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50 Messy Bob Hairstyles You Will Fall in Love with in 2020

A messy bob can be of any length and for any hair type, the only thing that is a must for this hairstyle is messy texture. It can be created with choppy layers, jagged ends, razored strands, and/or texture-boosting products, like sea salt spray, texturizing mousse, etc. Hairstylists have many valuable hacks to give your bob an effortless appearance.

Find your own ideal messy bob among these 50 super-trendy hairstyles, picked up from top Instagram accounts:

1. Textured Messy Bob Cut. Feathery layers bring definition and texture back into your tired hair. Use a dry texture spray to get extra height and finger comb your hair after styling.

2. Messy Lob. Choppy layers are a step away from feathery layers because they give off an edgy vibe that you can’t seem to nail with rather delicate layers. You can style this lob wavy or curly for that messy look.

3. Short Messy Bob. The shorter bob with uneven layers is super chic. Ladies with thick hair will love this because you can get that extra height and volume with a shorter cut.

4. Messy Bob with Balayage. Style this bob straight or wavy, and it will look messy and beachy thanks to subtle highlights and tousled texture.

5. Wavy Thin Layers. A flattering messy bob hairstyle for fine hair may be hard to find – but here it is. Use hairspray to hold the waves in place and finger comb them to contribute to the messy vibe.

6. Blonde Choppy Waves. We love this cute messy bob hairstyle because it will always look chic and trouble-free – the beauty of a messy style!

7. Mid-Length Messy Bob. Try a collarbone cut if you want to rest from longer locks. Mid-length bobs are super edgy and can be styled down or up.

8. Textured Bob. Such short messy bobs are perfect for summer. Tame frizz with an anti-frizz leave-in conditioner if you want to skip styling.

9. Messy Graduated Bob. What a cute, effortless look! We are completely amazed at how easily graduated cuts can elevate your look.

10. Messy Angled Cut. Bright flashes of highlights in a messy bob add edge and depth to your hair. An angled choppy shape is exactly what you need if you want a cool, sharp bob.

11. Messy Bob with Bangs. Boost dimension of fine hair with a razored cut. Bangs with a messy, shaggy cut will give you the ultimate beach look you’ve been missing.

12. Wispy Razored Bob. This bob screams chic, and you can rock it inside and outside the office. The collarbone-grazing cut is sharp and wispy.

13. Neck-Length Messy Bob. The layers and messy texture of this longer bob work together to give you a sexy vibe. You may also soften or brighten your natural color with a fresh balayage.

14. Curly Bob. The curls aren’t perfectly defined but that is the whole point of the messy curly bob haircut. Curl pieces of your hair in different directions to get to the level of messy you want.

15. Short Blonde Cut. Wavy hair is one of the styles that flatter any woman, but you need to figure out your own flattering type of wave. Try it by lightly curling your hair for about 5 -10 seconds and then finger comb it out so you get a loose wave.

16. Short Straight Spiky Bob. Never seen straight hair that can be messy? Well, here it is – daring and edgy!

17. Super Short Messy Bob. Texture to the extreme with this look –use a dry texture spray after styling to get that extra height!

18. Chest-Length Bob. A long messy bob hairstyle is what you need if you’ve been rocking long hair for a while now. It is a nice change but it isn’t anything too dramatic. You’ll get the volume and texture you’ve been missing.

19. Short Bronde Bob. Messy waves + a perfect balayage color = a match made in heaven. Try bright highlights on a dark brown base during your next trip to the salon.

20. Shoulder-Length Messy Bob with Bangs. Play around with your shoulder-length messy hair by adding highlights for dimension and bangs for extra texture.

21. Blunt Asymmetrical Cut. Look how clean those lines are! You don’t always need layers to generate texture, you can get it with a messy blunt bob.

22. Ombre Bob with Major Texture. We are obsessed with this straight look that has so much texture and thickness. Just because you straighten your hair doesn’t mean it has to stay perfect.

23. Blonde and Silver Chic. Combine colors to get the perfect blend of golden blonde and silver for a funky twist on highlights. Add waves for extra dimension and texture.

24. Ultimate Textured Bob. Play with the texture of light waves and finger comb your hair after styling.

25. Loose Waves. To get that barely-there wave that gives off a beachy vibe, try curling your hair loosely with a curling iron for about 5 seconds and add a dry texture spray.

26. Jagged Haircut with Highlights. Razor cuts give you those sharp edges you can’t get with traditional layering.

27. Icy Blonde Texture. Get a blowout for pin straight hair and then apply either your fav dry shampoo or dry texture spray to the roots to get the lift.

28. Chic Gray Balayage Bob. A balayage is usually blonde, but try changing the blonde for a light gray color to enjoy an edgier twist.

29. Smoky Blonde Bob. Have shorter layers in the back of your hair that get longer towards the front, so you can have some extra height and nice face-framing pieces.

30. Curly Lob with Front Bangs. Lobs are perfect for thick hair because you can keep the length you love while bringing movement and bounce back into your hair with layers.

31. Shaggy Bob with Blunt Bangs. Get the perfect blend of color and texture for this look!

32. Beachy Blonde Bob. The best part about having a longer bob is that you can use the extra length to play around with color and different kinds of waves.

33. Dark Messy Bob with a Fringe. Short messy bobs look so chic with dark hair! Pair with bangs if you want to draw attention to the eyes.

34. Neck-Length Bob. Messy medium hair works for all face shapes. It’s a safe length to try if you don’t want too short hair.

35. Wavy Angled Bob. The slight tinge of blonde at the bottom is the best thing we’ve ever seen. It’s so subtle and chic.

36. Blonde Messy Cut. Face-framing highlights can help add dimension and extra texture to your style, and make your cheekbones pop in an instant.

37. Multidimensional Messy Bob. This cut boasts movement and depth in a comfortable length that allows wash and go days whenever you are too busy or lazy to do styling.

38. Shaggy Bob. To get super shaggy, messy texture, spray dry shampoo before styling and after. Curl it lightly to get that beachy effect.

39. Gray Shaggy Bob. Look how much texture this cut has! It’s chic and works on straight and slightly wavy hair types.

40. Inverted Messy Bob with Caramel Highlights. You may upgrade your favorite shape with a messy finish. If you like inverted bobs, add some thin uneven layers, partial highlights and tousled styling.

41. Jaw-Length Messy Bob. A messy yet structured hairstyle is a trendy way to wear your hair this season.

42. Messy Sleek Bob. Pin straight locks are rather sleek, but you can create a seabreezy look with a messy texture. Tousle and add some grit with a texturizing hairspray.

43. Wavy Shaggy Lob. Disheveled waves add so much texture to your bob, and with a longer cut you have more length to play with.

44. Razored Black Bob. Lots of razored layers generate a beautiful texture for straight or slightly wavy hair. Try matt and shiny finishes to see how different it can look and feel.

45. Chic Messy Curls. We love this neck-length bob that looks chic and beachy. Curls can help add height and volume that will last all day.

46. Sassy Messy Lob. You can use a curling iron to get effortless curls that work equally great in the office and on the beach.

47. Cool Blonde Bob. Dark shadow roots pair well with messy textures. Sometimes leaving roots untouched can help create a very interesting and fresh style that`ll become your favorite for years.

48. Messy Bob with Side Fringe. Try straightening your bangs and curling the rest of your hair for a boho vibe.

49. Beachy Ombre. Ladies with thin hair – this one’s for you! Add the lightest highlight color to the ends of your hair to show dimension and give off the illusion that your hair is thicker at the bottom.

50. Messy Long Bob. Curl some pieces of your hair for that beachy vibe – your curls may not be neat because that’s the whole point of the messy bob!

Who says bobs have to be perfect all the time? The next time you are at a salon, ask for a messy bob. You’ll love the length and texture of your hair with a messy style!

by Victoria Morales
Victoria is a freelance writer living in NYC. She loves writing about lifestyle, skin care and all things hair. She's always open to sharing ideas on new trendy hair colors, haircuts and hairstyles.