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50 Haircuts for Women over 60 That Look Exceptional

50. Short Wedge Haircut. The most popular hairstyles for women over 60 are short pixies and wedge haircuts. This short bob is “a golden mean” – only slightly lengthier with a popular feathered fringe and cute front pieces that curl under.

Finding unique hairstyles for women over 60 can be difficult, but we hope these 50 photos helped you find an inspiring look. Remember that no matter how old you are, a great haircut never goes out of style!

Upgrading your style to flatter your new age and changing the way you wear your hair in terms of length, finish and color could be just what you need to regain your sense of beautiful self! Here are fifty hairstyles for women over 60 to inspire you.

From graying to changing textures and thinning hair – aging can be hard on your hair, which may be hard on your confidence. While there are treatments and hair care systems to benefit aging hair, sometimes you just need a fresh cut! Choose one of these:

1. Pixie Haircut for Women over 60. Pixie hairstyles are easily embraced by 60 year old women with different hair types. This low maintenance style requires very little styling.

2. Gray Layered Bob. There are tons of movement and dimension to take advantage of in a cut like this. A simple home blow-dry is enough to produce a beautiful textured style.

3. Gray Layered Long Bob. In search of hairstyles for women over 60 that offer much volume to thin hair? Angled layers towards the back do this trick. The somewhat elongated shape of the lob hairstyle has a cute trendy feel. Accessorize with fancy glasses to complete the cool and classy lady look.

4. Mid-Length Wavy Gray Bob. This is one of the hairstyles for women over 60 that keep it simple. However, you will not go unnoticed as the hairdo oozes elegance and emphasizes your natural beauty.

5. Wedge Haircut for Women over 60. Wedge haircuts are a contemporary take on the traditional pixies and bobs. This example is longer than a classic pixie, a great combination of wedge and bob!

6. Medium Salt and Pepper Haircut. Medium hairstyles with long layers are very versatile. They can suit pretty much any hair type – curly hair, wavy hair, or straight strands. Straight hairstyles with layers never look limp or lifeless.

7. Short Gray Pixie with Bangs. The spiky gray pixie pictured here is cut to a tapered style with choppy layers. They give a pretty current silhouette and texture to the hair.

8. Short Bob with Highlights. A super short bob is the perfect in between: a little bit longer than your traditional crop cut and shorter than your classic bob. This haircut is better suited to straight haired ladies.

9. Pixie with Highlights and Feathered Bangs. Haircuts for women over 60 can be really fun! This detailed cut mixes an asymmetric shape, tousled strands, and highlights into a beautiful ensemble.

10. Shoulder-Length Haircut with Layers. What haircuts for 60 year old women do we usually see around the Internet? Boring one-tone pixies? Bobs that all look the same? No way! We choose to be different! The proper layering makes medium hair a pretty good alternative to shorter haircuts.

11. Edgy Pixie Bob for Seniors. Haircuts for women over 60 that are most asked in hair salons often include choppy layers. A stylist creates movement and volume all around with layers. The nape undercut is for an edgy and youthful vibe, while the side-swept bangs smartly cover up any wrinkles.

12. Rounded Bob for Older Women. If people around you still joke about the ‘not your grandma’s bob’, just smile and choose this classic bob hairstyle during your next visit to the salon. The shape is classic, but the feel is different thanks to the side bangs and soft highlights. This bob will inspire others to cut their hair asap.

13. Straight Blunt Cut Bob. The pin straight, blunt cut bob is professional and gorgeous in its own simple way. The delicate golden blonde balayage with pale highlights throughout complements this modest style.

14. Shaggy Bob Hairstyle. If you need to add volume to thinning hair but don’t want to look too matronly, try a short shaggy cut with playful wispy bangs. It’s got the volume and fashionable flair you want. Add a touch of blonde babylights for subtle glamor.

15. Swoopy Layers and Bangs. Here is a gorgeous long bob hairstyle that can really keep you looking good and young. The textured layers with feathered ends on golden brown balayage hair create breathtaking movement for this hairstyle.

16. Feathered Pixie for Women over 60. Pixies are easy, low-maintenance, and swanky hair styles for older women with thinning hair. Sounds like something you’ve been looking for? The pixie hairstyle below is just for you then. The soft feathers make this haircut look even more adorable.

17. Silver Gray Hair Transition. The top Instagram colorists advise embracing grays in haircuts for women over 60. Ashy, silver, and platinum shades are sophisticated and need less maintenance if you already have grays.

18. Youthful Curly Hairstyle. If your hair is naturally on the curly side, that’s a big plus. If not, no big deal, you can easily curl it. Curls always add body and volume to all hair types and textures. Just remember that short and medium-length curly hair boasts more body than long curls. Sprinkle in some highlights for a luscious and robust look.

19. Stacked Wavy Lob. Short hairstyles for women over 60 can be fun! Look at those messy waves, partial highlights, layers, and a flattering shape. Despite its quirkiness, this lob fits not only casual but also formal occasions.

20. Messy Lob with a Side Part. This is the queen of low-maintenance hairstyles for women over 60. The messy lob doesn’t require much styling. Besides, if you decide to keep your natural gray hair color, you won’t have to worry about the roots.

21. Dark Brunette Rounded Bob. The haircut with defined ends looks healthy, professional, and clean. It also keeps density in locks, promoting fullness.

22. Silver Rounded Bob Cut. Whether you are in search of hairstyles for very thin hair over 60 or a lucky lady with thick locks, there is one hair trend that will suit you anyway. Gray hair! Don’t hide your grays. They can be actually working for you. Those shiny silver tresses are gracefully gorgeous and elegant. The reason why younger ladies are in love with gray highlights. A classic bob in a silvery shade is amazeballs.

23. Classic Hairstyle for over 60. That’s what we mean when we are talking about modern bob haircuts for women over 60. A soft long fringe swept to the side and blonde babylights transform the classic (and sometimes a bit boring) haircut into a popular choice for women of all ages, not just seniors.

24. Mid-Length Gray Hair. While some believe haircuts for women over 60 should be short, other ladies choose longer styles. After all, the shoulder-length silver hair looks incredible! Another good news is that it visually elongates a round face.

25. Wavy Bob Shag with Bangs. A shag haircut with soft waves features tousled, textured strands, and these add fullness to your hair. Pair your shaggy bob with a cute fringe for a fresh, youthful feel. Can bangs make you look younger? Yeap!

26. Midi Gray Shag with Flared Ends. The magical feel of the hair fanning out around the neck creates the desired thickness. Combine with uneven layers and face-framing pieces, and you have an amazing hairstyle for confident senior women.

27. Short Feathered Bob. Are you up for an exciting hairdo? For seniors who love experiments, adding highlights and lowlights is a great idea. Don’t be afraid of contrasting hues and layers because they can deliver a perfect combo.

28. Hairstyle for Women over 60 with Thin Hair. The boyish pixie with a longer length produces a balanced look. The mousy brown hair color further softens the hairstyle.

29. A-Line Bob Haircut for Women 60+. If you like your hair polished and smart-looking, a sleek bob hairstyle will give you that CEO look. An A-line bob is flattering and gives off a hint of high-class to women over 60.

30. Shoulder-Length Hairstyle for Women in Their 60s. Being on the 6th floor doesn’t mean all you get is short hair. If you like long hair, why not? Shoulder-length hair with a few layers is just as flattering. Especially if you have thick hair like this charming lady. Curl the ends for movement.

31. Gray Pixie for Women with Glasses. A pixie is one of the fashionable short haircuts for women over 60 that will never go out of style. It’s very feminine and lends mature chic vibes to your appearance. It requires little maintenance too.

32. Neck-Length White Gray Hairstyle. In this neck-length cut short sections of layering generate the necessary root lift which can be a huge issue for those with fine hair.

33. Graduated Short Cut for Women over 60. Create the perfect sleek bob to go with your silver locks by flat ironing tresses and spritzing with a dry oil shine spray. Bluntly cut, shiny, straight hair brings in a flawless appearance.

34. Airy Stacked Bob Haircut. Some feathered layers stacked in the back, wispy bangs in the front, and subtle lowlights throughout the cut are the details that go into creating this fascinating bob hairstyle. The longer front pieces lend a slender feel. So much professional-looking!

35. Lowlights for Older Women. Icy highlights on a deep base allow for lots of depth and an impression of more hair. When texturizing layers you further emphasize the contrast of the colors.

36. Balayaged Bob with Stacked Layers. A low contrast blonde balayage on a polished, chin length haircut is both chic and work-appropriate.

37. Haircut with Bangs for 60+ Seniors. Full bangs in short hairstyles can blend seamlessly into the look and take years off your face.

38. Midi Cut with Swoopy Layers for Older Women. Your stylist can feather the ends of your layers to create windblown movement and fluffy thickness in your hair. The end product is volumized wispy hair. Subtly highlight your mane for a beautiful finish.

39. Thicker-Looking Medium Cut for Thinning Hair. Brushed out waves in medium length hairstyles add body to the hair and are trendy, effortless, and easy to style.

40. Short Wavy Layered Bob. Multiple choppy layers can transform your thinner hair into a thick-looking hairstyle, especially when your haircut is short. Apply a texture spray to give it extra body.

41. Super-Short Bob Haircut. A very short layered bob has tons of movement and bounce. Consistent trims will help to keep hair shiny and maintain its body.

42. Dirty Blonde Hairstyle with Short Top Layers. If you want to go short, but can’t take the plunge, this in-between haircut with highlights is for you!

43. Ash-Gray Medium Hairstyle. The blunt, rounded bob exudes elegance, class, and chic. Well-moisturized tresses allow for a frizz-free, glossy hairstyle.

44. Simple Cut for Women with Glasses. The beige blonde hair color solution of this graduated bob with bangs is classy, professional, and simplistic.

45. Short Spiky Haircut for over 60. For dark-haired ladies turning gray, an easy way to add dimension to the hair is by enhancing dark lowlights and brightening silver strands. This approach gives the illusion of highlights without bleaching the hair.

46. Dark Rounded Bob Hairstyle. A slightly layered bob is one of the best hair styles for women over 60 who have natural brunette or black hair. Dark hair with the right layers appears fuller and boasts more depth compared to lighter hair colors.

47. Straight-Across Bangs and Short Layers. A haircut with a heavy bottom layer produces fullness and a flattering shape that combats the look of limp tresses.

48. Snow-White Haircut for Thick Hair. The short rounded bob is feminine and soft, but can easily be flat ironed for an edgy, modern feel.

49. Highlighted Gray Hairstyle. A full bob is thick, voluminous, and bouncy. If your hair is fine, using a round-brushing technique to add height and lift can prevent it from looking lanky and drab.

50. Short Wedge Haircut. The most popular hairstyles for women over 60 are short pixies and wedge haircuts. This short bob is “a golden mean” – only slightly lengthier with a popular feathered fringe and cute front pieces that curl under.

Finding unique hairstyles for women over 60 can be difficult, but we hope these 50 photos helped you find an inspiring look. Remember that no matter how old you are, a great haircut never goes out of style!

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