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50 Adorable Short Haircuts for Black Women

Many women find short hair not very feminine, and they are far from the truth. If you are one of them, we’re sure you’ll change your opinion after this article, and you’ll crave for a crop ASAP. Here are 50 short hairstyles for black women that are simply mesmerizing.

1. Layered Pixie Cut. Take a look at these highlights!They are trully breath-taking! They perfectly blend with the darker hair color base.

Many women find short hair not very feminine, and they are far from the truth. If you are one of them, we’re sure you’ll change your opinion after this article, and you’ll crave for a crop ASAP. Here are 50 short hairstyles for black women that are simply mesmerizing.

1. Layered Pixie Cut. Take a look at these highlights!They are trully breath-taking! They perfectly blend with the darker hair color base.

2. Short Pixie Cut. African American hair doesn’t seem so hard to handle when you see this perfect haircut. One thing’s for sure; this short haircut looks so good on her.

3. Bright Pixie Haircut with Highlights. Highlights can change the way you look, and the best proof is right below. It’s true, layers and light colors work real miracles!

4. Short Blonde Hair for Black Women. Combine a short cut with a customized blonde color, and you’ll get a gorgeous glamorous look!

5. Long Top Short Sides Hairstyle. Short hair styles for black women always strike with their brightness and contrasts. Complement this cut with highlights for an even more fashionable look!

6. Layered Short Hairstyle for Black Women. If you want a fresh take on your short black hair, get a fresh crop and try a yummy hair color. The soft, laid-down layers of this hairstyle look so cute on black girls. The radiant shade of golden caramel against darker roots contributes a spicy hot flair to this style.

7. Short Black Finger Waves. Cut the back really short and get an easy curly hairstyle. You’ll be surprised by the attention you’ll get.

8. Razor Cut Hairstyle. The contrast between her skin and hair is so delicious – it should be illegal. Each hair strand is well defined giving it an elegant and glamorous flair.

9. 1920s Pixie Cut. Inspired by the age of Jazz and Paris, this pixie cut for black women is a “hello” from one of the most beautiful eras. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual shapes and mixed textures!

10. Modern Bob with a Side Part. Short haircuts for black women are so chic! Just one look at this freshly styled bob is enough to fall in love. Keep in mind that such short black hairstyles will require careful styling in the mornings.

11. Extra Short Cut for Curly Hair. If you have been looking for the easiest short natural haircuts for black females, your search is over! After all, nothing will highlight your beautiful facial features better than this brave cut!

12. Buzzed Side Pixie Bob. Want to frame your face? Keep your bangs long and cut the other side extra short. This haircut is perfect for women with a round face.

13. Textured Cut. It’s proof that short bangs go extremely well with a pixie haircut.

14. Messy Blonde Pixie Cut. Short cuts for black women give you an opportunity to try a new color and texture. If you’ve always been a curly girl, you may want to flaunt this runway-ready messy look for awhile.

15. Edgy Short Style with Undercut. Here’s proof that short hairstyles for black women can be edgy too! Honestly, that layered undercut is goals. It elevates the hair, creating a voluminous crown and neat, lined-up sides and nape.

16. Short Polished Black Pixie. A tapered pixie, whether natural or sew-in, is a fabulous short haircut for black women. It oozes chic and reveals the classy lady in you. What can be more alluring than a raven-black pixie paired with wavy sideburns?

17. Short Easy Curls. Women with short hair tapered have the best styling options: straighten or curl it, the final result will be always stunning.

18. Simple Side Haircut. Get a short haircut with bangs and swipe it to one side. You’ll have a new cute casual hairstyle in just a few minutes.

19. Spunky Platinum Blonde Pixie. When the occasion calls for sexy and spunky, this hairstyle should be your number 1 choice. The brightness of platinum blonde color on the choppy hair, coupled with the cutest baby bangs offers a seductive flair to this short black hairstyle.

20. Burgundy Pixie with Choppy Layers. The head-turning effect of the chopped pixie spiced with the most exquisite plum highlights makes this short African American hairstyle stand out. The disconnected 360-waves add a fun dimension to the style. You can part it any way you like or leave it without any parting.

21. Dark Blonde Hairstyle. What a marvelous way to combine a short haircut with a delicious color!

22. Textured Curls. Why hide your curls when you can make them shine and glow?

23. Purple Shades. Baby, this haircut will turn heads on the street. Those dark purple feathers are mesmerizing. Are you ready to get the best look in town?

24. Short Hairstyle with Shaved Design. Give your curly hair an excellent texture and create an eye-popping back view. Pay a visit to your local barbershop and get a cool nape design.

25. Crop with Piece-y Layers for Black Women. The pixie cut with short curly pieces is befitting for any occasion. A great short black hairstyle for 9-5 ladies, as it requires minimal maintenance. It’s also a fun hairstyle for parties and night-outs.

26. Short Weave Hairstyle. Those beautiful front highlights go perfectly with the incredible waves. Fix them with some hairspray, and you’ll look flawless all day!

27. Blonde Short Sides Cut for Black Women. Teeny Weeny Afro hairstyles are dope. More so a wavy or spiky TWA. Give your short ‘fro a fancy vibe by going all blonde. The look is smashing and daring. Add an undercut for a funky touch.

28. Taper Fade for Natural Curls. This haircut is perfect for black women with natural curly hair. You won’t even need to style it in the morning!

29. Bombshell Blonde. Come to the blonde side! We have the perfect hair you’ve always craved for!

Golden Blonde Pixie
By Kim

30. Extra Short Hairstyle. Short hair never looked better. Black girls should consider this haircut because it defines facial features and gives an impressive glow.

31. African American Short Blonde Hair. We need to hold our breath and sit to applaud this combination of a platinum hue and a piece-y pixie haircut. Isn’t she gorgeous?

32. Perfect Pixie Hair with Bangs. This is probably the best way to deal with fine hair. Remember, short bangs are now in trend!

33. Black Women’s Gray Short Hair. Yeah, we can call her the Ice Queen because she knows how to wear gray hair. Yes, it is hard to achieve a color like that, but it looks soooooo good, doesn’t it?

34. Shiny Black Hairstyle. Look at that texture and shine! The layers blend just perfectly.

35. Easy Waves. Try a weave to bring new lengths and colors to your short hairstyle. To add some volume, you can make waves that will define the lighter tones. You’ll get a pretty, elegant, head-turning look!

36. Messy Curly Black Pixie. What a cute messy hairstyle that lets you show off your curls in a trendy messy texture!

37. Black Hair with Dark Blue Highlights. The effect you’ll get with some blue on the black base is so nice and impressive. Give it a try!

38. Easy Black Curls. The details make the difference! Create some easy curls, and your hair will get a lot of volume and texture.

39. Black Textured Bangs. Condition your hair and use a straightening iron. It will shine and look perfect every day.

40. Short Black Bob. Such perfection! Precisely layered and cut hair is a pleasure to see!

41. Edgy Chop. Cool, sexy, attractive, sweet: this is how you can define this choppy pixie haircut.

42. Short Natural Haircut. Keep your bangs long and try a red ombre. The best part is that you won’t need styling in the morning with this haircut.

43. Layered Black Bob Hairstyle. The neat layered bob is too perfect to be real!

44. Golden Blonde Ombre. No matter how long your hair is, a good balayage can make a fantastic change. To make your hair stand out even more, go for layers.

45. Short Black Hairstyle with a Shaved Line. Why would you be afraid to cut your hair very short if you can have a look as hot as this one?

46. Perfect Curls. Dye your curls a sophisticated burgundy hue and define them with a curling iron. Use some hair wax to keep the shape.

47. Stylish Short Black Pixie. A short layered haircut will give your hair volume. Let’s not forget how easy it is to style in the morning.

48. Platinum Hair for Black Women. Get some wispy layers and a platinum blonde hair color, and you’ll get a great hairstyle.

49. Tapered Black Cut. This hairstyle is the reason why you should say goodbye to your long hair. TODAY!

50. Natural Curly Haircut. Define your Fauxhawk with a shaved line and keep your curls natural. If you choose a pixie cut, you’ll forget those long minutes you spend in front of the mirror each day. Worth it!

As you can see, there are so many beautiful short hairstyles for black women, so you may not worry about cutting your hair. You’ll look just as well as with longer strands – at least no less feminine and charming.

by Andreea Haba
She is social media enthusiast and loves everything that goes hand in hand with that. Since high school, writing is one of her passions and that's what got her into PR and social media area. She loves animals, has two dogs and enjoys any moment she can spend reading. When it comes to hairstyling, she loves bright colors and she's not afraid of changes.
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