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30 Stunning Copper Hair Color Ideas to Look Hot Throughout 2023

2. Dark Copper Hair Color with Depth. This amazingly deep shade perfectly combines chocolate brown and dark copper to deliver a long-lasting style where the brown will stay in place as the copper washes out.

Whether you are a natural redhead looking for a way to elevate your look or a newbie to the world of sunny hair colors, copper hair color is definitely the option you should try on this year since it is officially in vogue.

We have collected 30 copper hair color ideas that can help you choose the best version of this warm shade to complement your complexion and accommodate your preferences.

1. Dusty Light Copper Hair Color. Copper color hair doesn’t need to be noisy which is beautifully proved by this soft shade of red with a touch of strawberry.

2. Dark Copper Hair Color with Depth. This amazingly deep shade perfectly combines chocolate brown and dark copper to deliver a long-lasting style where the brown will stay in place as the copper washes out.

3. Creamy Copper Hair Color with Highlights. Masterfully done money pieces coupled with light streaks throughout long hair turn this copper penny mane into pure hair admiration.

4. Metallic Copper for Beginners. Choosing a softer shade of copper is another smart decision for newcomers to the world of red hair. However, soft doesn’t mean lackluster, and a bit of metallic will elevate the look.

5. Soft Copper Blonde Hair Color. Copper can come in the gentlest hues and blend well with rosy tones to create dreamy hair like these peachy locks.

6. Darker Side of Copper Bronze Hair Color. Here is a good case in point for a brunette wishing to incorporate red: let your rich copper pop against a cooler tone of dark brown.

7. Flaming Highlights on Brown Base. The next picture shows that copper goes well even with cooler shades of brown, never failing to boost dimension when packed in highlights.

8. Shiny Copper Waves with a Boost of Red. This full-color version of copper accommodates almost scarlet hues to wow us with shine and depth.

9. Seamless Copper Transition. Mixing reddish and yellowish hues while going from dark to light is a great idea if you want to balance pink or golden undertones in your complexion.

10. Deep Brown with Copper Highlights. This style illuminates the face with splashes of copper on the brown base, while the repetition of the red shade throughout the perimeter accentuates its depth.

11. Apricot Highlights on Warm Brown Waves. Do you know that lighter shades work better for reflecting light? Well, check these gorgeous copper highlights and how they bring the shine out of the dark brown locks.

12. Streaky Copper Colored Hair. The intense copper stripes worked into this chestnut base set the whole look on fire and built this stunning dimension complemented with show-stopping gloss.

13. Copper Balayage with Rosewood Feel. Shine and dimension can be gained with the subtlest play of shades, as in the case of this seamless balayage happily mixing and matching copper, auburn, and even burgundy hues.

14. One-Color Copper Ginger Hair. While ginger can look flat on straight hair since this shade lacks depth, adding a bit of metallic red to an all-over formula will land a much richer color.

15. Dark Copper Hair with Barely-There Highlights. This shiny lob may even seem one color at first sight, yet it is actually spiced up with the finest insertions of a lighter shade to delicately spotlight the face and enhance the sparkle in copper strands.

16. Copper Orange Hair Color with Subtle Money Piece. This vivid carroty scheme goes beyond common copper adoptions, and it will be a great pick for brave fair-skinned girls with pink undertones in their complexion.

17. Burnt Orange Copper Hair Color. Although this fierce hue of orange is really high-maintenance, daring girls with fair skin shouldn’t miss a chance to slay it.

18. No-Frills Copper Brown Hair. If you happen to have an olive or tan complexion, darker shades of red, such as this elegant copper brown hue, will pick up your undertones without feeling too warm.

19. Fierce Copper Hair with Highlights. The rich mahogany brown base creates a perfect starting point for the implantation of fiery red streaks gathering steam toward the ends while leaving plenty of depth at the roots.

20. Red Brick Waves with Light Copper Ribbons. These locks look truly amazing with the contrasting flows of light and dark reds illuminating the face.

21. Balanced Copper Red Hair. If you are not sure about your skin undertones, go for this vibrant shade of red since it has the right portion of red and gold to strike a balance between warm and cool.

22. Deep and Warm Copper for Long Locs. This girl seems to know how to choose a copper hair dye to complement golden hues in her complexion and make the skin really glow.

23. Shadow Roots with Hot Copper Hair. Who said that shadow roots are for blondes exclusively? Not only do they create depth for bright ginger hair but also save you from frequent touch-ups while your hair is growing out.

24. Light Copper Hair with Chocolate Base. The yummy chocolate brown base of this style melts gracefully into the light copper shade, which remains dimensional thanks to the darker streaks popping out here and there.

25. Bright Copper with Orange-Red Tinge. This lively blend of red hues is a real find for pale complexions since brighter copper shades create a flattering contrast against fair skin, while added reds help to pull out the natural rosiness.

26. Perfect Copper Hair for Fall. The mulled wine tones of this color scheme will definitely warm up your look in cold seasons, and the well-blended strips of copper balayage will add spice to the style.

27. Naturally-Looking Copper Blonde Hair. Copper is not for brunettes only, and this medium blonde base brightened up with soft red hues is a great (and more natural) alternative to strawberry blonde.

28. Brilliant Copper with Root Smudge. Here, an extremely glossy copper hair color is paired with a neutral brown applied to the roots to deliver a bright yet low-maintenance style with less visible demarcation as the hair grows out and the color fades.

29. Rich and Shiny Copper Red Hair Color. This copper perfection has subtle light golden and deeper red hues that make the entire scheme dimensional and dynamic with no signs of foils.

30. Contrasting Copper and Blonde Combo. This copper style incorporates wide bands of golden blonde in the front to frame the face handsomely and add interest to the look.

Now we know that copper hair color comes in many incarnations, varying in intensity, ranging from light to dark, and blending with a bunch of other red shades. It can be tricky to explain your desired copper hair shade to a hairdresser, so make sure to take one of our hair inspirations with you.

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