blonde Bob. A straight bob like this can be the number one choice for heavy-set women with fine hair since it comes with some wispy layers to raise the crown while retaining the body around the ends.

We hope you have found some pictures of attractive hairstyles for over 50 and overweight that are just right for you. Go ahead and try them out really soon to switch up your look.

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by Donna Sullivan
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