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50 Most Flattering Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

If you want to refresh your medium-length cut and try the most popular option in the mid-length range, we’ve got a list of dreamy bob haircuts for round faces that fit any hair type and style.

Read below and find your perfect bob idea for your next trip to the salon.

1. Sleek Platinum Bob. The ultimate bob with bangs for round faces because it frames your face shape so well.

If you want to refresh your medium-length cut and try the most popular option in the mid-length range, we’ve got a list of dreamy bob haircuts for round faces that fit any hair type and style.

Read below and find your perfect bob idea for your next trip to the salon.

1. Sleek Platinum Bob. The ultimate bob with bangs for round faces because it frames your face shape so well.

2. Sharp A-Line Bob. A sleek A-line haircut for a round face is easily pulled off even if your hair is thin.

3. Choppy Bob. We love cuts that include choppy layers so you can get the most texture and height from your shorter style.

4. Sleek Blonde Lob. A long straight bob is always good for a round face, especially if you style it with long peek-a-boo bangs.

5. Sexy Black Bob. Go for a sexy change by straightening your bob from root to tip. To get volume in your roots, just spray a dry shampoo or volumizing hairspray.

6. Shoulder Length Bob. A longer bob is a safe choice for those who appreciate length. Add waves for extra body and texture.

7. Blonde Shoulder Length Bob. Here’s a perfect bob length if you don’t plan a really short haircut for your round face.

8. Wavy Mid-Length Bob. Check these beachy waves and give them a chance if you like them – they make you look so effortlessly chic!

9. Sexy Blunt Bob. Don’t be afraid of a blunt haircut, it will instantly draw attention to your jawline and make it look perfectly chiseled.

10. Edgy Bob with Cropped Blunt Bangs. Be bold with this cut and have sharp bangs that scream ‘biker chic’.

11. Asymmetrical Wavy Lob. We get major romantic vibes from this style and color. The longer length, asymmetry, and peek-a-boo styling work successfully with the round face.

12. Bob for Thin Hair and Round Face. A short bob for round face is great for ladies with thin hair who want to try something new and edgy.

13. Bob for Fine Hair and Round Face. Part your hair to the side, so you can add a diagonal line across your forehead. That line slims down and elongates your pretty round face.

14. Blonde Curls. Look how these shorter curls make her eyes pop – it’s all about dimension!

15. Shaggy Lob with Loose Waves. If you’re looking for a long layered bob for round faces – this is the one. You can style it straight or wavy for extra volume and texture.

16. Peek-A-Boo Layers. Having a fringe or side bangs can really elevate your style, because it helps add more dimension and body to the haircut.

17. Centre-Parted Pearl Blonde Bob. When it comes to bobs for round faces and fine hair, play around with how you part your hair, as it can add volume if you choose a new way to part.

18. Blonde Beach Waves. The lob with loose waves and a middle part gracefully frames the round face keeping its excessive width in the shadow.

19. Sassy Asymmetrical Bob. Pick the side of your face you want to show off and that is where you part your hair and have the shorter length.

20. Chic Pink Bob. The side part is edgy, and we’re obsessed with how much volume and texture it adds!

21. Platinum Straight Lob. A bold blunt cut and a bold pure color is a stunning combo! Style asymmetrically with one side tucked behind the ear.

22. Wavy Ash Blonde Lob. With a round face you can pull off a middle part and beach waves, as long as some angles are added to the ends.

23. Curly Combover Bob. Naturally curly hair gives much volume on the sides, but if you side part your hair and style it asymmetrically, a voluminous curly bob won’t widen your round face.

24. Bob with Baby Bangs. If you are petite and have straight hair, with this cut you’ll look gorgeous in pictures and in real life!

25. Sweet Low Curls. Lower curls that are super bouncy towards the bottom of your hair give off a sweet, young vibe.

26. Messy Asymmetrical Combover Bob. A round face can get a matronly look with a wrong hairstyle, but bring some edge with a messy asymmetrical cut and a biker jacket, and put your worries aside – this look is the furthest from a matron!

27. Shoulder Length Waves. Start the wave or curl a little bit past your cheekbone so you can get that beachy effect.

28. White Waves with Front Bangs. Front bangs instantly give off a chic, put-together vibe that you can combine with wavy or straight hair.

29. Beachy Brunette Bob. The messier the waves the better – spray a beach texture spray in your hair before styling to get an effortless style.

30. Fine Straight Bob. For fine straight hair, try going for a medium length look with textured ends.

31. Flirty Layers and Straight Across Bangs. Some subtle highlights can make all the difference in your complexion and vibe.

32. Volumizing Layers. To get major volume for your shaggy bob, try using a volumizing hair spray or a dry shampoo.

33. Textured Wavy Lob for Round Faces. Look how the angled waves elongate and slim down this pretty round face. We can’t get enough!

34. Asymmetrical Peek-A-Boo Bob. Deeply parted asymmetrical hairstyles are very chic and trendy. Add some highlights and be ready to turn heads!

35. Beige Bob with Bent Ends. A wispy style like this can work for straight hair and a round face. When you want a change for a sleek, flat bob hairstyle, try “just a bend hair”. It’s cute!

36. Razored Shag. The razored layers bring the texture and height that you can’t always get with scissors.

37. Messy Blonde Waves. Can’t choose between straight and curly hair? Do both with a wavy messy bob. Curl only the ends and shape those gorgeous swoopy bangs.

38. Sassy Curly Bob for Round Face. Keep it simple with a few loose waves and a flattering blonde color set off by shadow roots.

39. Ash Blonde Waves. Your bob for a round face can be soft and touchable!

40. Hipster Curls with Front Bangs. We love this trendy style that reminds of our younger days but with a sexy, hippy vibe.

41. Shoulder Length Straight Bob with Curtain Bangs. A sweet and innocent style that works on all face shapes, but it’s highly recommended for a cute round face!

42. Sleek Black Lob. Oh, how sleek and chic this style is! We want it ASAP.

43. Short Beachy Bob. Ask your stylist to keep the roots natural so you can add more dimension.

44. Messy Bedhead Bob. To get that ‘rolled out of bed’ look, scrunch up your hair or bend it with a straightener and tousle a bit after styling.

45. Edgy Waves. Do a scrunched hairstyle for your choppy bob and embrace some nice edgy waves.

46. Shaggy Elongating Waves. To give your hair a restart, try going for a shorter look that you can style without using too much heat.

47. Long A-Line Bob with Full Bangs. What we love about an A-line cut is that we have the longest length near the face.

48. Shaggy Stacked Bob. You barely need any heat for this style – just a few rounds with a curling iron at the ends of your hair, and you’re good to go!

49. Shiny Brunette Lob. A shiny, healthy color is the key to the success in styling. Add loose waves for extra dimension and texture.

50. Stormy Bob Style. Be daring and go for a color you’ve always wanted and add some jagged bangs – you won’t regret it!

We know how important it is to choose a hairstyle that works with your face shape. Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration in our list of bob haircuts for round faces and will ask for one of them during your next visit to your favorite salon!

by Victoria Morales
Victoria is a freelance writer living in NYC. She loves writing about lifestyle, skin care and all things hair. She's always open to sharing ideas on new trendy hair colors, haircuts and hairstyles.