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50 Gorgeous Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women over 50

2. Incorporating tight yet messy curls into your look results in a youthful hairdo. This one is simple to accomplish on shorter locks and only takes some 10-15 minutes with a curling iron.

Are you a woman over fifty in search of a look that fits this new decade in your life? Are you struggling to find interesting options to choose from? We’ve gathered all the best hairstyles for women over 50 in one convenient space for you!

Choosing a new hairstyle or haircut can be difficult! Looking through thousands of hairstyles is a long task that may amount to nothing. Instead of combing through Instagram pages, this article will give you fifty great examples of hairstyles for women over 50 that you can sort out and bring to your hairstylist.

Read on to find your newest hairstyle!

1. The pixie bob is one of the most popular short hairstyles in the age of 50 and older. This bronzey bronde hair color has tons of depth and dimension that add to the movement of the cut.

2. Incorporating tight yet messy curls into your look results in a youthful hairdo. This one is simple to accomplish on shorter locks and only takes some 10-15 minutes with a curling iron.

3. Lobs designed with wavy hair in mind are the latest trend that offers a laid-back, deconstructed look. Use a clipless curling wand, texturizing spray, and a quick tousle through the loosely curled strands.

4. A blunter cut boosts fullness for those with thin hair. Side bangs are a great addition for ladies with glasses.

5. This angled bob shapes the face and flaunts the popular beach wave texture. Lightly bending the hair with a straightening iron adds movement without damaging methods like backcombing.

6. This longer pixie builds volume in thinning hair. Short haircuts consolidate the hair, boosting thickness while also being a low maintenance style.

7. Everyday hairstyles are easy with a super short cut. Women in their 50s can simply sweep hair to one side with a little bit of pomade for a chic and edgy look.

8. If you like to keep it up and not spend much time fussing around with your hairstyle, then a light, effortless pixie will work its magic just fine. Multidimensional ashy colors set off the slightly tanned skin perfectly.

9. Dress up your thin locks with a fancy high-contrast hairstyle. While gray is definitely chic and trendy, adding a chunk of black to it gives the hair a special spark.

10. A perfect gray layered style to show off the multiple stacks and soft color transitions in your gray hair. It adds just enough bounce and brightness to match your personality and pairs wonderfully with stylish glasses.

11. Drop ten years with this stylish youthful razored hairstyle over 50. It’s versatile and fits any hair texture while adding soft accents to your facial features. Upgrade your blonde from warm to cool and enjoy admiring glances!

12. Keep your favorite silhouette and length and play with layering to avoid helmet hair. The short-to-medium piece-y hairstyle matches gorgeously with warm colors and sunny babylights.

13. A classy hairstyle is essential for ladies around 50 and up. Feathered layers build height, which is best for those with round faces.

14. To style your short layered bob, use powdered or paste-like products that fit haircuts for older women best. Feathered layers complement the noble look of cool-toned gray hair.

15. Prevent any bad hair days with a bouncy stacked cut. The darker color creates dimension in the hair. Easily styled with a round brush, it will look gorgeous in any setting.

16. A very cute and low-maintenance short layered hairstyle for older women fitting both thick and thin hair types. It has enough natural volume and lightness, as well as a cheeky fringe and pretty subtle highlights.

17. Not all hairstyles for older women have to be on the short side. Charm everyone with your shoulder-length salt-and-pepper locks and enjoy the volume in the back created with the swoopy layers.

18. Lift your face non-invasively with an angled sleek cut. The longer side bangs along with the angled face-framing pieces make your face more defined and your whole look beyond amazing.

Silver Angled Bob with Bangs
By Tori

19. Turning 50 can bring ever-increasing gray hairs and thinning ends. This warm, deep brown style with highlights is great for women seeking to cover up silver strands.

20. A deep side parting for thin hair with a fringe can turn things around for our thin-haired ladies. Try this, and it won’t take long for compliments to follow. Moreover, if you are looking for good professional hairstyles for seniors, here they are!

21. Shingle layers are produced by carefully sectioning off and trimming lots of pieces. Recommended for hair that begs for some lift and texture.

22. This neck-length bob with swoopy layers is an ideal example to emphasize the beauty of your thick luscious hair. Start the swoopy layers at the deep side part and bring them all the way back to the nape for a soft, elegant look. It’s a perfect way to create a feminine hairstyle for short hair.

23. Looking for a haircut for fine straight hair that allows for both texture and sleekness? The cut pictured here is a nice solution for medium textured hair.

24. If coloring your whole head isn’t for you, graying women can also opt for gray brown balayages that complement their new gray shade. The silver color is used as the highlight in this case, while the darker shade creates the needed depth.

25. Having thick hair totally opens up another realm of possibilities in terms of hairstyles. While you can experiment with layers and bangs, bringing some colored highlights into the game will make everyone aware of your youthful personality.

26. A shag cut is usually built using a razor or texturizing shears. The result is a funky, edgy style that works well for thin hair.

27. The short pixie cut is made unique by its tapered shape and extra volume. Side swept pixies add height, great for square faces.

28. There are many factors that contribute to the chic volume of your hair. An easy option is to pair a shoulder-length hairstyle with a swoopy side fringe. Style it using a straightener or a round brush for a voluminous feel.

29. To keep your short stacks bouncy, ask to have your nape section razored. It gives the hairstyle a little push and helps the swoopy layers settle around the stacked back nicely.

30. If complicated styles are not your thing, keep it easy with a softly layered shag and wispy bangs. Who said haircuts for women over 50 shouldn’t be both trendy and effortless? The ideal solution for an active lifestyle!

31. A brightly colored top layer contrasting with a deep base color gives the illusion of more depth in locks, and hence, more volume.

32. Short wavy hair requires skillful cutting to accentuate texture without creating poofy-ness. A tapered haircut refines the hair and tames the style.

33. Pixies are a statement on their own, but if traditional hairstyles for women over 50 aren’t your cup of tea, then adding some spicy balayage is a great move away from everything boring. For example, this bright blonde balayage certainly looks feisty and current.

34. The tousled straight bob boasts piece-y layers and gives off a polished, refined vibe without losing volume or body. Tease the roots and spritz a volumizing spray through the strands.

35. For those who want to try something a little different for fine hair, you can give asymmetrical bangs a chance and upgrade this trendy hairdo. Unleash your inner rebellion with such an edgy style, but don’t forget to refresh it every two weeks.

36. Androgynous looks are also in great demand. This gender neutral pixie bob cut incorporates a combover and a clear distinction between the blonde and the base color.

37. The voluminous, rounded bob is elegant and age-appropriate. A great blowout enhances the shape and volume of the cut in one step without any extra styling.

38. Here’s a convenient and versatile cut that doesn’t need any hustle to look current and flattering.

39. When layers are well-blended, a perfect shape is being born. This is great for thinner-haired ladies looking for textured tresses.

40. Needless to say, gray and white locks are very hot right now, no matter where you fall on the age spectrum. Your majestic hair needs a great style to go with the gorgeous color. Keep it simple with some layers and a rounded back view to achieve this soft, flowy look.

Medium-Length Hairstyle with Layers
By Erin

41. Inverted bobs are a modern take on the classic bob. Straight hairstyles pair flawlessly with this haircut, creating a sleek and professional vibe. A tousled, curly styling offers more of a natural, youthful look.

42. This textured bob is great for a redhead turning gray and aiming to return to the original hair color. The bob is modernized by its contemporary angular shape and crisp texture.

43. An edgy haircut like a shag is fantastic for women in their 50s desiring to change up the classic look. A warm toned blonde complements fair skin with warm undertones.

44. A feathered at ends bob adds thickness and maintains texture – a flattering option for all hair types.

45. This chin-length bob with angled layering is a new take on the classic rounded bob. The modern side-swept fringe elevates the look.

46. Copper streaks throughout the rich brunette base make for a contrast that elevates simple styles. Subtle waves in chin-length hairstyles add volume and build a frame, ideal for those with round faces and glasses.

47. A square-shaped cut adds volume to the side view of your hairstyle. Including a tousled curl also amplifies body.

48. Ash-hued colors complement fair and cool skin tones. The modern ash blonde paired with a glossy, straight long bob creates a timeless and classy feel.

49. If the classic angled bob is too pointy and harsh for you, try this rounded version. The angles are softened to create a less dramatic look.

50. This undercut pixie allows for face framing pieces and more styling options than the traditional crop. The out-of-the-box feel of this cut is accentuated by the unconventional copper and rose wood blend.

With a multitude of different haircuts and colors available, you can combine the facets of different styles to create your unique look. We hope our pictures of on-trend hairstyles for women over 50 have brought you some much-needed inspiration for your next salon appointment.

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