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30 Marvelous Wavy and Curly Pixie Cut Ideas

7. Short Curly Hair with Nape Undercut. Very often women with curly locks pick undercuts. This helps to tame unruly curls on the sides and nape. The combo of a longer curly top and a neat undercut bottom looks very stylish and remains low-maintenance.

A curly pixie cut is an amazing choice for a short hairstyle to wear every day and for special occasions. Spice up your look with pretty accessories and you are a stylish goddess in your city’s streets. Here are 30 distinctive pixie cut curly hair ideas to choose from!

Do you have slightly wavy hair, small spiral curls, or a totally wild curly mane? You will find cool pixie ideas for all hair types below:

1. Messy Pixie Bob for Short Wavy Hair. This deva cut doesn’t take long to style. Even if your hair isn’t wavy enough, apply some curl enhancer and style it with your hands or resort to hot rollers and hairspray.

2. 3B Curly Pixie Cut for Brunettes. The edgy pixie with bouncy ringlets is fast-to-style and easy-to-wear. Don’t overdo it with spray and let the wind blow through your curls.

3. Natural Curly Pixie Cut with Low Undercut. This curly pixie cut style opens up your face and neck. Tease the roots and tousle the curls for some extra vibrancy.

4. Messy Curly Pixie Cut with a Sun-Kissed Effect. This natural curly pixie boasts a mass of loose waves scattered all around the crown and cascading down the forehead to land an effortless and flirty fringe.

5. Curly Pixie Cut with Color. To make your extra-short curly hair more feminine, you may add your favorite color here and there. Purple? Pink? Or just blonde? You choose.

6. Asymmetrical Curly Pixie Cut. Short on one side, long on the other. Allow some strands to touch the eyebrows. This hairstyle flatters triangular- and diamond-shaped faces.

7. Short Curly Hair with Nape Undercut. Very often women with curly locks pick undercuts. This helps to tame unruly curls on the sides and nape. The combo of a longer curly top and a neat undercut bottom looks very stylish and remains low-maintenance.

8. Neat Pixie Cut for Curly Hair. If you want to arrive at a clean style that ensures low maintenance for your tight curls, follow in the footsteps of this lady and ask for a crop cut quite close to the scalp.

9. Tapered Pixie Cut for Curly Hair. Here we see gorgeous wild curls in the front and nape undercut. Such haircuts are always among the top trends regardless of the season as they need minimum styling efforts and look very natural, feminine, and professional.

10. Natural Curly Pixie Cut. Even if you sometimes hate your unruly curls, there is no need to go for a big chop and get rid of them completely. There are many short pixies for curly hair that can be styled easily to show your beautiful curl pattern. The right hair care is key in this case.

11. Curly Pixie with Undercut. Even though this curly pixie cut requires daily styling and frequent visits to a beauty salon, it’s a bold fashion statement and makes it worthwhile.

12. Messy Pixie for Thick Hair. This hairstyle gives off Peter Pan vibes, and we love it! After all, it is always a pleasure to meet someone looking like a Neverland resident to break the boring hair routine.

13. Curly Pixie with Nape Undercut. A short curly pixie cut looks even more impressive in dark brown hues. Besides, it is easy to style. All you need to do is refresh the undercut from time to time and pick a good styling product for curls.

14. Red Curly Pixie. Coral red hair is like the flame that is always with you. Keep shining bright wherever you go with a curly pixie style completed with a burgundy undercut.

15. Bubble Gum Pink Pixie. This is an extremely feminine curly pixie cut, and not just because of the traditional girly pink color. This style is so lovely that no one will be able to resist your sweet charm.

16. Extra-Short Wavy Pixie. If you have ultra-short hair, a wavy pixie cut is a styling option to consider. An arched sidecut right above the ears will add an edge to the overall look and highlight your beauty.

17. Natural Curly Pixie Cut. Do you want to keep it natural? We totally support you, as it is a low-maintenance solution when you need a fresh start in growing out healthy hair. Simply get a trim whenever your hair gets too long.

18. Inventive Wavy Pixie. Pixie cut wavy hair will make everyone you meet your number-one fan from the first glance. This style shows your creative nature and allows for hair color experiments.

19. Voluminous Fluffy Pixie. Pixie cut curly hair will never let you down when it comes to volume and texture. All you have to do is apply some mousse for enhanced natural bounce and glow.

20. Feminine Curly Pixie Cut with Full-On Bangs. That’s why pixie is a great cut for large curls: when your hair starts growing out, you need only to refresh the shape and enhance the pattern of your locks.

21. Long Curly Pixie Cut. A whirl of curls in a pixie cut only makes your hairdo prettier! If you want to keep your style fresh and unusual, go for mixed lengths and enjoy how different your hair looks every day!

22. All-Natural Messy Pixie. Many girls prefer to put zero effort into hair styling, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Ask your stylist to cut a well-shaped pixie and own it! You’re perfect the way you are anyway.

23. Pixie Short Curly Hair with a Statement Fringe. This cute cut pairs short hair on the sides and back of the head with long spirals at the top blended with super-short and fun bangs.

24. Tousled Ashy Pixie. A tapered pixie cut ensures that there will be a lot of volume in your thick curly hair. Add texture by complementing it with a sophisticated ash brown hue and purposely tousled locks.

25. Wavy Pixie Cut with Long Top Tresses. Here, the bouncy curls covering the crown create a cool contrast with the buzz-cut hair at the nape, which boosts volume and emphasizes the graceful neck.

26. Feminine Tapered Pixie for Curly Hair. Her before photo shows that sometimes your curls need to be cut shorter to reveal their beautiful natural shape. Opt for modern ways to care for your hair texture (hair plopping, the Curly Girl Method, etc.) and choose the right haircuts (deva cuts, rezo cuts).

27. Sun-Kissed Pixie. Make your pixie short curly hair runway-ready with a gorgeous mix of highlights blending gold and ash or copper and bronze. Salt-and-pepper hair is also a great call!

28. Disconnected Pixie with Undercut. “Beautiful hair – don’t care” – that’s the motto of this astonishing style! Surprise your friends and family with this chic hairdo and grab everyone’s attention!

29. Wavy Pixie Cut with Bangs. Bold undercuts are trendy, but sometimes you need to grow out your sides a bit for a slightly softer and more balanced perimeter. Everything depends on your face shape and facial features. Some cute face-framing curly bangs help to balance out your big forehead.

30. Curly Pixie Cut with a V-Cut Nape. Is it possible to change your natural hair texture? Basically no, but you can visually play with it and make your curls softer or more defined just with a new haircut and different hair care tricks. This pixie has made the model’s hair look more wavy than curly.

Even the shortest pixie cut on wavy hair looks feminine, exquisite, and stylish, doesn’t it? Depending on your choice of clothes, a curly pixie hints at various aspects of your personality. What do you think the best pixie cuts for curly hair are? What was the worst wavy pixie cut you have ever had? Share your thoughts and experience in the comments below!

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