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50 Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas for This Year

50. Luxurious Long Chocolate Brown Hair. Decadent chocolate tones, mixed with dark roots and some easy curls make this hairstyle totally unforgettable.

When you’re looking at these pictures, you can nearly smell the melted chocolate, see it in all its shades and shapes, can’t you? A great stylist should be able to help you pick the perfect color, and you’ll get your chocolate brown hair in no time. Why waiting?

Who doesn’t need a change once in a while? Chocolate brown hair is very trendy, and celebs all over the world have developed a new passion for this delicious hair color. Chocolate caramel or chocolate cherry? Sounds so tasty, doesn’t it? Imagine you’ll be wearing one of these marvelous colors every day.

By the end of this article, you’ll get both hungry for some dessert and eager to get a shiny chocolate color for your hair!

1. Dark Chocolate Brown with Bangs. If you have olive skin or dark skin, you should definitely pick a glossy brown color. It provides a nice contour to your face and highlights your features.

2. Fairytale Chocolate Brown Tone. Having hair like that shouldn’t be legal, and it’s ideal for brunettes! Add small mahogany highlights, create some lazy waves, and people won’t stop staring at you.

3. Chocolate Mauve. If you are a young and bold brunette who needs a radical look change, this is the right color for you. These mauve tones will add a chic air to your hairstyle.

4. Chocolate Auburn. The transition between the tones of brown is very smooth, and it’s perfect for any season. Give it a try!

5. Medium Chocolate Brown Hair. A few highlights here, a few there, and you have a unique hairstyle that your friends will die for.

6. Dark Chocolate Hair with a Red Tint. You can say whatever you want about Kim Kardashian but her hair looks are always perfect. If you go for a dark chocolate hair, you’ll have that textured, shiny and glossy mane. To add volume, you can style your locks with a curling iron and get some bouncy waves.

7. Deep Chocolate Brown. Melted dark chocolate in your hair…hmmm…..yummy! And the result is glamorous and rich. You should try this amazing color if you have a cool skin tone.

8. Light Chocolate Brown with Highlights. Natural and carefree, this is how you’ll feel! This color fits medium and long hair best. Be sure that people will gaze at your elastic waves wherever you go. You can add a wonderful flowy effect to your strands by using a curling iron that will bring shine, volume, and texture to your hair.

9. Rooty Chocolate Blonde Hair. Natural, smooth, eye-popping! This is how your hair will look after picking this beautiful color.

10. Warm Chocolate Brown. You can spruce up your color with a melted warm chocolate brown transition that will make your hair look spectacular.

11. Glossy Dark Chocolate. This angled layered lob haircut goes perfectly with the glossy dark chocolate hue. The color spreads throughout the hair length and gives it an effortlessly natural look.

12. Hot Chocolate Hair. This copper-tinted dark chocolate color perfectly blends with the almost black base and textured ends. Mixing these tones you’ll get a glistering look with not much of an effort. The shaggy layering gives you a voluminous and natural hairstyle.

13. Chocolate Brown Balayage. Chocolate brown hair mixed with some auburn highlights makes a wonderful balayage for those who have olive skin.

14. Chocolate Layered Hair. A layered hairstyle combined with a chocolate hair color is in trends this year. If you have straight hair, this mix will make your strands look more voluminous and textured.

15. Glossy Chocolate Balayage Ombre. Women all over the world fell in love with Ombre, and we know that you did too. A dark chocolate color that melds into light chocolate tones is the best thing for you ever if you have long or short brunette hair.

16. Textured Hazelnut Chocolate Ombre. Mixing dark chocolate brown hair with some hazelnut shades is a thing that yells GLAM! These combinations are perfect for most skin tones.

17. Creamy Melted Chocolate Balayage. The deep chocolate brown blends perfectly with creamy highlights, resulting in a melt of shades that fit so well together.

18. Chocolate Blonde Balayage on Short Hair. If you want some blonde streaks to frame your face, this light brown balayage will totally do the trick.

19. Glowing Chocolate Ombre. Because the dark hair reflects light, these chocolate tones add lots of volume and gloss to each and every strand. Just look at this magnificent hair!

20. Caramel Candy Chocolate Brown Hair. Add some highlights to chocolate brown hair and you’ll end up with a gorgeous color. The highlighted strands simply melt like a caramel candy in your hot chocolate mug. Create some super easy waves and you’re ready to go meet Prince Charming.

21. Chocolate Brown Foiling and Color Melt. You’ll be obsessed with this brown chocolate hair mixed with oak tree highlights. Don’t forget that some lazy curls are all that you need to make those lighter strands shine.

22. Cappuccino Highlights on Chocolate Strands. Now it’s time for sombre! If you don’t know what that is, find out that sombre is a much softer and natural ombre. It looks amazing both with curled and straight hair and does an awesome job when it comes to mixing brown chocolate hair with cappuccino highlights.

23. Chocolate Angled Bob. If you don’t like to style and fix your hair every day, this is the perfect combination for you. A long bob and a chocolate brown hair color mingle together so nicely.

24. Chocolate and Blonde on Short Hair. There’s an old good mix of chocolate hair with chunky highlights in copper blonde tones which stand out more on the ends of the hair. If you have olive or tanned skin, this might be the real deal for you.

25. Beachy Chocolate Hair with Thin Highlights. The way this new blonde tonality is added to the dark base makes this look perfect for olive skin. Give it a try!

26. Dark Melted Chocolate. This color perfectly suits any type of skin tone. A wavy lob and a dark melted chocolate hair color are what you need if you are an active person who doesn’t want to pay too much attention to her hair.

27. Chocolate Ombre Hair. This amazing ombre will get your attention because the chocolate brown melting into caramel ends is so satisfying to see.

28. Gray Blonde Chocolate Shade. A smooth transition from chocolate brown to gray blonde is one of the trends for this year.

29. Chocolate Bob with Partial Highlights. You can obtain a pretty stylish look by adding a copper color to the front lower sections. The effect is unbelievable!

30. Chestnut Highlights with Brown Hair. Get a layered haircut and add some chestnut tones on some of your strands. Also, mess your hair a little bit to give it a natural texture. Amazing, isn’t it?

31. Rich Chocolate Brown with a Center Part. If you wish for a natural, mysterious style, a rich chocolate shade will fit you like a glove.

32. Chocolate Brown with Red Highlights. The transition between the brown color and warm reddish tones delivers a unique glow and texture.

33. Light Cinnamon Chocolate Hair. You should try mixing dark chocolate and cinnamon not only in your cup but also in your hair! These contrasting shades are a pleasure to see!

34. Hazelnut Chocolate Mocha. Paired with some easy and long waves, hazelnut and chocolate colors make real wonders.

35. Dark Chocolate with Caramel Topping. Easy and fast! Adding some barely visible caramel highlights to your dark brown hair color will spruce up your lob and appearance, don’t you think?

36. Auburn Chocolate Color. Combine a warm chocolate color with blonde highlights mixed with a bit of light auburn, and you’ll get the look of your dreams.

37. Milky Chocolate Bar. So healthy, natural, and it really stands out from the crowd! Update your chocolate hair with very subtle highlights and curl the lengths just a little bit. The effect is spectacular!

38. Chocolate Ash Brown. Start adding some ash brown to your chocolate color, and the result will be more than satisfying!

39. Chocolate Syrup. Bangs and chocolate hair are the real things in 2019! Combine them and you’ll never walk unnoticed again!

40. Caramel Flavor. This black chocolate color adorned with caramel highlights gives great volume and texture to your hair.

41. Light Auburn Highlights. It is a marvelous way to add some texture and volume to your hair while coloring it with some well-blended light auburn highlights.

42. White Chocolate Delight. You can make a mesmerizing look like this one with some golden and white chocolate highlights. A good solution for a more dramatic, high-contrast color.

43. Dark Chocolate Hair with Wide Highlights. Your hair will look richer, healthier and shine just the way you want. A lob haircut brings a lot of volume and perfectly suits your dark brown roots.

44. Honey Chocolate Hair. Highlight your ends with a honey color by creating a warm and smooth ombre. Tousle the hair for a more natural appearance.

45. Subtle Honey Highlights. Let that honey color mix with your dark brown hair and create an astonishing delicacy.

46. Shoulder Length Hair with Sreaks. Not that bold for a high contrast color combination? Try a smooth black and chocolate blend that creates a magic effect on your hair.

47. Steeply Angled Long Chocolate Bob. The balayage never gets old these days and you should take advantage of it by adding some pretty bright shades to your hair.

48. Light Chocolate Brown Balayage. Here’s a beautiful balayage hairstyle that looks like a delightful chocolate fountain!

49. Cinnamon Melt Brown Hair. Those cocoa cinnamon colored highlights are so divine! They’re a must for brunettes with a warm skin tone.

50. Luxurious Long Chocolate Brown Hair. Decadent chocolate tones, mixed with dark roots and some easy curls make this hairstyle totally unforgettable.

When you’re looking at these pictures, you can nearly smell the melted chocolate, see it in all its shades and shapes, can’t you? A great stylist should be able to help you pick the perfect color, and you’ll get your chocolate brown hair in no time. Why waiting?

by Andreea Haba
She is social media enthusiast and loves everything that goes hand in hand with that. Since high school, writing is one of her passions and that's what got her into PR and social media area. She loves animals, has two dogs and enjoys any moment she can spend reading. When it comes to hairstyling, she loves bright colors and she's not afraid of changes.