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50 Gorgeous Medium Hairstyles You’ll Want to Try

Serena Piper

4. Blonde Hair with Textured Ends. This stunning style with a mass of buttery blonde in the front clearly shows that shorter haircuts can acquire tons of texture through surgically sliced ends rather than choppiness all over.

Out of all the hairstyles you could consider, medium-length hairstyles are probably the best because of their versatility. Not only do they work for every single face shape from round and oval to heart-shaped and square, but they suit all hair types as well, including thin and thick hair.

These are the 50 most gorgeous hairstyles of this length you’ll want to try!

1. Flattering Haircut for Round Faces. Ladies with round faces will appreciate the way a midi haircut with bangs and angled layers elongates and slims down the face.

2. Collarbone Messy Inverted Cut. The partial balayage refreshes the angled bob making for the best bed head look for this hair length.

3. Ombre Shag with a Middle Part. Shags will always be in style as they give volume and dimension to the hair if chosen right. This is also the reason why midi haircuts work well for virtually anyone. Add a twist with the ombre technique and spice up the overall style!

4. Blonde Hair with Textured Ends. This stunning style with a mass of buttery blonde in the front clearly shows that shorter haircuts can acquire tons of texture through surgically sliced ends rather than choppiness all over.

5. Piece-y Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs. Rock one of the simplest and classiest hairstyles out there! The piece-y cut fits any gathering and aesthetic, whether formal or casual. You can add some highlights and lowlights and play with the shades you are comfortable with.

6. Choppy Wavy Lob. Looking for a fun but not overly crazy shoulder-length style? Then go for a choppy elongated bob! It’s one of the cuts that enhance texture, especially in combination with highlights. Add some waves for a fuller, more voluminous look.

7. Shaggy Cut with Curtain Bangs. To make the following hair length even cuter, give it some easy shaggy waves. Trendy!

8. Straight Blonde Lob. Want to exude elegance and grace? Then this straight lob is perfect for you. The sleek lob is one of the greatest simple haircuts that’ll make you look effortlessly chic, anytime, anywhere. Besides, it gives you space to experiment with hairdos and styling options.

9. Voluminous Curly Messy Shag. Do you think that shorter styles are boring? The messy side-parted bob with curls is the best way to get the most memorable look of the night! This is one of the coolest midi hairstyles for ladies who enjoy being in the spotlight.

10. Midi Centre-Parted Hair. Start the new year off with a new look. The freshly snipped shoulder-grazing hairstyle with a center part is understatedly pretty.

11. Poker-Straight Piece-y Shag. Shaggy haircuts with thinned out bottoms are popular for their edgy modern vibe.

12. Textured Lob with Shadow Roots. The lob remains one of the top picks among modern haircuts. Pair it with shadow roots so you don’t get concerned when your hair grows longer.

13. Brunette Haircut. After slicing your dark hair down to medium length, paint on a balayage in a fitting color to spice up the beauty of your hair. Golden brown highlights or deeper blonde highlights are nice options for brunettes with this hair length.

14. Lob with Highlights and Lowlights. Shoulder-grazing hair styles with a caramel balayage are very popular. This incredible shaggy lob makes the shoulder-length hair look naturally sun-kissed. Besides, it is rather low-maintenance since the roots don’t grow out noticeably. Add layers to make it more personalized.

15. Haircut with Flipped Up Ends. A medium layered haircut works on women of all ages.

16. Wavy Toffee Brown Lob. Long bobs are probably the most popular haircuts with different hair types, but if you want to sport a wavy version, don’t hesitate to give it more movement and glow-up by incorporating shiny caramel highlights.

17. Layers and Curtain Bangs. We definitely recommend considering mid-length haircuts with bangs. You’ll be surprised how these hairstyles can change your mood completely! Choppy layers with curtain bangs will make you feel like you are sixteen again, and the whole world is your oyster!

18. Layered Edgy Lob. Cutting a few inches off your hair is by no means the same that cutting down on the chic and beauty of your hairstyle. A shorter haircut can be as laid-back or as edgy as you want it. There are really no rules.

19. Neck-Length Lob with Bangs. A lob hairstyle is one hairstyle that most women readily say yes to. The extra length contributes movement and style to the classic elegance of bob haircuts. Details such as swoopy layers and front highlights make your lob even more graceful.

20. Choppy Layers with Highlights. This haircut with defined layers has a beautiful texture and looks voluminous even without styling. Besides, highlights add a romantic touch to the look.

21. Sandy Blonde Lob with Layers. Shorter hairstyles for thicker manes can handle layering around the ends pretty well and gain some lightness and texture mirrored by feathered center-parted bangs.

22. Soft Chestnut Brown Shag. This brown shag has most of the choppiness focused around the lower part, which creates plenty of soft bends at the chin level and mitigates the strong jawline while letting the effortless bangs draw attention to the eyes.

23. Feathered Lob with Balayage. Adding feathered texture to hairstyles of this length has been popularized back in the 70s. But it’s the technique that is still in high demand. Experiment with trendy hair colors for a spectacular effect.

Caramel Balayage Hairstyle for Medium Hair
By Erik

24. Highlighted Piece-y Haircut. A piece-y cut is sought-after because of the tousled yet elegant look it creates. Combine your hair length with a subtle balayage, and you’ll look fabulous wherever you go.

25. Hairstyle with Feathered Layers. Do you like shorter haircuts but prefer the hair away from your face? This cut with flipped up layers is best for you! Inject a few bronze highlights, and you’ll look polished and stunning!

26. Bronde Messy Shag. Graduated haircuts are suitable for short, long, and mid length hair. They frame the face just right, and you can style them whichever way you want! You can even integrate lowlights and highlights for a trendy and sophisticated look.

27. Shaggy Lob with Highlights. Adding highlights to fine hair is a good move, and this lob couples the dimensional effect with the depth-enhancing root melt and face-illuminating golden blonde money piece.

28. Longer Shaggy Haircut. Messy hairstyles are fun, attractive, and give space for experiments. So, whether you decide to add waves, highlights, or curtain bangs, you won’t regret it!

29. Layered Shoulder-Grazing Hair. Layered midi hairstyles are never out of fashion since they build volume and infuse the locks with movement, not to mention the amazing texture.

30. Messy Layered Midi Cut. Try curling your locks and adding wavy face-framing bangs! It’s perfect for a romantic date or summer walk along the coast. Babylights provide an illusion of dimension for any cut.

31. Shaggy Lob with Face Framing. Hairdressers can have a hard time when it comes to midi hairstyles for ladies with a head of hair to get them properly debulked and arrive at a textured, well-shaped, and voluminous look like this shaggy lob with illuminated side layers.

32. Tousled Layers and Shadow Roots. This female style is among our favorite haircuts. Inventive and chic yet low-maintenance – you will definitely love it as well!

33. Shattered Piece-y Shag. If you have fine or thin hair, it will gain volume and texture with a shaggy lob featuring lots of messy layers up top.

34. Beachy Waves. If your hair has a natural wave, try to air dry it without combing. These messy waves seem to be styled by the sea breeze.

35. Voluminous Haircut. The swoopy layers of the cut make the hair appear more voluminous than it actually is. Try it for your hair length, and you’re good to go anywhere, to any event.

36. Haircut with Long Wispy Bangs. Pairing your hairstyle with fitting bangs is a wonderful way to style the shoulder length. Straight-cut bangs, side-swept, middle part bangs, and curtains bangs all make great accompaniments for this hair length.

37. Side-Parted Bangs. For a shorter-length hairstyle, longer bangs are very flattering. The fringes that flow past the eyes to graze the cheeks or even the chin and parted to frame your face do look really stunning on all hair shades.

38. Messy Hair with Highlights. A touch of color, be it highlights or ombre, adds a magnetic pull of attraction to different types of hair. Ravishingly gorgeous hair like this makes you begin to understand why dyed not very long haircuts are so popular among female celebs.

39. Cut with Swoopy Layers. With only two levels of layers that lie where you want them to, this cut is easy and stylish!

40. Long Curtain Bangs. See how enthralling these face-cupping lengthy bangs are? That’s what we are talking about. Long curtain bangs are a perfect match to medium cuts. The parted bangs allow a sneak view of her adorable face, giving her a look that is both angelic and alluring.

41. Slick-Straight Hair. In search of cool not very long hairstyles but don’t know which one to choose? Textured straight shoulder-grazing hair flatters every face shape, looks casual, and is extremely easy to style.

42. Brown Shag with Long Bangs. Curtain bangs are all the rage nowadays, so why not pair a long face-framing fringe feathered at the ends with short choppy layers placed throughout the mid-length?

43. Side-Parted Graduated Lob. By choosing haircuts with layering, you set your strands for volume, for example, created in this inverted lob with the help of shorter back pieces lending better lift at the roots.

44. Two-Tier Cut with Angled Layers. To get a chic office-friendly look, go heavy on layering and keep your hair straight and smooth.

45. Blonde Balayaged One-Length Bob. A good color job has the power to elevate the shoulder length with any base shade, as illustrated by this blonde bob deepened with shadow roots and highlighted to gain dynamics.

46. Layered Top, Textured Bottom. This top-heavy blonde style combines a voluminous crown with a longer piece-y bottom to offer a softer take on the modern wolf cut.

47. Fuzzy Side-Parted Hairstyle. Flat-ironed to sleekness or ruffled into fuzzy bedhead hair, mid-length haircuts can be styled just to your exact taste. Of course, highlights will always make your hair dazzle. Remember to add some.

48. Inverted Hairstyle with Bents. If you have a round face, opt for an inverted shaggy lob with bent waves. The longer length and angled shape with sharp ends will easily slim you down without a diet.

49. Collarbone-Length Thick Hair. The mix of brown and blonde shows off the silky smooth waves of this midi haircut for thick hair.

50. Layered Cut with a Side Part. The following no-fuss blonde layered cut with its simple side part will be your new best friend!

From red carpets to magazines, you’ll be seeing these hairstyles everywhere! Young and older, we’ll all look beautiful when slaying these timeless looks.

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