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50 Sexy and Sassy Short Wavy Hairstyles

5. Asymmetrical Wavy Lob. Rock your natural shoulder-length short wavy hair in a bob haircut. Keep your hair color or add babylights for a sun-kissed effect.

In the past the only choices for women with short wavy haircuts were to leave it down or pull it up into a small pony. However, with a perfect product and the right amount of inspiration, you can take your look to the next level.

Take a chance and go super short, adding an undercut; go just above the shoulders to stay close to a length you’re comfortable with; or choose something in the middle and opt for a cute bob! Short wavy hair doesn’t have to be complicated or take up a lot of time in the morning. If you like to spend less than 10 minutes on hair and makeup when getting ready, there are plenty of solutions for you. Check out below!

1. Neck-Length Wavy Bob. If you prefer to keep your lengths even, this low maintenance style with wavy curls is perfect for you.

2. Wavy Bob with Big Curls. Wish to spend less time doing your hair in the mornings? Try a short wavy bob with curls big enough to do their own body work.

3. Shaggy Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs. The sexy shaggy bob with bangs makes the eyes pop and elongates the neck.

4. Neck-Length Layered Wavy Lob. Create a healthy-looking curly style with the right layered haircut. Then use a hair mousse to enhance your curls’ shine, bounce, and shape.

5. Asymmetrical Wavy Lob. Rock your natural shoulder-length short wavy hair in a bob haircut. Keep your hair color or add babylights for a sun-kissed effect.

6. Short Wavy Bob. One of the classic short wavy haircuts that are always trendy. These beach waves are light and playful to match casual and formal outfits. You can also insert some babylights to add sparkles to your hair.

7. Curly Bob with Curly Bangs. This is one of the best short hair waves styles if you’re after a charming messy vibe. It can hide a large forehead and flatter a long face with neat face-framing bouncy curls.

8. Wavy Bob. This bouncy bob is perfect for wavy curls because it plays up body with a bit of hairspray or texturizer.

9. Wavy Pixie. A curly wavy pixie with a side undercut keeps it edgy and low maintenance.

10. Wavy Comb-Over Bob. Ladies with wavy ginger hair would appreciate this styling. After all, not many short hairstyles for wavy hair create so much volume while looking classy!

11. Short Hair with Scrunched Curls. A tasteful pick among short wavy hairstyles that don’t make your bedhead look like one. Your curls will be off your face creating a flattering halo for any face shape.

12. Messy Wavy Style. Messy styles are low-maintenance and stylish. They look especially stunning on wavy hair! Just find a good wavy hair specialist who will teach you how to embrace your gorgeous hair type.

13. Layered Wavy Bob. Your curls cut in layers will frame your face gently, making this style one of your favorite short wavy hairstyles. Highly recommended to women with copper and caramel hair!

14. Nape-Length Charcoal Wavy Crop. If you want hairstyles for short wavy hair that are more uniform, go for this one. The wavy strands will give your hair more volume, and the length will offer you a soft yet edgy vibe.

15. Tousled Curly Bob. Are you in search of short haircuts for wavy hair with that summer-ready feel? This one is shorter in the back and slightly longer towards the front. It also works for any face shape and whatever wavy hair type you might have.

16. Side-Parted Wavy Neck-Length Cut. Here is one of the short wavy hairstyles that create extra volume and bounce. With this cut, you would showcase your curls at their best.

17. Short Fine Wavy Hairstyle. Feel pretty with these low-maintenance curls that will never get out of style. Choose a shorter layered cut to flaunt your bouncy waves with added volume and movement.

18. Gray Wavy Hairstyle. Short wavy hair with bangs fits ladies of all ages. It will look aristocratic with a gray or salt-and-pepper hair color, making heads turn your way.

19. Short Wavy Bob. Do you have dark hair? Work it into a short wavy bob with piece-y locks parted to the side.

20. Muted Pink and Purple Waves. Colorful curly hair is how you should start the new year or a new month. A short hairstyle with tons of body can help you amp things up.

21. Wavy Pixie Cut. Make your curls pop with this airy coif. You can keep it short to feel fresh throughout the day. It’s great for fine hair to make the strands appear thicker.

22. Short Layered Wavy Hair. Layering adds texture to your short wavy hair even if it’s on the thinner side, making it especially appealing. Add short bangs for a lovely touch to your look.

23. Wavy Pixie Cut. Wavy hairstyles come in a variety of lengths and shapes, but this one is among our top picks. A long pixie cut with bangs adds personality and sass to your look, so be ready for extra attention.

24. Short Rounded Wavy Haircut. Go for the elegant short wavy hair that balances your facial features. Layered wavy hairdos are excellent for short-to-medium hair and work for all face shapes, even the trickiest ones.

25. Comb-Over Wavy Gray Bob. Get the best out of your short curly hair with this chic, modern pick. This haircut will give you some extra volume, and the trendy coloring will make you feel very special.

Trendy Short Curly Gray Hair
By Alan

26. Wavy Messy Pixie Haircut. Sometimes long curly hair gets in the way and requires much maintenance. But this doesn’t mean you should settle for anything less stylish! Showcase your pretty curls with this hip and contemporary ‘do!

27. Thick Wavy Round-Shaped Bob. Wavy curls from roots to tips for work during the day can be transformed into sleek and smooth hair for an evening look.

28. Short Wavy Brunette Haircut. For thick wavy hair, the all-over shaggy-chic ‘do is perfect. Keep curls for a soft, romantic vibe or straighten them for something edgier and cleaner.

29. Wavy Bob with Long Curly Bangs. The short wavy bob plays peek-a-boo with bangs covering the eyes. Throw them backwards and pin whenever you need the hair off your face.

30. Voluminous Ear-Length Pixie Bob. Short haircuts for wavy hair honor thick pixie-bobs that play up facial features and a chiseled jawline.

31. Chin-Length Stacked Wavy Bob. The stacked bob with wavy curls is both structured and soft. Subtle balayage highlights flatter it with a more natural look.

32. Wavy Jaw-Length Cut with Bangs. Want the length up a bit? Scrunch a cream or mousse through your locks to encourage curls. The detailed side-swept bang adds a soft touch.

33. Short Asymmetrical Wavy Haircut. Expect to see many hairstyles for short wavy hair on the runway. A mix of luscious locks on one side and short, smoother pieces on the other will keep your style current.

Asymmetrical Hairstyle for Short Wavy Hair
By Sol

34. Wavy Bob with Front Bangs. Most short haircuts for wavy hair can’t compete with the classic bob. However, if you wish to spice it up, add trendy curly bangs and look cute at all times!

Cute Bob for Wavy Hair
By Alex

35. Shoulder-Length Wavy Style Without Bangs. Looking for a short hairstyle that can still reach your shoulders? Consider a light layered hairstyle with dark roots for a cool dimensional look.

36. Wavy Brown Hair. Update a short hairstyle with bangs by scrunched curls making sure the bangs only graze the eyebrows.

37. Chocolate-Colored Wavy Bob. Those with brown hair and wavy curls will appreciate this rounded medium-length bob with a glossy finish.

38. Red Frizzy Wavy Hair. Does your hair tend to do what it wants when it’s wet? Use fingers to twist a product through hair to control the curl.

39. Short Waves with Burgundy Highlights. When taking your hair inspiration photo to a salon in order to make sure you are keeping the length you want, have your stylist cut the hair while it’s dry. It will be easier to see where the layered wavy curls will fall.

Short Layered Hairstyle with Wavy Curls
By Jess

40. Fiery-Red Short Wavy Hair. The tight, spiral-shaped curls get their fire from a bold all-over color, natural or not!

41. Wavy Hair with a Curly Fringe. Want to try a hairstyle with bangs? This sweet ‘do encourages a messy fringe and curly body.

42. Short Wavy Bob. A short rounded bob for wavy locks is a classy hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. With bangs or without any, it will be a sure stunner.

43. Short Hairstyle with Natural Texture. A pixie for naturally textured hair is sure to be low maintenance and a show stopper.

44. Wavy Pixie with Long Sideburns. A pixie can also feature the same length throughout the cut. This example is charming; it oozes a vintage flair.

45. Voluminous Short Wavy Hair. Short haircuts with big curls are the best accessory for any outfit.

46. Very Short Wavy Haircut with a Longer Top. Do you have very short wavy hair? A spunky cut like this is easy to maintain as it’s short in the back yet with some length up front and on top to show off your beautiful texture.

47. Dark Red Dry Cut. Who runs the hair world? Curls. Redheads unite and gush over this beautiful angled bob.

48. Short Wavy Hair with Nape Undercut. Give an undercut a try and fluff up the top for a classy and touchable hairstyle.

49. Wavy Bob with Short Bangs. This blonde swirly-curly cut is the adult version of Shirley Temple. With body like this, you can easily shape your hair into a playful or professional hairstyle.

50. Low-Maintenance Short Wavy Curls. What can we recommend for thick wavy hair with bangs? Try this well-structured angled bob with plenty of curls. It’s full of character and femininity.

As you can see, short wavy hair is anything but boring. The next time you’re looking for a change, take one of these photos with you to the salon and see what happens!

by Serena Piper
Serena graduated from the University of Oregon where she majored in magazine journalism. She is a published writer both in print and online. She currently lives in Daytona Beach where she works at the Early Learning Coalition, an organization supporting children of low-income families. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, reading, country music concerts, exploring Florida, and of course, the beach.