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30 Shag Haircuts for Older Women to Give Your Look a Lot of Pizzazz

Nowadays, the shag is the epitome of cool, but there is something more in shag haircuts for older women than just keeping up with fashion.

A cut with choppy ends, short layers around the crown, and an effortless fringe delivers tons of texture, dimension, and movement necessary for hair that tends to get thinner, weaker, and more lackluster with age.

Besides, shags look fun, giving mature ladies a youthful energy boost, and we are going to prove it with facts (or pictures) in hand.

1. Tousled Shaggy Curls. This gray hair is totally revived with the help of a razor, texturizing balm, and some messy styling to add volume and movement.

2. Tremendous Rockstar Shag. Big hair is in, and some shaggy haircuts for older women are sure to cause a stir with a shocking dimension and graphic details.

3. Wild Layers and Sharp Curtain Bangs. Apart from volumizing the hair with a handful of layers, this shag balances out the long face and brings out the cheekbones.

4. The 90’s Layers with Wispy Fringe. With the choppy layers stacked all the way down from the jawline, this blonde straight hair gains a nice shape and lots of bounce.

5. Soft Wolf Cut with Graduated Bangs. This cute shag offers a modern take on the 70s aesthetics and beautifully frames the face with a soft fringe melting into the side pieces.

6. Badass Choppy Hair with Micro Bangs. This avant-garde hairstyle dares to intensify the choppiness with messy styling and open up the face with the ruffled micro bangs.

7. Neat Mullet with Short Curtain Bangs. While letting the hair sit tightly around the face and on the crown, this silver shag adds a playful touch near the nape.

8. Long Shag with Soft Face Framing. Here, the combo of long and short layers handsomely fills the length with texture, prevents the hair from lying flat against the scalp, and softens the facial features.

9. Ginger Shag with Jaggy Bangs. This is one of shoulder-length shag haircuts for older women who don’t mind showing their bone structure and need an edgy frame for it to shine out.

10. Piece-y Blonde Mullet. This golden blonde hair gets a fair amount of lift with the short choppy layers on the top, and the mullet part nicely echoes their piece-y texture.

11. Snow White Shullet. Here is a trendy shag and mullet crossover that makes the thin hair look fuller with the deep fringe and lifted crown.

12. Punk Shag with Undercut. Besides feeling ultimately youthful, this mohawk-style cut uses messy curls and an audacious undercut to successfully hide the thinning hair.

13. Shaggy Coral Bob. We couldn’t pass by this fancy shag haircut for older women because of the rejuvenating effect created by the coral color that brings out the peach tones in the lady’s complexion.

14. Curly Shag with Silver Threads. This mature woman embraces her natural texture and grayness with a razored shoulder-length shag complemented with straight bangs.

15. Flippy Silver Bixie. Here is another hot and happening hybrid, this time combining the choppy layers of the pixie with the length and styling of the flippy bob.

16. Blonde Curls in Pageboy Shag. There is something eternally playful about this gamine haircut, and the bright blonde paired with micro bangs makes the look even more youthful.

17. Arched Bangs for Brunette Shag. This full fringe adds to the body of the hair sliced toward the bottom, and its arched shape softens the facial features.

18. Shaggy Butterfly Cut. This layered hairstyle sits among the most popular medium shag haircuts for older women because it lends volume and texture along with rocker vibes.

19. Silver Waves with Curtain Bangs. These before and after pictures illustrate how removing weight liberates the wave in the hair and how the fringe works to bring attention back to the face.

20. Short in the Front, Long in the Back. Here, the bright angled bits in the front immediately bring the bone structure into focus, while the long bottom locks balance and soften the look.

21. Jaggy Hair with Color Blocking. Color blocking is another voguish blast from the past that is making a comeback, and it is a perfect statement-making addition to this dramatically choppy hairstyle.

22. Long Smokey Shag. This is a great example of long shag haircuts for older women with narrow faces, as it balances out the length of the face with a well-defined fringe and puts volume to the sides.

23. Thin Hair Shag with Purple Feathers. We all know that thinning hair gets dimension with highlights and lowlights, but you can take it a step further and go for colorful insertions.

24. Bobbed Silver Shag. Follow in this sweet lady’s footsteps, and upgrade your layered bob by giving it a choppier finish and a set of piece-y bangs.

25. Dramatic Two-Tone Shag. This head-turning hairstyle combines a dark maroon shade with light pink accents to create depth in the hair and make the choppy texture more visible.

26. Short Shaggy Orange Hair. If you want to put a vibrant color in short shag haircuts for older women with cool tone fair complexions, this playful orangy shade will truly pop up.

27. Razor-Cut Waves with Center-Parted Bangs. These lengthy curtain bangs lifted at the roots are nicely blended into the side layers to provide a soft face frame and enhance the volume created by the waves.

28. Smooth and Shaggy. This lob with shaggy layers and choppy bangs plays with contrast by bringing together the hair smoothed at the crown and the messy waves around the perimeter.

29. Precision Shag in Champagne Blonde. Here is the most graphic style among our mid-length shag haircuts for older women, incorporating both blunt ends for a fuller look and internal layers for movement.

30. Tomboyish Brunette Shag. Apart from attention-getting baby bangs, this fun crop features some wispy curls scattered around the crown and the mullet’s back with flirty flipped-out ends.

With such an abundance of shag haircuts for older women, you can surely find the one that suits your hair type, facial features, build, preferred maintenance level, and personality. Shags are among the biggest hair trends today, so don’t hesitate to jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the ride!

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