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30 Hottest Weave Hairstyles That Turn Heads Whenever, Wherever

Are you looking to try one of those weave hairstyles that have been steadily getting popular nowadays? We have collected the most beautiful photos from the top hairstylists around the globe for you, so get ready to pin and screenshot the ones you love!

What is a weave? Weaves are done with hair extensions. There are two types of weaves, natural human weave bundles, and synthetic ones. Weaves are either sewn, glued, or clipped to your hair for additional length, texture, and/or thickness.

There are the cutest and most beautiful weave styles you can choose from below. They are all on-trend in 2022.

1. Long Chocolate Curly Weave Style. The focus of this gorgeous weave hairstyle is the rich chocolate color which is showcased perfectly thanks to the big bouncy curls.

2. Elegant Long Layered Weave. You can try this style with the braided or braidless weave method depending on your preference. These natural-looking weave extensions work well with colored hair as well!

3. Side Part Weave Bob Hairstyle. A perfect hairstyle for work. You don’t have to put a lot of effort into styling your locks with weave bob hairstyles. Blow-dry your hair, and that’s it.

4. Side Part Quick Weave Bob. Your ultimate runway-ready look, even for casual occasions! You don’t need any advanced styling skills to look good with it. Besides, you can add warmer shades to your hair for a little fun.

5. Long Curled Weave Hairstyle. Here’s another sweet and classy look. You just need your red dress to be party-ready anytime.

6. Curly Side-Parted Micro Links Weave. You can have this beautiful layered hair with extensions easily! Make it even more stunning with partial warm highlights and big curls.

7. Curly Quick Weave Pixie. Can weaves help grow your hair? With some added extensions, your hair will continue growing healthy, as weaves protect natural hair from heat styling and other negative factors! Short curly weaves are cute and simple to get you going every day.

8. Two-Tone Bob Quick Weaves. Flowy high-contrast bobs are gorgeous! They can be done with extensions installed into your hair or created as a custom wig.

9. Bob with a Middle Part Full Quick Weave. The low-maintenance straight bob weave hairstyle is right before your eyes. You just need a comb, and you’re done styling. Pair your new hairstyle with classic red lipstick, and you’re good to go.

10. Long Curly Free Part Leave Out Weave. Whether you opt for straight or curly weave hairstyles, make sure that your hair products are chosen right. Also, you need to wash your new hair every 7-10 days. Don’t skip your hair care routines!

11. Long Classy Weave Install. How many bundles do you need for your weave hairstyle? Two bundles are enough for partial weaves, and you’ll have a gorgeous look you can flaunt anywhere. For a full weave hairstyle, you will need 3-4 bundles.

12. Blonde Blunt Bob Wig with Bangs. All types of weaves are harmless for your hair. As long as you do proper hair care. Feel like a boss with your full bangs and add a little flavor with a pure blonde color.

13. Sleek Ponytail Weave. Check this gorgeous style. If you don’t want to put all your hair in one ponytail, you can opt for half up half down weaves. Consult your hairstylist and experiment!

14. Asymmetrical Bob Weaves. Get a fresh and natural look to run your everyday errands comfortably. It also looks flawless without any extra effort!

15. Curly Bob Glueless Weave. This is a glorious style oozing sophistication. Look classy and sexy at the same time with your short weave curls.

16. Middle Part Closure Weaves. Ladies with oblong faces could never go wrong with a middle part. You can also have a little fun by getting bright-colored weave extensions.

17. Traditional Leave Out Sew In Weave. This style is simple and fresh – perfect for your everyday look. But, how long does a sew-in last? The cost will be worth it as you’ll enjoy the look for up to eight weeks.

18. Frontal Wig Weave Install with Root Fade. For this style, you’ll have a scalp-like section of lace attached for a flat and smooth application of hair that gives an illusion of natural locks. Check out this irresistible pastel pink and shadow root combo!

19. Deep Side Part Sew In Weaves. How long do weaves take to install? You’ll have to wait about three to six hours, but a style like this one is worth the wait. Enjoy your classy and sexy deep side part look!

20. Inverted Bob Weave Wig. Bobs will never go out of style, and they flatter every face shape. Rock it with every outfit you can think of!

21. Low Hairline Frontal Install Weave. Get a magnificent look with a warm golden brown shade on long hair. For an even sexier look, add waves or curls.

22. Straight Blunt Quick Weave Bob. A sexy and sleek look for a short-length style, this bob weave with blunt ends is the definition of elegance.

23. Curly Burgundy Frontal Wig Weave Style. Get a classic 80s look with voluminous curls and a little bit of 2022 spice with a burgundy color. Go wear that fancy dress and accessories to pair with your new weave hairstyle.

24. Short Protective Quick Weaves. Perfect for any occasion, the sleek short hair weave boosts your overall look and makes you shine day and night. Pixie styles never go out of fashion!

25. Blonde Quick Weave Bob Wig. Get a little more experimental in choosing lighter shades for your hair. Pair your chic bob with layers for texture and add some bangs to give you a bold look.

26. Deep Wave Traditional Sew-In Weaves. If you’re into volume and curls, this is the perfect sew-in for you. Remember to use quality hair products to define your curls.

27. Weave with a Leave Out. What is the difference between full and partial weaves? A full weave style is made with your natural locks completely hidden under the weave (e.g. braided) to have a full weave of hair attached. A leave out means that some layers of your hair are not braided to enable you to create updos or for a more naturally-looking crown.

28. Straight Layered Quick Weave Bob. Quick weaves work pretty well with an asymmetric bob haircut you’ve been dreaming to have. Just get your hairbrush and flaunt that new layered hair.

29. Black Stacked Quick Weave Bob. This is an elegant hairstyle to fit all the events you plan to attend. It is also extremely flattering for all face shapes!

30. Short Undercut Red Weave Hairstyle. The edgy pixie cut is accentuated with a perfect top weave to make you look fierce, while the bright color adds more pizzaz perfect for a modern girl.

Now, you have 30 insanely gorgeous weave hairstyles to choose from. Take your pick and show your cool weave style to the world! Time to try something brand new!

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