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30 Age-Defying Hairstyles for Women over 60 with Round Faces

Ema Globyte

Great hairstyles for women over 60 with round faces should check all the boxes — define or elongate the bone structure, work well with the hair texture, address age-related changes, ensure the preferred maintenance level, and let a woman channel her inner self.

It may sound like a challenging task, but actually, there are plenty of short, medium, and long hairstyles that meet all the requirements.

We have collected useful tips from hair experts and got them illustrated with pictures of stunning ladies embracing their mature years to the fullest.

1. Flaming Red Curls with a Lift. This is the brightest of our medium hairstyles for women over 60 with round faces, and it shows the bushy hair to the best advantage.

2. Gray Pixie Standing on End. Besides a fun look and a youthful feel, this spiky crop boasts extra height and an exceptional slate-gray shade that brings out the color of the eyes.

3. Sleek Silver Fox Bob. While the side parting breaks the roundness of the face, the blunt ends and the mix of gray and silver make this thin hair seem fuller and more dimensional.

4. Side-Swept Bob with Hints of Silver. Here is a flattering bob for women over 60 with round faces since it adds both lift and angles to balance out the face shape.

5. Antique Blonde Highlights. This long hairstyle with bouncy ends and subtle face-framing offers to melt grayness into a creamy combo of a cool brown and a warmer blonde.

6. Dense Pixie with Choppy Bangs. This gamine hairstyle spiced with natural salt and pepper tames the thick mane and elongates the round face with sweeping bangs.

7. Midi Wolf Cut with Jaggy Bangs. This badass shag squeezes the max texture out of the straight chocolate brown hair, and its multiple tapered pieces help to sculpt the chubby face.

8. Layered Bixie with a Wispy Finish. Here is yet another type of bangs for women over 60 with round faces — the wispy finish works great for finer hair, and the piece-y styling brings sharpness to the look.

9. Off-Center Bixie with a Touch of Gold. You can’t fail to notice how this fringed crop immediately lifts the facial features and livens up the thin hair that gains a healthy glow with warm highlights.

10. Wavy Bob with Straight Bangs. Apart from creating an edgy contrast with the tousled waves, this straight yet not blunt fringe adds fullness to the front without reducing the length of the face.

11. Stylish Two-Tier Lob. With the overall length sitting just below the jawline to land the illusion of a longer face, this cut also produces bounce and volume along the sides.

12. Abbreviated and Accentuated Pixie. This is a sassy pixie for women over 60 with round faces. It shows off the bone structure and flatters the lady’s features.

13. Honey Blonde Bob with a Piece-y Fringe. The peachy tones of this hairstyle cast their rejuvenating spell on the lady’s complexion, while the tapered pieces framing the face make it appear narrower.

14. Long Beachy Waves. Both the longer length and the beachy waves work to elongate the round face here, and the sliced-out ends do their part of the job by shifting the focus to the texture.

15. Modern Bowl Cut. This funky cut follows the main rules for pairing short hair with round faces — it goes up instead of out and keeps the bangs shaggy to create a sense of balance.

16. Asymmetric Bob with Bangs. Don’t hesitate to choose asymmetric haircuts for women over 60 with round faces since the mixture of lengths delivers sharpness and neutralizes the roundness.

17. Rose Gold Bixie. This bronde hair with cool undertones brings a creamy feel to the complexion and constructs elongation with the short choppy strands on the crown.

18. Golden Waves Past the Shoulders. This medium-length hairstyle radiates shine and bounce while slimming the face with the deep side parting and swoopy bangs, which also spotlight the eyes.

19. Short Mullet with Micro Bangs. This cute crop keeps the volume at the top for elongation, but its longer back allows for easy growing out into a more dramatic shag.

20. Silver Wolf Cut with Bottleneck Bangs. If you are on the fence about razored cuts for women over 60 with round faces, this trendy shaggy look is sure to win your heart.

21. Greige Highlights for Long Hair. This great piece of gray blending seamlessly melts beige and silver shades to arrive at a low-maintenance and dimensional color with a touch of warmth.

22. Textured and Highlighted Lob. Enhanced with flashes of a bright blonde, the choppy layers of this long bob create plenty of movement around the sides and jawline to slim down the round face.

23. Multi-Tonal Loose Waves. You may have a hard time transitioning from colored hair to a naturally gray look, but this creative job proves you can cope with the task without chopping off your locks.

24. Airy Pixie Bob with Ragged Bangs. Hair texture is what you need to consider in short hairstyles for women over 60 with round faces, and this crop limits the choppiness to retain fullness all around.

25. Flipped-Up Bob with Bangs. This brunette hair gets an injection of youthful energy by unloading an excess weight, accommodating a few layers in the mid-length, and flipping the ends for better bounce.

26. Blunt Bob with Face Framing. Although round-faced ladies are recommended to steer clear of blunt cuts, this soft texture and face-framing angles help to lean things out.

27. Neat Bixie with a Shaggy Fringe. Despite looking rounded when viewed from the front, this crop manages to fix the face shape by adding volume up top and keeping the sides close and tapered.

28. Side-Parted Bob Styled with a Flip. While a blowout uses its magic to volumize this blonde hair, the slight quiff adds height and boosts the overall length.

29. Effortless Waves with Gray Blending. Long hairstyles for women over 60 with round faces provide balance with the length, but you will be able to slim your features even more by adding face-framing waves like these.

30. Classic Bob with Lightweight Bangs. This clean bob brings out the apples of the cheeks and draws attention to the eyes easily, not to mention that the cut is timelessly chic.

We hope our diverse collection of hairstyles for women over 60 with round faces will help you find inspiration for your new look. Be it a sassy crop or romantic waves, mature ladies are not limited in their choices nowadays, so feel free to pick a hairstyle that best matches your personality.