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30 Truly Beautiful Mother of the Bride Hairstyles Easy to Put Together

30. Braided Updo for Shorter Hair. A young mother of the bride will give major hair envy vibes with a luscious French braid.

So, whether your hair is short or long, worn up or down, there are plenty of mother of the bride hairstyles that will make you feel like the special lady you are.

The mother of the bride deserves to feel her best on the big day!

To look your best on that special day, pick one of these beautiful mother of the bride hairstyles.

It’s the big day and you certainly want to look your best as the mother of the bride, and that means you need the right hairstyle. It seems like finding something simple, elegant, and memorable isn’t easy, but don’t stress. Whether you prefer wearing your hair up or down, there’s something for you. Check out the images below!

1. Low Textured Updo. For the mom of the bride, a sophisticated updo like the low upswept bun is soft, effortless, and chic.

2. Loose Half Updo. Women with shoulder length hair will love the easy half updo that imitates a downdo with a bouffant.

3. Curly Half Updo. If you like when your hair is down, but want a put-together hairstyle, use a curling iron to style the lower half of your hair while pulling back the top half into a cute knot. This half up half down hair is a classic solution that never becomes dated.

4. Sleek and Curly Updo. This two-piece curly bun is a great easy-to-do updo perfect for women with medium length hair.

5. Braided and Tucked Updo. For long hair, pull it into a low updo similar to a fishtail braid and tuck the ends in for a romantic evening look.

6. Rolled Chignon for the Mother of the Bride over 50. For a twist on the chignon, this one rolls the hair from all around the head into a delicate tuck in.

7. Low Curly Bun. The best updo hairstyles are simple, like low buns that can be easily complemented with delicate wedding hair pieces.

8. Loose Short Hair. For short hair, a simple wavy bob hairstyle with flowers is elegant enough for the mom of the bride.

9. Woven Wedding Hairstyle for the Mother of the Bride. For long hair, a slightly relaxed woven updo with side tendrils is the perfect romantic style.

10. Woven Updo for Shorter Gray Hair. Updo hairstyles are the most elegant hair choice for the wedding. Even shorter hair can be slightly curled and pinned to get an intricate-looking yet easy to put together updo.

11. Romantic Twisted Bun Updo. Romantic twisted updos are elegant, especially when adorned with a jeweled barrette.

12. Chignon for Mother of the Bride. Can’t find a discreet formal updo? The chignon is classic and not too attention-grabbing.

13. Soft Bun for Your Daughter’s or Son’s Wedding. If you’re not into anything complicated, a low soft bun with curly face-framing pieces is simple but quite eye-catching.

14. High Loopy Bun. Mother of the bride hair can be almost as fancy as the bride’s hair. Try a lacy voluminous bun to feel regal.

15. Mother of the Bride’s High Bun. A simple sock bun with added texture can also be a great idea for mother of the bride updos. This one is classy and easy to do yourself.

16. Curly Bun with a Bright Accessory. Looking for unique mother of the groom hairstyles? A curly bun updo won’t let you down when paired with a fancy hair piece. This idea will work for very short hair as well.

17. Messy Donut Bun with a Bouffant. If you’re over 60, a donut bun is a lovely updo to wear to the wedding, especially if you’ve managed to keep your naturally gray hair color.

18. French Roll with a Barrette. The mother of the bride or groom may opt for this French roll with wavy texture and a sparkly barrette as an exquisite accent.

19. Loopy Tuck-In. The elegant tuck-in shows off swoopy pieces gracefully draped for an eye-catching style.

20. Low Bun with Layered Twists. For short hair, try a low bun with layered twists to make the updo more intricate-looking.

21. French Twist. Look your best on the big day with a French twist that rolls the hair smoothly and shows off sparkly rhinestones.

22. Bun with Bangs. Women with bangs will appreciate a low bun that will allow them to brush out some layered face-framing pieces on the sides.

23. Side Updo with a Flower. The asymmetrical braided updo with fascinator truly pops and lets everyone know you’re the mom of the bride.

24. Side Updo for Thick Hair. If you like asymmetrical braided updo hairstyles, try this fishtail bun with a flashy clip.

25. Curly Updo for Shorter Hair. Since you’ll be dancing the night away, pull your hair up off your neck but leave the front curly pieces down, especially in your hair is not very long.

26. Wavy Downdo. Prefer to wear your hair down? Use a curling iron to achieve simple loose waves or tight curls.

Wavy Hair Down for Mother of the Bride
By Jyz

27. Messy Curly Rolled Updo. If you have short thin hair, an updo with lots of texture and a small eye-catching accessory can thicken up your gorgeous formal look.

28. Gray Hair Updo. Over 60 and want to look amazing? Complement your wavy mother of the groom updo with decorative hair pins.

29. Sleek Chignon for Long Hair. Add a couple of overlapping pieces and twists for lovely unique details to upgrade your favorite formal style.

30. Braided Updo for Shorter Hair. A young mother of the bride will give major hair envy vibes with a luscious French braid.

So, whether your hair is short or long, worn up or down, there are plenty of mother of the bride hairstyles that will make you feel like the special lady you are.

by Serena Piper
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