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What are the best salt and pepper hair color ideas?

2. Reverse Salt and Pepper and Brown Ombre. Pick this one as a smart way to cover your gray roots. You don’t have to recolor the top of your hair again and again. Do you also see the effect of super-long ‘never-ending’ locks?

How to make salt and pepper hair look good? What salt and pepper hair color to choose?

First of all, what is salt and pepper hair? When your natural hair color is black or brunette and some white hair stubbornly grows out, you get a mix of white hairs, grays, silver strands, and black or dark brown locks, or, in other words, the ‘salt and pepper hair’. This definition of salt and pepper hair explains how you get it naturally, but it isn’t necessarily caused by age. You can also get the salt and pepper hair color earlier (‘premature graying’), or intentionally dye your locks black and gray.

Millions of women around the globe now understand, that having a mix of black and white hair doesn’t make you unattractive. In fact, you can even make a fashion statement with it!

If you are after this trend too, keep reading below to find out the trending salt and pepper hair cuts and styles!

1. Ebony Hair and White Face Framing. Be different and go for unusual salt and pepper hair color ideas. Instead of the whole salt and pepper look, set off your dark hair with face-framing streaks of white that are also easier to deal with.

2. Reverse Salt and Pepper and Brown Ombre. Pick this one as a smart way to cover your gray roots. You don’t have to recolor the top of your hair again and again. Do you also see the effect of super-long ‘never-ending’ locks?

3. Long Layered Salt and Pepper Cut. Women who get this color need to find the best shampoo for salt and pepper hair. If you decide on the silver/pepper hair color, search for purple shampoos that remove and prevent the yellowness in gray hair. They will also make your hair shinier.

4. Reverse White and Black Ombre. To elevate your hairstyles for salt and pepper hair, go for a reverse ombre, even if your hair is short. This bob features an eye-catching accent and sets off the base gray color.

5. Feathered Salt and Pepper Cut. This one is perfect for those with fine hair. The cut gives you texture and shapes the ends of the hair for more volume.

6. Long Wavy Salt and Pepper Hair. As we see here a salt and pepper hairstyle doesn’t automatically age a woman. Go for big, bouncy curls to show off your coif’s volume. Also, you must understand that going gray doesn’t mean just ditching hair dyes. You will need professional hair coloring for some time to elaborate your own style.

7. Pearl Gray in Bombshell Waves. This shade has a hint of blue to make the silver look more outstanding. When styled in big curls, it creates a multi-faceted and elegant hairstyle.

8. Marble Gray Hair Color. Pick medium-length hairstyles for salt and pepper hair like in this picture if you are not ready to wear long hairstyles that fall far past the shoulders. Strategically placed silver balayage highlights and lowlights and intentionally chosen cool tones will make your shoulder-length haircut look brand new.

9. Salt and Pepper Lob Haircut. What about highlights for salt and pepper hair? Silver and light gray streaks will give it more dimension. The front section highlighted as ‘money pieces’ can also frame your face nicely.

10. Beige Gray with Lowlights. Go for salt and pepper blonde hair with a warmer finish to make your hair look more interesting if you’re a natural brunette with a warm skin tone. Add some warm beige to dark gray and get a current and sophisticated gray hair color.

11. Gray Hair with Bold Lowlights. You can browse salt and pepper hair color pictures to get inspiration, but a pro hair colorist will give you the best advice, so don’t ignore the chance to book the best hair colorist that works with gray hair near you. The unique stripey hair coloring shown in this photo camouflages any uneven, growing roots.

12. Balayage Salt and Pepper Hair. Have fun with your salt and pepper for a radiant effect. Mix ash-blonde and other shades to make it more sophisticated. This look is very popular among women of all ages, even 20- and 30-year-old girls.

13. Metallic Gray and Pepper Hair Color. If you want glossy strands, pick a shine spray to reflect the light and make your strands look brighter. The silver hair journey may be a struggle for some time, but then it can turn into the best hair solution you have made in the past years. Wear your gray and black locks with joy!

14. Long Gray Hair with Lowlights. These voluminous waves on long gray hair will make your coif captivating. It’s an excellent example of gorgeous salt and pepper female hair for any age. Also, learn how to blow out your hair for the same amount of volume as in this picture.

15. Short Salt and Pepper ‘Do. Feel free to embrace your natural salt and pepper hair but who says you can’t take it to the next level? Add highlights to make your strands more brilliant!

16. Short Salt and Pepper Pixie. Looking for a low-maintenance short salt and pepper hair cut? The pixie will always be an attractive option for women who lack time in their daily routine.

17. Salt and Pepper Hair and Dark Skin. Salt and pepper hair looks great on African American women. White and black hair color combos are excellent to complement your dark eye color and skin tone. If you want a protective hairdo, pay attention to salt and pepper crochet hairstyles, quick weave styles, or salt and pepper wigs. Visit the nearest hair salon and pick the weave you want.

18. Gray Salt and Pepper Hair with Reverse Ombre. One more product you need to have when you pick a salt and pepper hair dye beside the appropriate shampoo and conditioner is a leave-in conditioner that protects your hair from heat and leaves it moisturized. Proper hair care for gray hair is key if you want it to look shiny and healthy.

19. Side-Parted Wavy Gray Brown Hair. There are no age restrictions for looking beautiful! You can go for salt and pepper hair at 40, 18, or 65 – as long as you are happy with your hair color choice.

20. Choppy Salt and Pepper Cut. If you have thick, frizzy gray hair, go for this chic cut. The combination of wispy texture and cool-tone gray color with highlights and lowlights is simply gorgeous.

21. Sleek Straight Long Salt and Pepper Look. Long hairstyles for salt and pepper hair are a true miracle. Don’t forget to use purple shampoo and hydrating masks to keep the shine.

22. Salt and Pepper Hair Bob. Silvery-gray highlights are perfect for a crisp bob! It’s a great way to slowly let go of your blonde locks and welcome your age gracefully.

23. Gray and Black Pixie-Bob Hairstyle. Try this ‘bixie’ hairstyle and play with highlights and lowlights to create a multi-dimensional look. The jagged bangs and well-defined feathered layers make this haircut bold and youthful.

24. Subtle Gray Highlights in Brunette Hair. Afraid of a complete transition to salt and pepper hair? Then just do several sections here and there to see if it fits you. You can also learn how to maintain the colored sections to be ready once you decide to get the full look.

25. Silver Highlights in Black Hair. These highlights pair well with the dark base. You can even leave your growing roots, and they will work as a part of your overall look. The classic rounded bob shape delivers elegance and comfort.

Rounded Black-and-Silver Bob
By Judy

26. Salt and Pepper Hair with Bangs. This salt and pepper hair look incorporates some warm tones. The combination of warm and cool shades is a big trend in hairstyling, fashion, and interior design.

27. Salt and Pepper Ombre Hair. Showcase the gradient of colors with a reverse gray ombre or a gray balayage with lowlights. The well-blended transition transforms your hair without any extra maintenance.

28. Smoky Gray Curls. Pick ashy shades for stunning salt and pepper curly hair. These tones will make your roots look like a part of your cool hair color.

29. Lowlights on Salt and Pepper Hair. The lowlights perfectly complement newly grown gray hair making the overall look very natural. If your grays grow in a patchy style, think about transitioning with balayage highlights.

30. Color Melt in Salt and Pepper Shades. This is a technique that blends highlights to match your roots. You’ll end up with natural-looking hair featuring smooth strands with soft transitions of colors. However, we must warn you: not every hair colorist will be able to copy this look, better find someone who is used to working with gray strands to avoid the damage.

And there you have it! You now have 30 amazing ideas for salt and pepper hair to fit your vibe! Don’t let age define what hair color you should have – instead, use it to make the most of your style!

by Donna Sullivan
Donna is a hairstylist with 8 years of experience. Ask her about any hair-related problem (haircuts, hairstyles, colorings, hair care) and get a pro advice!