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30 Two-Strand Twists Ideas to Copy This Year for a Killer Look

There is hardly an easier protective hairstyle than two-strand twists, even for complete beginners in styling. Surely, it will take some patience and time to part all your hair and go through every section, but apart from this, you will need just keep overlapping and twisting the strands right to the end.

This simple technique results in stunning hairstyles that can protect your fragile curls from damage and help you arrive at other hair goals, such as locs or twist-outs. Although perfectly suitable for natural hair of different lengths, this method allows you to amplify the length and volume of your curls.

Our collection includes both all-natural options and 2 strand twist with extensions.

1. Asymmetric 2 Strand Twist on Short Hair. This above-the-shoulder hairstyle is parted to one side to accommodate a kind of spiral bangs and a couple of cornrowed designs.

2. High Pony with Two Strand Twist Locs. This curly hairstyle throws a bunch of twisted strands into a lush pony on the crown, allowing some loose ropes to frame the face.

3. Small 2 Strand Twist Hairstyle with Interlaced Design. Here, the petite strands with sweet curly ends are pushed to one side to give space to an intricately woven pattern.

4. Mid-Length Locs and Twists Duo. This is the simplest way to enrich your hair journey with 2 strand twist loc styles — just put neighboring ropes into one for a bouncy style.

5. Fulani-Themed Two Strand Twist for Natural Hair. This style gets a little extra zhuzh with a piece of center-stage braiding added to the chunky twists oozing the natural type 4 texture.

6. Full-Size and Side-Parted Twists. We do recommend side-parted two-strand twists for women wishing to boost volume in their hair and balance their facial features with some additional lift in the front.

7. Side Cornrows and Honey Ombre. Here is another way to own 2 strand twist short hair — this time, it is adorned with a scatter of cornrows and a brown-to-honey-blonde color melt.

8. 2 Strand Twists Meet Flat Twists. This girl prefers doing twists in a big way and replaces tiny cornrows with several lines of flat twists chiming well with her massive strands.

Short Chunky 2 Strand Twists
By Lisa

9. Cornrowed and Triangle-Parted Twists. This fancy version of 2 strand twist styles for natural hair proves that you can enjoy plenty of fun and customization without a jot of hair extensions.

10. Palm Tree 2 Strand Twist Locs. Apart from catching the eye with the sky-high top knot, this hippie updo creates a cool and bouncy replacement for a side-swept fringe.

11. Dip-Dye Hair with Chunky Locs. Here is a great example of voluminous two-strand twists for a female wishing to upgrade her locs style with a pop of color.

12. Diamond-Parted Starter Locs. While two-strand twist hairstyles offer an easy way to start your locs, you may try to make your look more sophisticated through diamond parting.

13. Twisted Lob with Kinky Ends. This is one of our favorites among two-strand twist styles for medium-length hair — because of the texture, bounce, and density it delivers.

14. No-Frills Short Two Strand Twists. Having no whimsical designs or elaborate partings, this simple side-part style still creates a cute layered bob feel on short natural hair.

15. Half-Up Locs Style Made of Twists. If you wonder how 2 strand twist hairstyles look when migrating into locs, this half-up with a high pony and crown twists will give you a clue.

16. Asymmetrical Cornrowed Twist Style. Instead of showing just a tiny braided detail, 2 strand twists for women with natural hair can be embellished with a big piece of cornrow design and a bunch of lovely swirls at the ends.

17. Smooth High-Contrast Twists. These adorable bob-length ropes stand out from other 2 strand twist styles for their smooth and silky appearance, authentic irregular parting, and, of course, eye-catching golden blonde insertions.

18. Shoulder-Length Twists with Braided Roots. This version of hybrid two-strand twist styles incorporates a set of cornrows running in different directions to mimic a side-part effect.

19. Loc Petal Bun Upstyle. This playful two-strand twist updo features nice petal buns made from a pair of loc pigtails and fun accent bits placed on the sides and back.

20. Two Strand Twists Pinup. If you are after edgy 2 strand twist updo styles for short hair, this minimalist faux hawk with twisted bangs totally deserves your attention.

21. Smooth at the Roots, Textured Toward the Ends. Despite the seeming simplicity of the twists, you have many options with both their styling and installation, including this smooth-to-textured transition.

22. Burgundy Two Strand Twists with Extensions. This pretty layered bob matches a red shade at the roots with a chocolaty brown placed toward the bottom to arrive at a soft burgundy color.

23. Silky Twists with Frizzy Tips. These fresh starter locs remain sleek and shiny all the way down to the tips, where they morph into puffy curls showing the rebellious nature of the Afro hair.

24. Full and Springy 2 Strand Rope Twist Hairstyle. While thick and coarse curls might be a nightmare for daily styling, they provide the very density and texture required for such a full-bodied twisted style.

25. Long Two Strand Twists with Highlights. Locs and twists get on well together, and they are creatively intertwined here to result in a stunning side pony hairstyle accentuated with highlights.

26. Jumbo Size Twisted Locs. If you cannot impress the public with the length of your locs, you can still make them jealous of the distinct texture and volume of your XXL-size twists.

27. Micro Twists with Itty-Bitty Cornrows. Actually, two-strand twists look great in all sizes, which is proven by this head of micro ropes complemented with highlights and fine braiding.

28. Short Kinky Two-Strand Twists. If looking at them from afar, you can easily mistake these boxed twists of varying lengths for tight ringlets because of their irregular pattern and bouncy feel.

29. Soft Mid-Length Twists. These medium-length twists are left relaxed at the roots to create a softer feel, avoid extra tension, and deliver a beautiful twist-out.

30. Matted Twists with Black to Blonde Transition. This picture shows how two-strand twists gradually begin to turn into mature locs, gaining a matted finish in addition to the black-to-golden transition.

Two-strand twists are easy to do and take down, and they don’t require special tools or extensions unless you choose to install 2 strand twist with weave hair. It’s a low-maintenance hairstyle that can last for weeks with minimal manipulations, and the cool looks you can create are definitely worth trying.

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