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What is the best hair color for gray eyes?

Ema Globyte
Hi there, I have gray eyes, what hair color would best complement my coloring? Thanks!

If you’re looking for the best hair colors for gray eyes, you’re at the right place as in this article you’ll learn what hair color makes gray eyes pop and find out which best hair color for gray eyes is right for your skin tone. For those yearning to know what hair color makes gray eyes pop, sit tight and read on as we’ve sorted out the best hair colors for gray eyes – those that will instantly bring out the sparkles in your gray eyes.

People with gray eyes know that choosing a hair color for such an unusual and neutral eye color can be hard. We, women with other eye colors, think that almost every hair color looks best with gray eyes. The truth is a bit different. Anyway, you will need to take a lot of factors into account.

How Rare Are Gray Eyes?

The natural gray eye color is very rare, and usually comes in different hues, ranging from light gray eyes to dark gray eyes, and to gray with hints of other colors. Gray eyes are rare and researchers estimate that people with gray eye colors make up less than 1% of the total world’s population. The majority of these people are of European descent, Northern and Eastern Europe precisely.

The rarity of gray eye color adds to the intrigue and allure of this stunning eye color. Rare is attractive. Rare means desirable. Gray eyes are somewhat “mysterious”, appearing as if the eye color transforms from one hue to another. Some shades of gray may come across like blue or green at first glance, but with streaks of gold and brown on closer observation. The color of your clothing, your mood, gender, and lighting also affect what hint of color your gray eyes may reflect at a particular time.

The Best Hair Colors for Gray Eyes

Neutral colors can be paired with just about any other color, and this applies to eye colors too. You can play up your hair color to match or be in contrast with your gray eyes, and in both cases, you’ll achieve a stunning effect. If you desire a more dramatic look, aim at creating a sharp contrast between your hair and your eyes. Here are some great hair color ideas for gray eyes.

Black Hair Gray Eyes

Picture jet black hair on sparkly light gray eyes, and you’ll begin to understand the eye-catching and dramatic effect of the sharp contrast you get. Black hair with gray eyes is simply fabulous.

Black hair color lends a bold, sexy, and smoky allure to all hues of gray eyes, especially on those with fair skin. It equally looks great on tan skin. However, avoid too dark colors with very pale skin. Today we have a wide range of black hair dyes, you will definitely choose the shade that will work for you (natural black, blue-black, brown-black, black cherry, black-purple, etc.)

Brown Hair with Gray Eyes

Brown hair is very forgiving, and so it will easily blend well with most eye colors. Brown hair is of different shades, and you should choose what fits you most, depending on your skin tone.

Dark hair color like deeper shades of brown may stand out oddly on pale skin, but does look beautiful and complements gray hazel eyes. Medium brown hair color will sit better on fair skin tones. Choose warm brown shades if you have a warm skin tone or warm sparkles in your eyes. Opt for cool brown tones in case you have a cool skin tone or cool ashy sparkles in your iris.

Blonde Hair Gray Eyes

If you have bluish gray eyes, you should definitely try classic blonde hair color. A golden blonde or bronde will put sparks in the blue flecks of your eyes, making for a gorgeous look with fair skin. Light blonde hair will fit pale skin tones better.

Cooler shades of blonde hair such as ash, platinum, and pearl blondes have hints of blue and violet, and readily complement dark skin with cooler tones. Icy platinum blondes enhance the smoky allure of sultry dark gray eyes.

Peach and Gray Eyes

Hair in bright shades like peach looks amazing on people with blue gray eyes. This fruity shade will play up those blue flecks in your eyes and give you the dazzling look of a classy model straight from the pages of a glossy fashion magazine.

Red Hair and Gray Eyes

There are very few hair colors that can look as dazzling with gray green eyes as a red hair color. Red is versatile, and different shades of red like burgundy, violet, strawberry blonde, auburn, wine, ruby, copper, etc. will complement different skin tones. Work with your hair colorist to select the shade of red that will do justice to your eyes and skin tone.

Gray Hair and Gray Eyes

How about matching gray with gray? For a fabulous laid-down-but-dramatic look that will brighten the eyes in admiration, match your gray eyes with a similar hair color. Gray doesn’t mean old and dreary. Pair your gray brown eyes with gray brown tresses for an effortlessly fantastic, angelic look. The result is surprisingly classy and chic.

Gray hazel eyes have different flecks – golden, brown, white, or blue. A few pastel highlights on your hair in a color that composes the iris of your gray hazel eyes make for a totally gorgeous look.

In conclusion, always remember that the most essential thing to consider when selecting any hair color is the final effect (balance or contrast) the hair color will create with your eye color, skin tone, and complexion. Taking these three into consideration will help you achieve fantastic combinations that would flatteringly stand out.

Also, a simple method of knowing the hair colors that will bring out the pop in gray eyes is to wrap scarves in different colors around your head and observe the effect of each color on your overall appearance. For this test, your first impression as you look in the mirror to observe the effect of each color is usually right.

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