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40 Startling Side Swept Bangs Ideas to Suit Any Taste

2. Messy High Bun with Piece-y Side Bangs. The fringe transforms this messy bun into a romantic hairstyle suitable for going out or impressing your friends and family.

Messy Bun Updo with Side Bangs
By Vera

Side bangs are frequently sported by celebrities on the red carpet. No wonder why. They are stylish, convenient, and suit literally everyone. You won’t spend much time and effort on a vibrant look if you choose side-swept hair!

Check out our list of the most popular side swept bangs in 2021 and find something for you.

1. Long Choppy Side Bangs for Round Face. The traditional bob haircut completed with choppy side bangs creates a super-stylish look. The hair slims down your cheeks and shows off the cute chin and graceful neck.

2. Messy High Bun with Piece-y Side Bangs. The fringe transforms this messy bun into a romantic hairstyle suitable for going out or impressing your friends and family.

Messy Bun Updo with Side Bangs
By Vera

3. Lob with Long Side Bangs and Highlights. This long bob with side bangs gives you an effortlessly trendy look, and it’s still a very basic, girl-next-door look. Match it with some waves, and you’re good to go!

4. Side Part Bangs with Shoulder-Length Waves. With those thick bangs, a sexy look from under the fringe is guaranteed. Beach waves make this hairstyle soft and romantic.

5. Voluminous Bob with Side Swept Bangs. This style features impressive volume. The side bangs and teased crown do the job right.

6. Long Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs. The short asymmetric haircut with choppy side swept bangs hides the upper part of the face while revealing the jawline and neck. An excellent choice for fit women.

7. Swoopy Side Bangs for Medium Hair. The long bob with feathered ends and swoopy bangs makes the face appear narrower. To style side bangs this way, use a hairdryer and a round brush for enhanced volume.

8. Blonde Swoop Bangs. Longer bangs work as face-framing layers and can be easily pinned back to keep them out of the face. These can be split in the middle or go with a side-parted hairstyle.

9. Razored Bob with Choppy Side Bangs. Short side bangs on a slant cover one eye, drawing our attention to the chaotic jagged layers. Just don’t forget to add more volume at the roots.

10. Elegant Side Swept Bangs for Long Thick Hair. These bangs fit long and thick hair perfectly. The wavy texture adds volume that can make you look years younger! Such side-swept bangs are for the romantic hearts and will frame your face well.

11. Traditional Ponytail with Wispy Side Bangs. If you like to wear your hair up, a long fringe is often preferable to frame and soften your face. Its length and swoopy appearance create an intriguing look.

12. Shoulder Length Haircut with Parted Side Bangs. The long side bangs resting on the cheekbones totally transform this lob haircut. Dry the fringe with a round brush to add more volume.

Long Side Bangs for Shoulder-Length Hair
By Mila

13. Shag with a Middle Part and Side Bangs. This is basically a long wavy bob with shaggy layers and a medium-length fringe that hits the cheekbones. A little chaos is ideal for street-style fashion.

14. Blonde Bob Shag with Long Side Swept Bangs. The popular Korean side bangs complement all types of short hairstyles. They shadow the eyes, delivering an intriguing look.

15. Side Swept Bangs with Tousled Long Hair. The beach look that has become so popular in street-style fashion is guaranteed. Parted in the middle, with a wispy fringe and soft waves to complete the beach effect.

16. Layered Heavy Side Bangs. Wavy shoulder-length hair with a heavy side-swept fringe is ideal for a street-style look, as well as vacation. Layers through the length create a feathery quality, while the massive bangs deliver a sexy look.

17. Voluminous Pixie Cut with Side Bangs. A fringe hitting the cheekbones adds volume. Swept to the side, the hairstyle delicately hides the forehead.

18. Stunning Dark Hair with Swoop Bangs. The hairstyle with side bangs will show best your solid hair color and the layered texture of your cut! To make the hair color shiny and vibrant don’t forget to use quality hair products.

19. Wavy Swoopy Bangs. One of the most striking looks with side bangs. This modern cut is a fit for young adults. Add dimension to the hair with both highlights and lowlights, using your natural hair color as a base.

20. Short Hairstyle with Thick Side Bangs. The thick fringe completely covers the forehead, shifting the viewer’s eye to the lower half of the face. This layered haircut gives your hair a delicate, voluminous, and chaotic appearance.

21. The “Tigress” Side Bangs and Wavy Layers. This is the ultimate combination for a goddess. Long side-swept bangs and long blonde hair with a loose wave. You can add highlights and lowlights for extra dimension.

22. Straight Medium Haircut with Side Bangs. The medium-length layered haircut gets spiced up with a long straight fringe. You can part it in the middle or sweep it to one side.

23. Medium Length Hair with Layered Side Bangs. Anyone can easily pull off any hairstyle with these side swept bangs. Style your hair in quick messy waves or straighten it – side bangs are universally flattering and comfortable to wear.

24. Straight Hair with Side Bangs. Straight shoulder-length hair with side bangs on a slant is a traditional look. The fringe provides volume and texture, hiding the cheekbones.

25. Wavy Wispy Side Bangs for Short Hair. Short hair with whipped, thin side bangs makes you a goddess from the twentieth century. Chic, elegant, and convenient!

26. Voluminous Low Ponytail with Thin Side Bangs. This one’s all about volume and curls. The textured curls of the ponytail and side bangs make you look like a romantic nymph.

27. Korean Side Bangs for a Long Hairstyle. The slightly whipped cute side bangs leave the lower part of the face open, while partially covering the upper half. The flipped up ends bring volume and dynamics to the hair.

28. Extra Short Hairstyle with Edgy Side Bangs. The side swept bangs add more volume to fine short hair. A choppy finish contributes to the chaotic look that showcases your inner rebel.

29. Red Lob with Parted Side Swept Bangs. The uneven choppy finish and curtain bangs guarantee a cool tousled look. Choose a refreshing color, like this light copper, and be ready to fall in love with your new style.

30. Silver Pixie with Thin Side Bangs. The deep side fringe definitely spices up this traditional pixie look. Create a side parting with a swing effect for enhanced volume.

31. Voluminous Side Swept Bangs for Short Curly Hair. Loose waves add vibrancy and elegance to short side bang styles. Finish with a spray for curls, and this style will stay in place all day long.

32. Messy Crop with a Side Fringe. Short side swept bangs are compatible with most face shapes and all hair types. This cute shag couldn’t get a better fringe choice.

33. Loose Waves with a Deep Side Fringe. The long slightly wavy hair gives off vibes of everyday elegance. Pair with deep bangs on the side in your preferred length.

34. Flipped Up Long Side Swept Bangs. The cheekbone-grazing flipped up fringe sets off the silky curls flowing down. The look is very soft and feminine to suit any occasion.

35. Traditional Long Hairstyle with Side Bangs. Straight long hair looks more stylish with angled side bangs parted in the middle. You will look like a model when the wind blows through your fringe.

36. Short Hairstyle with Feathered Side Bangs. Looking for a sophisticated long pixie style? Add a side swept fringe and jagged layers throughout, blow it randomly with a hairdryer for subtle curves, and voila!

37. Waves with Long Side Bangs. Style your fringe as a beach wave along with the rest of your hair. This shattered look immediately suggests big-city elegance.

38. Updo with Long Wispy Side Bangs. The wispy bangs deliver a messy yet delicate look. The hair curves frame your face, veiling the forehead and cheekbones.

39. Side Swept Bangs for Long Fine Hair. Wavy fine hair can get a more voluminous look. A fringe parted in the middle that hits the cheekbones enhances the volume effortlessly.

40. Short Layered Hair with Parted Side Bangs. Texture and a multi-layer effect are guaranteed with this cute shaggy mullet. The parted long fringe delivers an intriguing look.

As you see, there are dozens of hairstyles with side bangs: longer and short, wispy and chunky. Hope our list of side bangs ideas has helped you not to waste too much time surfing the net or looking through fashion magazines, and you have now chosen your next look. Which one would you try? Comment below!

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