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30 Tasty Caramel Hair Colors You Will Want to Try ASAP

4. Caramel Chestnut Hair Color. To create this super soft and gentle-looking style, deepen your light caramel hair color. Dye your hair adding lowlights, or bring added brightness to that gooey chestnut shade with chunky caramel highlights.

Add some spice to your hair with caramel hair colors! The best thing about caramel hair is that it looks so appealing and works so well for brunettes, redheads, and blondes that you can expect admiring comments wherever you go. What’s not to love about a spicy caramel shade?

Go through these 30 delightful coloring ideas to give yourself a caramel hair upgrade this season!

1. Salted Caramel Hair Color. There is something incredibly magnetic about salted caramel colors. Hair that won’t go unnoticed! It will warm you up like a blanket on a cold winter night.

2. Toffee Hair Color. A candy-like shade that sits right between caramel auburn and brown will work perfectly for light-skinned ladies.

3. Caramel Balayage Hair Color. Let your inner fiery nature come through with this statement-making bright caramel balayage.

4. Caramel Chestnut Hair Color. To create this super soft and gentle-looking style, deepen your light caramel hair color. Dye your hair adding lowlights, or bring added brightness to that gooey chestnut shade with chunky caramel highlights.

5. Brown and Caramel Hair Color. One of the best caramel hair color ideas for thick brown hair. Imagine how much bouncier your hair will look with these sweet caramel highlights.

6. Butterscotch Caramel Hair Color. Caramel and coffee tones go together like peanut butter and jelly; along with this, they highlight brown eyes perfectly, making your whole look utterly magnetic.

7. Light Caramel Hair Color. You’re going to love how beautiful your hair looks with added chunky blonde highlights and some darker chocolate lowlights for balance.

8. Honey Caramel Hair Color. Neither blonde nor brunette, a perfectly balanced honey caramel tone will leave everyone speechless. Tons of shades weaved in together make the final look super voluminous and glossy.

9. Dark Caramel and Blonde Hair Color. This style will take some time to achieve, but it’s totally worth it. Just look at how much body and dimension this mane has!

10. Caramel Blonde Hair. Soft and delicate, this golden caramel tone will help you effortlessly catch the attention of everyone in the room.

11. Caramel Brown Hair with Strawberry Highlights. Freshen up your everyday hairstyle by adding strawberry blonde money pieces, and lots and lots of highlights!

12. Caramel Bob Hair. An absolutely delicious copper shade of caramel hair. Try this to highlight your beautiful chocolate-colored skin!

13. Caramel Curly Hair. Think about the sun-kissed locks of Shakira and Beyoncé, but yours and with the same level of confidence.

14. Dark Brown to Caramel Hair Color. Having natural springy curls is amazing, but have you tried defining them with caramel highlights? It’s about time you did!

15. Caramel Mocha Hair Color. It’s amazing how well chocolate tones mix with caramel shades. Add some babylights to your brown hair, or go for a full head of mocha-colored highlights and lowlights.

16. Caramel Color on Short Hair. Light caramel tones work wonders, bringing volume to thin hair and adding body to the classy undercut pixie style.

17. Caramel Hair Color with Blonde Highlights. Make it look like you’ve spent the last few months living on the beach by going for this sun-kissed highlighted hairstyle.

18. Caramel Hair Color with Highlights. Tiny strings of blonde and caramel highlights on your naturally chestnut hair paired with loose beach waves create a killer combination for autumn days.

19. Caramel Hair Color with Lowlights. Enjoy your Disney princess-worthy hairstyle with all the depth and spring provided by dark brown lowlights! For extra volume, try styling it with medium-sized curls using a curling iron.

20. Caramel Blonde Ombre. If drastic changes aren’t for you, but going lighter is what you’re after, then a soft caramel blonde ombre will definitely suit your taste.

21. Caramel Golden-Brown Hair Color. Go a few tones lighter and add money pieces in blonde to highlight your beautiful features and bring a little warmth to your look.

22. Dark Caramel Brown Hair Color. Nothing beats a good quick makeover. Soft caramel babylights on natural dark brown locks will automatically give you the eye-catching look you desire.

23. Chocolate Caramel Brown Hair Color. If you don’t want to spend hours styling your hair, then getting a caramel balayage to highlight your curls is a done deal.

24. Caramel Auburn Hair Color. An easy balance between a reddish auburn shade and brown roots which lets you grow out your hair in style.

25. Warm Caramel Hair Color. Let them hear you roar with a head full of golden locks and bright caramel babylights for some definition.

26. Creamy Caramel Hair Color. Are you looking to change your chocolate brown hair? Touch it up by dyeing the tips light caramel blonde to add some bounce to your hairstyle!

27. Light Caramel Brown Hair Color. Bring more body and thickness to your hair by texturizing it and trying golden blonde highlights.

28. Caramel Hair Color with Dark Roots. Another perfect style for the busy times we live in when spending hours on your hair isn’t an option. Colorful tips do all the work for you!

29. Dark Caramel Brown Hair with Highlights. This style is romantic and delicate – one of the softer, more subtle caramel hair colors. You’ll like it if you’re not a fan of big changes.

30. Short Caramel Hair with Face Frame. Spruce up your short bob by highlighting a chunky face-framing piece for an intriguing and youthful touch.

It’s hard to argue about the fact that caramel hair colors suit literally everyone. Whether you start with some highlights or jump straight into a full head of honey locks, a perfect fit is available for all. So, do you think that one of these 30 cozy examples is the one for you?

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