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50 Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas You Absolutely Have to Try

Ema Globyte

Rose gold hair is undeniably a style any girl can pull off when done the right way. Whether your choice is a rose-ish balayage for your brunette hair, simple and timid rose money pieces, or a full head of rose gold highlights, this creative color can look good on pretty much anyone!

Get ready to scroll and find your perfect fit among the 50 modern and all-round wonderful rose gold hair color designs we’ve collected for you!

1. Metallic Rose Gold Hair. Get the ideal pink shade with tipped out ends and platinum accents to make everyone envious of your perfect rose gold lob!

Rose gold hair is undeniably a style any girl can pull off when done the right way. Whether your choice is a rose-ish balayage for your brunette hair, simple and timid rose money pieces, or a full head of rose gold highlights, this creative color can look good on pretty much anyone!

Get ready to scroll and find your perfect fit among the 50 modern and all-round wonderful rose gold hair color designs we’ve collected for you!

1. Metallic Rose Gold Hair. Get the ideal pink shade with tipped out ends and platinum accents to make everyone envious of your perfect rose gold lob!

2. Rose Gold Ombre Hair. The fierce and jaw-dropping sunset shade of rose-gold looks totally mesmerizing styled as an ombre on dark brown locks.

3. Black and Rose Gold Hair. Any ex-emo girl’s dream is to bring back the black & pink combo for a little while. So, why not give a go to bright rose gold highlights on your black waves?

4. Pastel Rose Gold Brown Hair Balayage. A romantic and dreamy look is easy to achieve with a delicate rose gold balayage on your brown locks. You can add shaggy layers for some added volume.

5. Sunset Rose Gold Hair. Are you a dusk or dawn type? If the former suits you best, try combining the three shades – rose gold, red, and pink – for a romantic look.

6. Red Rose Gold Hair Balayage. Your hair may reveal your inner world. Show everyone how badass you are with a rose-ish red balayage.

7. Rose Gold Champagne Blonde Hair. A sweet and enticing rose gold tint any blonde should try at least once, especially for summertime.

8. Light Rose Gold Hair Style. If you’re done with ordinary balayage ideas and need a fresh solution, a light rose gold shade should be your next go-to, once you’re in the stylist’s chair.

9. Rose Gold Hair Color on Brunettes. Experiment with pink and rose gold shades to achieve the best combination for your brown hair. Deep pinks and light pastel purples mixed together should do the trick.

10. Pastel Rose Gold Hair. When your blonde hair needs a little makeover, some rose gold hair dye or a tint can do the trick and turn your blonde mane into a lovely pastel beauty.

11. Rose Gold Brunette Hair. Brunette hair and rose gold highlights are like yogurt covered with chocolate: so hard to resist, and why should you?

12. Rose Gold Strawberry Blonde Hair. The peachy pink balayage is cute and low-maintenance, as the finished look doesn’t require fully covered roots. You’ll look perfect even when they grow out!

13. Rose Gold Highlights on Brown Hair. Bring some warm color and volume to your chocolate brown mane with highlighted ends and rose gold money pieces.

14. Pink Ombre for Brown Hair. Brown hair and pastel rose gold highlights go together like peanut butter and jelly. The bright pinky shade enlivens the locks, while a couple of colorful strands in the front frame your eyes and give the whole look a fresh, cherry blossom touch.

15. Pastel Rose Gold for Dark Hair. Girls with naturally dark skin and hair can experiment with literally any shade of pastel rose gold. Go more vibrant at the top to contrast your darker roots!

16. Rose Gold Highlights on Black Hair. Get the best of both worlds by keeping your dark natural roots and stretching a pastel rose gold ombre to appear both dreamy and hot at the same time.

Pastel Rose Gold Highlights
By Nini

17. Rose Gold Hair Balayage. Having a Disney princess-worthy look is easy with a multi-dimensional pink and rose gold balayage.

18. Rose Gold Highlights on Blonde Hair. The caramel blonde hair begins to look much more sophisticated, once combined with rose gold shades. The soft pink highlights complement the look nicely!

19. Rose Gold Hair Tint. If you’re getting out of an old balayage, why not play with some rose gold tint to have a little more fun while transitioning to your new hair color.

20. Dark Rose Gold Hair Color. Let your inner rock star out and feel stage-ready with the bright, fierce pink balayage.

21. Rose Gold Pink Hair. Bring the grunge of the 90s back with an eye-catching bright pink balayage!

22. Raspberry Pink Rose Gold Hair. A cool rose gold tone on the lighter side of pastel pinks that will suit all girls with fair skin.

23. Rose Gold Hair with Dark Roots. If a stylish, edgy pixie cut isn’t enough for you, go for bright pink highlights that instantly bring more character to your final look.

24. Rose Gold Blonde Hair. Make a statement with your hairstyle. Bright lavender combined with pastel rose gold is exactly what you need to compliment your vivid blue eyes.

25. Copper Rose Gold Hair. The rose gold shade closest to auburn will highlight your fair skin, while lighter strands take care of the volume in your hair.

26. Blonde Hair with Rose Gold Highlights. Rose complements pale skin nicely while adding a special touch to caramel blonde hair. Play with darker and lighter shades of pink for extra dimension.

27. Rose Gold Hair Black Girl. Darker tones of rose gold look absolutely astonishing on girls with black skin, while playful curls highlight various shades of red and pink perfectly!

28. Rainbow Rose Gold Hair Highlights. Let your inner unicorn roam free with a complex and flirty combination of pink, purple, and pastel rose gold highlights.

29. Rose Gold Short Hair. A bold rose gold balayage on a pixie cut will surely help you get the attention you deserve in a heartbeat!

30. Rose Gold Curly Hair. The tight ringlets magically complement this pastel rose gold shade, so it doesn’t matter if they’re extensions or not, it’s a winning combo anyway!

31. Brown and Rose Gold Hair. Pastel rose gold looks absolutely amazing on our girls with darker skin tones. Getting rose gold highlights on your brown hair at least once is a must!

Natural Brown Hair with Rose Gold Highlights
By Moni

32. Glossy Rose Hair Color for Bob. If you’re really feeling the rose gold hair trend, give this washed-out pinky pastel a go. Note that this shade is rather tricky to maintain, so it’s important to arm yourself with plenty of hair products to keep your locks shiny.

33. Smoky Lavender Rose Hair. There are dozens of amazing shades to explore when you set your mind on the rose gold hair color. Try something out of the ordinary like this pale lavender that will hands down bring some dreamy vibes to your aesthetic.

34. Hot Red and Rose Gold Balayage. It doesn’t always have to be a girlie rose color. Dye your thick mane bright red and stretch it into peachy ends. Have everyone see you roar.

35. Delicate Pink Shade for Medium Long Hair. If putting a ton of product on your hair to create a stunning effect doesn’t bother you, then it’s time for a romantic makeover! You will definitely have to bleach your hair before going for a rose gold hair dye. It’s best to make sure your stylist uses only the best stuff not to burn your beautiful hair.

Delicate Rose Gold Hair Color
By Maij

36. Rose Gold Money Pieces. Blondes have way more fun when it comes to color. You can just choose what you want without worrying about bleach and all. If you feel somewhat bored, add random rose gold babylights and accentuate your face with bright money pieces.

37. Pastel Purple and Rose Gold Pink Hair. Explore all the shades there are to create a perfect, personalized style just for you. Jump from deep purple to magenta and light pale pinks for a multidimensional mesmerizing feel.

38. Natural Rose Gold Short Hair. A trick to a warm rose gold shade is that it instantly gives your face a glowing look. A total must have color for the colder days!

39. Pale Magenta Highlights for Long Hair. Rose gold highlights are always a ton of fun. Longer hair allows you to play with color dimension and create the ideal hairstyle for you. Style your locks in light waves to show what your highlighted hair has to offer.

40. Peachy Rose Blonde Hair. Add a spring color to an otherwise ordinary blunt bob. Short straight hair appears boring to some, but you can turn this opinion 180 with a stylish light rose gold color.

41. Pink Highlights on Medium Long Hair. Experiment with shades and tones to bring out the best possible color combination for you. Face-framing rose gold hair highlights will emphasize your features even more and, when paired with chunky curls, create a hypnotic, delicate look.

42. Reddish Dark Rose Gold Hair. Sitting somewhere in between auburn and warm rose gold, this shade will flatter your elegant pale skin nicely and become a conversation starter all on its own. Enhance dimension with some mild Hollywood waves.

43. Short Hair Rose Gold Color Idea. A soft transition from a darker auburn to a metallic rose gold can become an ideal match for all the ladies with porcelain skin. It’s warm and bright enough to balance it out without blending in too much!

44. Rose Gold Curly Hair with Purple Roots. One of the most amazing things about longer hair is that you can use it as a canvas for all your crazy shenanigans. Avoid the ordinary and go for a complex transition from dark burgundy roots to luscious rose gold lengths.

45. Rich Red Wine Hair Color. If soft pale shades are far from your likes, a flaming burgundy with subtle rose gold highlights is going to make our brunettes above and beyond happy. The longer hair styled with ringlets at the ends just gives off a totally different, feisty vibe.

46. Desert Rose Gold Blonde Hair. Two things that are undeniably great about the desert rose color. Firstly, it’s both bright and subtle, and can be easily styled for more formal occasions. Secondly, you can blend it in with some copper and pink shades for a touch of rebelliousness.

47. Bubble Gum Pastel Color. Just imagine this metallic shade against slightly tanned skin. The darker front and roots balance out the nearly platinum blonde at the tips, making it a flawless summery pastel rose gold hair color.

48. Deep Red with Pink Highlights. It’s fine if you don’t consider rose gold or pink something you would enjoy. But give us a chance to change your mind with this absolutely stunning mane of rusty red locks. The tiny random pastel rose gold babylights add dimension and freshness and we are here for it.

49. Grown Out Brown Rose Gold Hair Look. Long gone the days when it was a shame to wear grown-out roots. It has now become a trend, which, frankly speaking, has made many lives easier. Get inspired by the “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and upgrade with a reddish metallic peach tone to feel like the main character.

50. Rose Gold Highlights on Blonde Hair. This one’s for you, strawberries and cream lovers. Why settle for only one shade of pink, when pastel rose gold pairs so well with sandy beige blonde hair. The beautiful romantic coloring sits nicely on long curly locks. It will look even more fun in some creative updos thanks to the dimension created by the highlights.

There are just way too many great ideas to choose from when it comes to rose gold hair. Hopefully, these 50 chic ideas have helped and made the decision a little easier!