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30 How-To’s on Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair to Elevate Your Look in a Wink

Ema Globyte

If you believe that changing your parting or throwing your cropped strands into a pony are the only options you can cope with, this set of easy hairstyles for short hair will prove the contrary.

We have an ample collection of pictures and tutorials covering different hair lengths/types and showing how you can upgrade your short style spending little time and effort. Rocking a crop is fun, and you are about to join the party.

1. Tight Bun with Sleeked Side Parting. Simple hairstyles for short hair allow you to recreate even red-carpet looks, such as this low bun complemented with a portion of hair styled to one side and a set of massive hair clips fixed to another.

Get the tutorial here.

2. Messy Bob with Quick Fishtail Braid. Separate the frontmost part of your hair and pull it away, then section out a piece for fishtail braiding, and secure a relaxed braid with bobby pins somewhere under the crown tresses.

A full tutorial is here.

3. Intertwined Ponytail Updo. Prepare four rubber bands, half a dozen pins, a stylish hair accessory, along with this tutorial — and easy-to-manage short hairstyles for fine hair is under your belt.

Check out the tutorial here.

4. Wet and Sultry Pixie-Length Style. This killer Valentine-themed wet look proves that easy updo hairstyles for short hair are totally doable with a good styling gel at hand.

Click the link to get the full tutorial.

5. Waterfall Pink Ombre Hair. Here is a fun last-minute style that can elevate a bob regardless of its color, provided you are good at sectioning hair and doing sweet little ponies.

Watch a step-by-step tutorial here.

6. Face-Framing Braids for Bobs of Every Length. This easy hairstyle for short to medium hair requires only the right approach to plaiting —the strands closest to the face should go over and away for the braids to lay nicely along the hairline.

The tutorial is here.

7. Braided Pompadour. This is one of the easy braided hairstyles for short hair that look best on second-day strands and help to throw volume on top of their naturally textured state.

Get the full tutorial here.

8. Twisted Curly Updo. We love easy hairstyles for short curly hair that are based on simple twisting, and you can start with the zigzag pattern illustrated by this romantic and touchable updo.

A full tutorial is here.

9. Half Up Faux Hawk. It doesn’t take a genius to do some messy bubble braiding, especially when you are obsessed with shoulder-length cute hairstyles for short hair, such as this punk half up.

Click the link to get the full tutorial.

10. Textured High Bun. This lazy girl’s trick turns greasy hair into a stylish updo where the smoothed strands in the front set off the texture of the pulled-halfway-through pony at the top.

Check out the tutorial here.

11. Tucked Hair with Side Braids. By plaiting Dutch braids on the sides and tucking the rest of the hair at the nape, you can create cute easy hairstyles for short hair in a matter of minutes.

The tutorial is here.

12. Neat Low Wrap. Easy wedding hairstyles for short hair do exist, and this tidy blonde updo slightly volumized around the crown and delicately textured in the back is definitely something you can handle.

The tutorial is here.

13. Effortless Waves for Fine Hair. This textured look is one of the simplest DIYs in our collection since you only need to apply a proper texturizing product, blow dry your hair with a round brush, and go through your strands with a curling iron.

Check out the tutorial here.

14. Half Up Top Knot with Front Braids. Even a beginner can arrive at this fancy look by doing two Dutch braids in the front and feeding their tails into a high bun made fuller with pre-styled hair extensions.

Check out the tutorial here.

15. Almost Space Buns. Although pulled halfway through rather than wrapped around the base, these twin buns accompanied by tendrils epitomize a creative approach to easy short hairstyles for black hair.

Watch a step-by-step tutorial here.

16. Half-Up Braid and Low Pony. If you are after easy hairstyles for shoulder-length hair, this braid and pony combo adorned with a bright scrunchie is your best bet.

A full tutorial is here.

17. Half Up for Bouncy Curls. Here is another black girl style that is easy to do at home with the help of a perm rod set and a good curl-defining product.

The step-by-step explanation of the whole process.

18. Double Buns with Hair Down. Curly girls looking for easy short hairstyles for thick hair will have no problem with replicating this playful half up, tamed in the front and full in the back.

A step-by-step video tutorial.

19. Claw Clip Upstyle with Fishtail Braids. This hairstyle with side fishtail braids and a pony secured with a claw clip would look cool in both messy and polished versions.

The tutorial is here.

20. Asymmetric Braiding for Bob-Length Hair. A regular bob can be transformed into a unique ‘do in no time with the help of a little accessorized braid placed on one side to highlight your parting.

More details are here.

21. Waves and Braids Combo. Braiding offers quite a choice of pulled-up hairstyles to do with short hair, but it might be even better to wear the locks down and let your side braids run alongside.

If you need the tutorial, click.

22. The ’70s Flip Hair. Retro styles are seriously in vogue nowadays, and you can join the trend by using a large-barrel curling iron to construct this voluminous bob with Charlie’s Angels vibes.

The tutorial is here.

23. High Donut Bun. Sleek your hair into a tight high pony, pull it through a donut, spread the strands around it, secure the bun with a bobble, and complete the puff look by styling the edges.

Check out step-by-step instructions here.

24. Relaxed Updo with Overlapping Braids. Here is a great hairstyle for thin straight hair — give it some texture and volume with relaxed side braids overlapped and pinned at the nape.

Check out a full tutorial here.

25. Pineapple Half Up Half Down. Those who never get tired of cute hairstyles for short hair should steal this uncomplicated and funny look with a bubble braid, a pull-through pony, and a bunch of sticking-out ends.

Get this tutorial here.

26. Double Portion of Twist Braiding. This is another iteration of easy half-up half-down hairstyles for short hair that comes down to merely twisting two strands of your hair again and again for an effortless weave.

Get a full tutorial here.

27. Voluminous Hair Wrap. Although you will need to get some padding for this intricately wrapped style, the step-by-step pictorial will help you to cope with it on the first try.

All instructions are shown here.

28. Side Swept Twist Out with a Headband. Nothing can be easier than making a deep side part in your fresh twist out and sweeping a good portion of the ringlets over a headband.

A full tutorial is here.

29. Front Twist Hairstyle. You may need some practice in sectioning your hair with fingers when twisting it along the hairline, but these crown braid vibes are really worth the effort.

The tutorial is here.

30. Twisted Updo with a Side Messy Bun. Take note of this asymmetric updo when surfing through easy hairstyles for short thin hair, as it delivers both lift and texture without much of a hassle.

Watch a step-by-step tutorial here.

We bet that our collection of easy hairstyles for short hair will inspire you to spend the next hour trying to master at least a couple of them, and we are quite sure you will be happy with the results. Bonne chance!