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50 Burgundy Hair Color Ideas for Every Hair Texture and Length

27. Red Wine Hair Color. The all-time favorite wine shade will highlight your delicate features and complexion, and pair well with your fall-winter wardrobe.

Burgundy hair can add depth and give you a sense of confidence. If you’re thinking about changing your hair but can’t decide what shade to try next – instead of traditional hues choose one of juicy burgundy hair colors.

The ultimate question when it comes to burgundy hair is: burgundy vs maroon, what’s the difference? Burgundy has more purple in it, while maroon has a red undertone. Purple lovers will enjoy this list of burgundy hairstyles and might even want to take a trip to a salon after reading!

Here’re 50 burgundy hair color ideas for you to think about!

1. Burgundy Plum Waves. A subtle plum color is a desired change from the usual go-to highlight colors for brunettes.

2. Burgundy Brown Bob. Is it brown? Is it burgundy? It’s the perfect shade between brown and burgundy, and it looks BEAUTIFUL!

3. Burgundy Red Loose Waves. Step into a redder shade of burgundy for a bold look. You can have ombre with this color or highlights around your whole head – the choice is yours.

4. Mid-Length Burgundy Waves on Dark Hair. Hollywood glam to the next level in this style. Burgundy + Dark hair is EVERYTHING!

5. Chestnut Burgundy Highlights. It’s not quite purple but it’s not brown either – what a perfect combination!

6. Messy Purple Ombre Bob. A choppy cut adds a lot of texture into this bob. If you have thin or fine hair, you might want to go for a choppy cut so you can add body and the desired illusion of thicker locks.

7. Short Burgundy Bob. A bob is already a chic style – add a twist with burgundy highlights.

8. Muted Burgundy Wine Hair. Calling all wine lovers! Turn your favorite drink into your favorite hair color and see how many compliments you’ll get in return.

9. Burgundy Highlights. If you aren’t ready to dive into burgundy all the way – try highlights to see how you feel.

10. Volumizing Burgundy Red Waves. Having tighter curls with shorter layers brings volume and texture back into your tired hair. Since this style is a bit shorter, you can get away with using a medium-sized curling iron, and it should take about 20 minutes.

11. Deep Burgundy Hair. The black hair with deep burgundy hues oozes a bold, edgy vibe. Style straight, in waves, or with tighter curls.

12. Burgundy Purple Curls. Curls lend your hair texture and can show off your new color better. Use a medium sized curling iron for thicker hair so you can work fast.

13. Blackberry Burgundy Long Layers. We can’t get enough of this purple shade of burgundy – we want it!

14. Blackberry Burgundy Waves. Not everyone knows what shade blackberry is, but this color will make its way to the top with this style. Make blackberry hair look chic with loose curls.

15. Long Dark Burgundy Hair. Have your favorite dark red maroon color as your hair color. Burgundy is a sophisticated choice for dark-haired ladies.

16. Burgundy Highlights on Black Hair. The contrast between these vivid colors looks beautiful on any hair type.

17. Messy Choppy Burgundy Bob. Short hair becomes beautiful with light waves that make the messy style look chic.

18. Medium Burgundy Waves. Beachy meets bold in this sexy style. A great idea if you like vibrant shades, that still look natural.

19. Fierce Burgundy Waves. We can’t stop looking at the varied intensity of burgundy within this eye-catching balayage. You’ll have everyone asking what salon you went to for this beautiful color!

20. Plum Burgundy Hair Color. If you don’t want anything too bright, try a sweet plum shade, perfect for brightening your natural brown – it feels absolutely wearable and you won’t get bored with it as soon as you may with a brighter color.

Long Brown hair with Plum Burgundy Balayage
By Amy

21. Bright Violet Ombre Beachy Waves. Bright colors are a must during the Spring and Summer seasons. If you want something more temporary, use a temporary or washable hair dye so you can switch up your color whenever you want.

22. Red Balayage on Shoulder Length Hair. Any lady with dark hair knows that shades of red are a perfect addition to her rich base color to make her look extra flawless. Try this mesmerizing bright red balayage to highlight the gloss of your black mane.

23. Deep Red Burgundy Balayage. An ideal red hue for the girls who always struggle to decide whether red or burgundy is their favorite color. The rich burgundy transitioning into a seductive dark red is an exquisite choice.

24. Grape Purple Burgundy Hair. A dusty, smoky grape shade of burgundy to fit all your fall time dreams, outfits, and drinks. The light caramel babylights add depth and dimension to the style.

25. Dark Maroon Hair Ombre. If sticking to the classic black doesn’t suit your bright personality, bring in some spark and character with a rich dark maroon ombre.

26. Burgundy Red Hair with Black Roots. The black roots with bright red wine lengths boasting deeper plum accents are set to be your next best hair color choice.

27. Red Wine Hair Color. The all-time favorite wine shade will highlight your delicate features and complexion, and pair well with your fall-winter wardrobe.

28. Dark Burgundy Hair. Wow, this burgundy hair color is worth a double take! What a well-balanced and stylish hairdo! It’s a blend of a rich burgundy fully packed with a brighter and full of movement magenta.

29. Subtle Burgundy Ombre. Dusty plum ends meet raven black roots and become something truly mind-blowing. Enigmatic hair for a mysterious lady!

30. Dark Raspberry Hair. As fragrant and sweet as raspberry wine, this gorgeous hair color will make you book your next salon appointment immediately.

31. Burgundy Wine Hair Color. A bold yet elegant burgundy with just enough red woven through to balance out the glossy deep purple base gives you the color of a top-shelf Cabernet.

32. Burgundy Ombre Hair. A beautiful combination of black roots and long deep burgundy hair. It’s not quite as fiery as some hot red but it lets you feel edgy and alternative.

33. Burgundy Highlights on Black Hair. Did we mention how well burgundy pairs with black? Breathe new life into your black stacked bob with random chunky burgundy highlights.

34. Burgundy Red Hair Color. This color is not for the faint-hearted. Enjoy your outspoken nature and show it off through some bright curls and vivid red money pieces.

35. Long Solid Magenta Hair. Celebrate the never-dying burgundy trend by dyeing your hair magenta. It’s neither dark nor light, making it a perfect bright hair color choice for most skin tones.

36. Black Hair with Purple and Burgundy Highlights. If you want to step up your color game and cannot decide on which way to go, invite yourself to the burgundy club by embracing both purple and burgundy in your highlights. Depending on where the sunlight hits, your hair will play differently each time!

37. Rich Mahogany Hair. If there was a shade that screamed “Fall”, we would immediately point in the direction of this mahogany color. It oozes the warmth of fallen leaves while looking both soft and hypnotizing.

38. Red Maroon Hair Color. Who said you can’t show off the full potential of deep reds and burgundy on your shoulder length and above hair? With random lighter accents, it would be hard to put your finger on just one shade to name this color.

39. Red Burgundy Curly Hair. Curls and burgundy are a match made in heaven. Just check how the brighter crimson ribbons pop against the moodier lowlights, it makes you want to grab a burgundy hair dye immediately.

40. Sangria Burgundy Balayage. A slightly summery variation of the deep seductive reddish burgundy. It revives your usual browns, adding some spark and dimension with the intense maroon color.

41. Maroon Hair with Money Pieces. Naturally gorgeous, the maroon shade is complimented and brought to another level of coolness with perky crimson money pieces.

42. Burgundy Purple Ombre Hair. A very delicate transition from dark reddish roots to a blackberry balayage with maroon face-framing strands. There is absolutely nothing to add to these beautiful shades of burgundy.

43. Carmine and Burgundy Pixie. As if pixie cuts weren’t bold enough. The style not for the timid ones: the lower burgundy layers topped with a hot carmine crown are breathtaking.

44. Burgundy Hair with Highlights in Maroon. Such an eye-catching color combination is a wonderful idea for the women who wish to create natural shimmer and gloss in their hair using only two rather similar shades.

45. Black and Burgundy Hair with Highlights. Delicious like plum jam spread all over your luscious black hair. The long locks are a perfect canvas to let those burgundy strands shine.

46. Pale Burgundy and Blonde Hair. If you have light brown hair that needs some brightening, getting a few blonde and light burgundy highlights woven into the fringe and throughout the front of your hair will give you a nice fall makeover look.

47. Burgundy Brown Hair. This dark shade is oozing charm and elegance. It appears both mysterious and soft, and you may not want to stop looking at yourself for a while, once you get it.

48. Red Burgundy Hair. Seductive, edgy, and full of charisma would be a fitting description for the rich carmine balayage.

49. Short Burgundy Hair. Shaggy sangria highlights in your black hair can give the whole look some extra fun, laid-back, and casually seductive feel.

50. Asymmetrical Burgundy Bob. The magenta chunk swooped to the front not only highlights the thick full-body nature of the hair but works as an effortless accessory to nearly any outfit.

Burgundy hair has different shades and styles to choose from and can work on any hair type! Burgundy hair colors work on thick and thin hair, with curls and a straight blow out. If you want to try a different look, go for a customized burgundy shade that will have others inspired!

by Victoria Morales
Victoria is a freelance writer living in NYC. She loves writing about lifestyle, skin care and all things hair. She's always open to sharing ideas on new trendy hair colors, haircuts and hairstyles.
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    I loved your beauty article with all the red & burgundy coloring and various styles. I’m a retired stylist & make up artist and I want to keep up with what is trending.