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Top 50 Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

Ema Globyte

13. Crisp Layered Rounded Bob. Nothing screams grace and elegance at a mature age like a crisp, layered rounded bob. An upgrade in age also means an upgrade in your experience, and this hairstyle matches your candor without making you look out of style.

Stylists always say that by choosing the right hairstyle, a 50-year-old woman may become 10, or even 15 years younger. At this age, ladies can safely experiment with their images, looking for something unusual. Let’s review the most interesting short hairstyles for women over 50 with photos!

1. Charming Boyish Cut. It has a pronounced rejuvenating effect, since it visually makes the contours of the face clearer, and the cheekbones – more lifted.

2. Messy Long Undercut Pixie. An undercut pixie is one of the best age-defying short hairstyles for women over 50. Tousled long pixie hairstyles have this youthful appeal and sassiness females over 50 are looking for. Sweep the bangs to any side for a chic effect. The layered haircut makes your mane appear fuller, while the side-swept fringe helps to neatly cover any forehead wrinkles. Dye your hair a light hair color or throw in some highlights for a trendy, picture-perfect look.

3. Wedge Short Haircut for Older Women. Modern wedge haircuts are among the top short hair ideas for women over 50 with straight hair. They work wonders for thick locks and for thin hair too. The hairstyle comes with this flair that says ‘mature and classy’. The back is cut short with stacked layers while the front layers are long and wispy. And never underrate the power of highlights for short hair!

4. Gray Bob with Dark Roots. The staked bob is a dainty, casual and low-maintenance haircut. Besides, the dark roots make the silver color look more well-groomed and young.

5. Short Undercut Pixie. Such short haircuts for women over 50 suit both perfectly straight and stubborn curly hair. Also, they’re visually slimming!

6. Universal Pixie with Highlights. Pixie cuts are among short haircuts for older women that will never go out of style. Doesn’t matter how old you are! Feel vibrant with this short hairstyle and add some highlights for additional dimension.

7. Salt-and-Pepper Short Shag. Embrace your natural colors with one of the most refreshing short haircuts for women over 50. To top it all off – it’s minimalistic and easy to maintain! Stay classy and full of grace with different variations of salt and pepper.

8. Silver Feathered Pixie Haircut for Older Women. Undoubtedly, pixie hairstyles are at the forefront of the trendiest and most low-maintenance short haircuts for older women. Cover your grays with a light blonde shade for a more fashionable and youthful appeal. Her silver hair color has made her fine hair appear thick, full, and fascinating.

9. Elongated Pixie Cut with Side Bangs. We love playful short haircuts for women over 50 for the youthful feel they deliver, and this grown-out pixie is styled with sassy asymmetry, featuring bangs swept to one side to blend with the longer strands on the temple.

10. Over 50 Shattered Long Pixie. A classic and effortless hairstyle, the pixie cut is prevalent in any list of short haircuts for women over 50. Not only is it a nice throwback to the 1960’s Twiggy-style pixie, but it’s also fit for any generation! This pixie cut achieves that “shattered” look by cutting the ends of the hair with a razor, adding and defining the hair’s texture.

11. Short Black Haircut. To chop or not to chop? You decide. Our take – short haircuts for older women are fashionable, convenient, and do make up for a lot of shortcomings. Cute short hair like this paired with glasses lends you a youthful look.

12. Short Spiky Pixie. Stay in style with this stunning hairstyle for over 50 and overweight ladies – it will surely make you stand out. Lavender shades work best with cool skin tones but will also flatter warmer undertones depending on your style!

13. Crisp Layered Rounded Bob. Nothing screams grace and elegance at a mature age like a crisp, layered rounded bob. An upgrade in age also means an upgrade in your experience, and this hairstyle matches your candor without making you look out of style.

14. Stacked Very Short Bob Haircut. A modern twist on the classic short bob hairstyle, this female haircut works not only for thin hair but also for thick hair types. Here is a dazzling before and after picture evidence. The cute short bob haircut is a perfect short hairstyle for women over 50, especially those who are proud of their thick manes. The hair is cut short at the nape to enhance the model’s neck length. The layered bangs swept to the side softly caress one side of her face giving her this adorably cute look.

15. Laconic Gray Pixie. The pixie is a wonderful and easy option for straight hair. In addition, this rejuvenating short haircut will go good with elegant facial features and a slim figure.

16. Voluminous Layered Silver Bob. Embrace your naturally gray hair color and enhance it by trying a silver balayage bob! Such short haircuts for women have been popular with the youngsters, but who says you can’t be an eye-catcher? It’s also fluffy, modern, and fits any aesthetic you’re interested in.

17. Layered Bob for Older Women. Bob hairstyles know no age limits. They look classy on women of all age groups. Long bob styles particularly are fascinating short hairstyles for women over 50. Add many layers to give movement to your hair.

18. Choppy Short Salt-And-Pepper Bob Hairstyle. If you’re looking for a head-turning hairstyle for women over 50, this is it. Add a captivating dimension to your classic short bob hairstyle by cutting your hair in uneven choppy layers. Pair this with blunt-cut edges for a fascinating finish. Lovely blonde highlights, especially in ashy or silver blonde shades, add a gorgeous twist to the mix.

19. Neat Chin-Length Bob with Layers. As its name, this bob hits at your chin to show off your cheekbones and jawline. It adds definition to your face’s natural curves and makes you look younger. Layers are popular in short haircuts for women as they are created through cutting the hair at different lengths to give it more texture.

20. Undercut Gray Pixie. Take advantage of volume and shape with one of the most beautiful short haircuts for women – the tapered pixie. Choose a shade of metallic gray for more glamour or simply stay true to your natural color.

21. Feathered Gray Pixie. Short hairstyles for women can be fun, and here is the proof! Use soft feathered layers for more volume and babylights for a subtle sparkle. Stay forever young!

22. Short Tapered Feathered Pixie. Want something shorter than a bob? Then the tapered pixie is the one for you. Add some texture by slicing the hair so that it looks like bird feathers. This technique was inspired by 1980s Charlie’s Angels and remains popular now. Go bold and short with the tapered, feathered pixie!

23. Cute Gray Pixie with Bangs. Styling your short gray hair into a pixie is a fantastic way to keep looking good and fashionable as you advance in age. Short layers and face-framing bangs help to hide thinning hairline.

24. Short Curly Haircut for Senior Women. A classy short haircut for women over 50 who have naturally curly hair. This marvelous short hairstyle transforms your everyday curls into a super-fashionable, super-stunning curly haircut. The hairstyle usually goes with an undercut or a lower cut in the back to accentuate a slender neck and also give volume to your hair. A curly pixie may also be a great short hair idea for thin hair as the short piece-y curls make your hair appear full and elegant.

25. Fly Away Shaggy Bob with Bangs. If you want a messy but still stylish look, go for a shaggy bob! Even if it was lifted from the 70s, the shaggy bob is still as trendy as it was first discovered. This hairstyle is best for oval face shapes and fits whether you have thick or fine hair.

26. Short Shag Haircut. A shag hairstyle can be sexy, business-like and romantic, depending on the styling option. So, if you’re a bright and mischievous person, feel free to try it!

27. Neat Choppy Pixie. Let your hairstyle stay true to your personality at every point in time. If you want your hair edgy; we say go for it. Choppy layers throughout your head give a fascinating edgy feel to your pixie haircut.

28. Layered Bob with Highlights and Lowlights. We often see highlights and lowlights in short hairstyles for women over 50. Now we know why! The highlights give the hair a graceful touchable feel. The lowlights create dimension. This fabulous simple-and-stylish no-fuss short bob without the traditional sleekness features funky layers with defined ends and oozes a super-modern flair. This is also a great short hair idea for overweight women.

29. Gray Feathered Undercut Pixie. A wispy cut with lots of short layers can make your fine hair look thicker and fuller. Add side bangs and you have a chic and elegant short hairstyle for women over 50.

30. Classy Jaw-Length French Bob. Here is an elegant chestnut brown hairstyle with the ends slightly curled inward, which is suitable for creating both casual and business looks — you just need to replace the hair flick with beach waves to land a more relaxed style.

31. Short Choppy Silver Fox Pixie. This is a stylish cut that requires minimal maintenance. Moisten your fingers with a mousse or gel, run them through your hair, and rock one of the boldest short hair cuts for women over 50.

32. Short Shag Haircut in Brown. Keep your vibe casual and fun with this messy and sassy hairstyle that’s always on-trend. Achieve the disheveled look and be ready for any event!

33. Layered Hair Full of Waves. This heavily layered style is well-suited for older women with thick hair since it effectively debulks the manes and fills them with texture while the highlights enhance the movement and freshen up the face.

34. Blond Haircut with Short Bangs. Adding a short thinned-out fringe to a voluminous cut is a good idea for ladies of older ages, as it spotlights the eyes and hides wrinkles on the forehead without creating harsh lines.

35. Smokey Feathered Pixie Plus Full Bangs. The creative combination of wispy side-swept strands on the crown and dense straight bangs on the forehead makes it one of the edgiest short hairstyles for women over 50, not to mention the fullness it builds in the front.

Over 50 Short Feathered Pixie with Bangs
By Judy

36. Classic Bob with Dark Underneath. Don’t be shy to go on a bob cut. That’s a short hairstyle with full options. You can use layers to enhance the movement of your bob. Cropping your hair to stop right at the nape of your neck exposes your neck and makes it appear longer.

37. Gorgeous Stacked Bronde Bob. Among many short haircuts for older women, the stacked bob has been one style that continues to fit women of any age – before and after 50. Combining it with the “bronde” trend that mixes brown and blonde will result in a lovely variation of this fashionable bob. A product of the 60s, this bob is suited for any hair texture and face shape with its infinite varieties!

38. Platinum Shag with Curtain Bangs. This rejuvenating messy style flawlessly blends choppy ends and trendy curtain bangs, with their outer edges flowing down into the elongated strands on the sides to flatteringly frame the face.

39. Salt-and-Pepper Undercut Pixie. A very short pixie styled with long top layers is a lovely hairstyle for older women. It gives you a look that is neither matronly nor childish, but quite chic and elegant.

40. Spiky Gray Pixie. Both front and back view of this pixie look so cool! The hair is voluminous on the top of the head, but in the back it’s very short…with glasses, the look will be perfect and complete!

41. Sandy Blonde Pixie with Pompadour Bangs. This beautifully textured style is just the thing for women with a high forehead: it opens up the face and creates the feel of the hair swept back by gusts of wind, accentuating the style’s volume and dynamics.

42. Salt and Pepper Pixie Bob with Long Bangs. Here is a nice example of gray blending for mature and senior ladies, which looks totally natural and doesn’t require too much correction, but you do need to visit a salon regularly to keep the temples handsomely trimmed.

43. Bob with Piece-y Bangs. Layered short hairstyles for older women are a great solution to achieve a softer look. Choppy bangs help to give more definition and dimension to your style, while the A-Line bob shape adds grace and chic.

44. Dusty Auburn Pixie with Highlights. While bright reds can feel garish in short hair for women over 50, a toned-down copper shade like this is a much safer choice, with those subtle highlights emphasizing the soft texture.

45. Cool Tone Blonde Bixie with Eye-Grazing Bangs. This mix of the pixie’s layered back and the bob’s chin-level length anticipates age-related graying and hair thinning by blending a host of blonde and gray shades and creating extra fullness in the front.

46. Shag Haircut for Women Over 50. A shag cut on straight hair has this modern, classy feel. With swoopy curtain bangs softly blended with the rest of your hair, this style is super-gorgeous. The rooted blonde hair gives us more reason to fall in love with this short hair style for older women.

47. Very Short Pixie for Older Ladies. We bet you’ve seen pictures of adorable very short haircuts for women over 50 but haven’t met this ultra-short pixie coming. Layered all around, with cute feathered bangs, and dyed blonde with dark roots, the style is so feminine and classy.

48. Bombshell Icy Pixie with Shaved Back and Sides. If you are not a stranger to daring short hair styles for women over 50, you should steal the killer combo of the spiky crown and the buzz cut ASAP.

49. Salt-and-Pepper Feathered Pixie. There are many ways you can style your short hairstyles. Spiky layers at the crown and bangs angled to the side made the style below stand out. Highlighting your hair also makes a world of difference.

50. Choppy Piece-y Pixie. A choppy pixie is another popular choice among short female haircuts. It shows off your personality by properly blending classic and modern vibes.

Ladies want to stay stylish and spectacular at any age – we carefully choose wardrobe items, taking into account the latest fashion trends, as well as popular treatments. With these short hairstyles for women over 50, you’ll look good and feel even better!

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