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30 Truly Beautiful Mother of the Bride Hairstyles Easy to Put Together

21. Asymmetric Curly Updo for Long Hair. If you think that bouncy curls are not age-appropriate for moms, here is a formal bouffant spiced up with ringlets pinned on the crown and cascading down towards one side.

The mother of the bride deserves to feel her best on the big day!

To look your best on that special day, pick one of these beautiful mother of the bride hairstyles.

It’s the big day and you certainly want to look your best as the mother of the bride, and that means you need the right hairstyle. It seems like finding something simple, elegant, and memorable isn’t easy, but don’t stress. Whether you prefer wearing your hair up or down, there’s something for you. Check out the images below!

1. Low Textured Updo. For the mom of the bride, a sophisticated updo like the low upswept bun is soft, effortless, and chic.

2. Loose Half Updo. Women with shoulder length hair will love the easy half updo that imitates a downdo with a bouffant.

3. Curly Half Updo. If you like when your hair is down, but want a put-together hairstyle, use a curling iron to style the lower half of your hair while pulling back the top half into a cute knot. This half up half down hair is a classic solution that never becomes dated.

4. Sleek and Curly Updo. This two-piece curly bun is a great easy-to-do updo perfect for women with medium length hair.

5. Half Up Half Down Hair with Waves. For the mother of the bride over 50, you might feel like there’s a limited choice of hairstyles to pick from. If you have medium-to-long hair, a half up half down hairstyle with waves could be a great idea. Elegant and young, adding waves to your look instantly gives texture and dimension to your hairstyle.

6. Rolled Chignon for the Mother of the Bride over 50. For a twist on the chignon, this one rolls the hair from all around the head into a delicate tuck in.

7. Low Curly Bun. The best updo hairstyles are simple, like low buns that can be easily complemented with delicate wedding hair pieces.

8. Low Bun Updo. If you want effortless yet beautiful mother of the bride hair, this low bun updo is the way to go. This style typically starts with a low, loose bun right at the nape of the neck. Then, smaller sections are taken to form and wrap around the base of the bun. You can embellish the look with a rhinestone barrette to make the hairstyle even chicer and more sophisticated.

9. Half Up Mother of the Bride Hair with a Bouffant. Teased hair on the top means plenty of volume which is definitely good for a solemn occasion, but you may also want to add some bounce around the face and neck with those effortless curls.

10. Youthful Messy Updo. For the fans of curly mother of the bride updos, this messy look is perfect if you have long hair and want to bring a touch of glamour and style to your look without going too complicated. The wispy curls and messy finish will add texture even to the finest hair.

11. Playful Waves with Accessories. Although it is assumed that moms shouldn’t outshine their girls, mother-of-the-bride hairstyles can be no less romantic and nicely decorated than bridal hairdos. Get inspired by this dreamy, unfussy bob handsomely knotted and delicately embellished.

12. Twisted Low Knot Bun. Mother of the groom hairstyles can be tricky to choose. You want to look fashionable and sophisticated but not too flashy or over-the-top. As a general rule, your hairstyle should be stunning, but not too eye-catching if you don’t want to outshine the queen of the day. A twisted low bun is a perfect choice to give you an elegant and chic look.

13. Textured Mother of the Bride Hairstyle for Chubby Face. Ladies with full faces should steer clear of the styles that create even more weight on the sides, so side-swept bangs and wispy layers around the face will give it a softer frame.

14. Soft Waves with a Twist. Wearing your gala hairstyle down is a good idea when you want to feel comfortable with an off-the-shoulder outfit, the more so that you will only need to curl your locks into soft waves and complete them with a loose twist on the side.

15. Upswept Waves with a Bouffant. On the other hand, pulling wedding hairstyles up doesn’t imply leaving your neck completely open. You can opt for messy waves pinned at the nape and coupled with a teased crown to get the most flattering look.

16. Voluminous Airy Tuck Updo. Messy updos are perfect hairstyles for a mother of the bride with fine or thinning hair since they allow you to boost the volume of the locks while still having them natural-looking and touchable.

17. Voluminous Upstyle with Loose Ends. However, low buns are not the only option if you seek textured mother-of-the-bride updos. Look at this dimensional upstyle for shorter hair – it pleases the eye with the intricate movement of curled ends.

18. Twisted Wavy Half Up Mother of the Bride Hair. When searching for hairstyles for the mother of the bride, you want to find something beautiful and stylish to complement your outfit perfectly. A twisted half up half down hairstyle literally gives a “twist” to this classic hairstyle and waves add volume and deliver that glamorous look.

19. Dimensional Low French Twist. When it comes to mother of the bride hairstyles for short hair, there is no need to worry. There are plenty of stunning options available that will ensure you look your best on such an important day. Being a timeless and easy to achieve hairstyle, the low French twist will add the right zest to your look.

20. Elegant Twisted Chignon for Medium Hair. Obviously you will need longer hair to rock this style, but it seamlessly combines a neat shape with lots of texture, delivering an on-trend and dainty look.

21. Asymmetric Curly Updo for Long Hair. If you think that bouncy curls are not age-appropriate for moms, here is a formal bouffant spiced up with ringlets pinned on the crown and cascading down towards one side.

22. Braided Low Bun. When choosing mother of the bride hairstyles, you may want to select an updo that is flattering and age-appropriate. A braided low bun is a timeless classic with a touch of elegance and chic. It will give you a more sophisticated look than just a classic bun and its natural appearance is perfect for an outdoor wedding.

23. Romantic Twisted Bun Updo. Romantic twisted updos are elegant, especially when adorned with a jeweled barrette.

24. Low Twisted Bun for Long Hair. Looking for chubby face mother of the bride hairstyles? This one will be a great idea for those mothers who want to find the right style for their fuller facial shape. As a rule, is it advised to avoid too sleek and overly voluminous hairstyles. A low bun with face-framing pieces is a perfect slimming hairstyle idea.

25. Airy Mother of the Bride Hair with a Swirl. The next updo works great for fine-haired ladies with short to medium hair. It features multiple waves styled messy for an airy feel and a cute swirl at the nape to mimic a bun.

26. Shoulder-Length Twisted Half Up. Simple and beautiful hairstyles for mother of the groom and mother of the bride hair follow the current trends. If you’re not a fan of updos but still want to impress the guests with a hairstyle that is sophisticated and natural looking, a twisted or braided half up is a great choice. You can play around with twists or braids to add more texture.

27. Stunningly Sculptured Hairdo with Pearls. Mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom hairstyles deserve equal creativity which can be inspired by this intricately twisted and sharply defined upstyle. Do not miss the cool color scheme and pearly accessories either!

28. Mother of the Bride Updo for Bob-Length Hair. Modern mother of the bride updos for medium length fine hair can be quite difficult to succeed with. It can be hard to create a look that’s both flattering and appropriate for such a super special occasion as the wedding of your child. A textured bun updo can be easily tailored to different hair types and face shapes! And yes, it can be recreated on medium bobs.

29. Low Tuck with Two-Tier Twists. This delicate updo comes with several rows of loose twists on the sides above an elegant tuck accentuated with a stylish crystal hair barrette.

30. Braided Updo for Shorter Hair. A young mother of the bride will give major hair envy vibes with a luscious French braid.

So, whether your hair is short or long, worn up or down, there are plenty of mother of the bride hairstyles that will make you feel like the special lady you are.

by Serena Piper
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