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50 Highly Recommended Haircuts and Hairstyles for Square Faces

Nkeiruka Obiwulu

2. Layered Hairstyle for Square Chins. Best haircuts for square faces soften the angular jawline of a square-shaped face. Such hairstyles aren’t really hard to achieve. A little manipulation with the length, layers, and face-framing strands can give you the perfect asymmetry you desire.

We love distinct features but what can you do when your jawline stands out more than you would like? No need for magic here! The main characteristics of haircuts for square faces are bangs, layers and textured hair. These aspects will help soften the features that make your face look too strong.

Here they are, top 50 pretty haircuts and hairstyles; don’t forget to save them in order to show your stylist during your next salon visit!

1. Shag with See-Through Bangs. Emphasize your crown hair and create a blonde ombre for an awesome effect.

2. Layered Hairstyle for Square Chins. Best haircuts for square faces soften the angular jawline of a square-shaped face. Such hairstyles aren’t really hard to achieve. A little manipulation with the length, layers, and face-framing strands can give you the perfect asymmetry you desire.

3. Peek-a-Boo Highlights and Long Bangs. A great way to add texture to your hair is to create highlights. Try it! It will totally elevate your haircut.

4. Center-Parted Wavy Hairstyle for Square Jawline. Loose waves are great for chubby square faces. Part your hair in the middle or a little off-center to create long locks that frame both sides of your face like curtain bangs. The face-framing wavy locks work to slim down your face and veil the angular shape from view.

5. Long Bangs for Square Face. This long layered cut comes with center-parted bangs, which is a good trick to open up the forehead and create some extra height, while the fringe hits the cheekbones to shift attention away from the square jawline.

6. Shaggy Bob in Platinum Blonde. Simply updating your hair color and picking short hairstyles is enough to get a fresh, flattering look. The shaggy bob is a trendy hairstyle, and the platinum blonde color just makes it even more stunning!

7. Layers with a Fringe. Getting a haircut with a fringe is such an excellent idea because it will make your forehead look smaller! Just choose the right bangs shape (consult your stylist).

8. Short Hair with Bangs for a Square Face. A square-shaped face is no reason to shy away from shorter hairstyles. The trick is to keep your short square face haircuts layered and thinned out at the edges. Add curtain bangs for extra flair and to hide your broad forehead. Heavy blunt cut edges and straight bangs are really not in your best interest.

9. Medium Shag with Curtain Bangs. Bangs for square face shape help in making your features look softer and even out the angles. Add some waves to the curtain bangs for a gentler look.

10. Lob Haircut for Chubby Square Faces. Pay attention to the ends of her hair – they appear slim and tapered. That’s what you should be aiming at for an ideal haircut for square faces. This ensures your jawline looks softer and less heavy. Any thickness around the jaw makes the lower half of your face appear much heavier.

11. Mid-Length Choppy Cut with Caramel Highlights. If you have a square face shape, you can rock a mid-length cut, and it will easily flatter your face. Add a balayage effect in a shade that suits your skin tone and brightens your eyes!

12. Deep Side Part for Square Face Shape. This choppy lob is smartly paired with a side part to bring volume into play: the added dimension at the top balances the wideness on the bottom and softens the face.

13. Medium-Length Hairstyle for a Square Jaw. Take your hair’s length and its texture into consideration when choosing a hairstyle for square face. If your hair is thick and long, a middle part would conceal your facial shape. A balayage in lighter colors helps to make your hair less bulky and gives it more movement.

14. Asymmetric Choppy Bob. Hairstylists recommend side-swept bangs for a square face because of the diagonal line that breaks the squareness, and feathered ends are sure to add lightness to the look.

15. Side-Parted Bangs for Square Angular Jawline. A square face shape hairstyle with a side parting instantly transforms the shape of your face, making it appear narrower. Keep your bangs long and swept to one side to achieve a more elongated facial shape. Her bangs and wispy blonde hair look really amazing.

16. Chin-Length Shaggy Bob. Why hide your strong jawline when you can flaunt it? Look fierce and trendy with this chin-length bob that lifts your face. Add highlights to your hair or choose a darker color for more pronounced cheekbones.

17. Bouncy Chin-Length Bob. Although hairstylists tend to frown upon chin-length haircuts for square faces, this face shape can pull off a lovely bob with multi-length layers perfectly well, provided it has no harsh edges.

18. Bob with Side-Swept Bangs. Side bangs work their elongation and softening magic on a square face with short hair, especially if they are long enough on the sides to rest at your cheekbones and accentuate them.

19. Centre-Parted Bob Haircut for Square Faces. Straight bob hairstyles can look gorgeous on you too. A middle part, face-framing pieces, and point-cut ends are the clues. The most important rule is to keep the length below the jawline to avoid unwanted bulkiness in this area.

20. Bouncy Butterfly Layers. You cannot go wrong with butterfly hairstyles for square faces since the bouncy layers focus on the length of the hair rather than on the jawline, while the face-framing pieces can accentuate your best features.

21. Rooty Blonde Lob with Face Frame. This sweet lob works for the square face shape thanks to the narrowing effect of the long layers around the face that is further elongated with the collarbone length of the cut.

22. Textured Mid-Length Cut. This shaggy style has plenty of texture infused into the layers cut throughout the square head, which are, in turn, kept shoulder-length to avoid a boxy appearance.

23. Collarbone-Grazing Wavy Style. This haircut for a square face shape makes you look more approachable. With red undertones and specks of gold in your hair, you’ll look fabulous wherever you go.

24. Cascading Layers with Caramel Highlights. Adding glossy caramel highlights to brunette hair is a smart way to emphasize long layers and take attention completely away from the strong jawline.

25. Camouflaging Highlights for Square Faces. When styled the right way, wavy hair makes for the best square face hairstyles. Very feminine, flattering, yet low-maintenance. Use highlights to your advantage. Hairstyles for square faces benefit immensely from contrasting blonde highlights. Apart from adding brightness, movement, and dimension to your hair, the right balayage distracts attention from your face shape and draws it to your features and complexion.

26. Chopped Bangs and Ombre. Make your angles softer with a simple addition of chopped bangs! You can choose to have an ombre and subtle waves that go so well with most hairstyles for square faces.

27. Pixie Cut for Square Face with Bangs. Wispy layers are ideal in haircuts for square faces, and pixie cuts never fail to impress! Add some side-swept bangs to even out your angles and achieve that romantic chic vibe.

28. Airy Layered Lob. Layers cut strategically in long bob haircuts for square faces can soften your facial features and insert volume into the right places to create a more balanced and lightweight look.

29. Wavy Style with Curtain Bangs. Lengthy waves are meant to construct the best haircuts for square faces since they visually stretch the facial contour and round out the angular features, but it never hurts to add cheekbone-highlighting curtain bangs to the pack.

30. Blonde Side-Parted Lob. A square jawline can be easily masked if you draw attention to other features. Highlight your eyes or your cheekbones instead!

31. Shaggy Long Strands with Curved Bangs. Waves and curves do a great job for square faces by softening the angles, and a shaggy finish infuses the hair with tons of texture and movement.

32. Textured Bob with Off-Center Parting. Keeping a bob side-parted and slightly below the chin is a smart move for girls with square faces, but make sure it isn’t left thick at the perimeter to avoid a heavy feel around the jaw.

33. Long Layered Hair with Disconnection. We cannot decide what creates a better diversion from the square jaw here — the lush bouncy layers on the bottom or the voluminous locks around the face.

34. Tousled Waves for Chubby Square Face. While a square chin needs a softening effect, a chubby face requires a longer length for slimming, and this shoulder-length style with numerous bends kills two birds with one stone.

35. Piece-y Layers with Balayage. The curtain effect of this middle-parted style works great to camouflage the sharp lines of the jaw, but it could have hidden the whole face if it wasn’t for the highlights throughout the face-framing layers.

36. Bangs for Square Face. Give your face a nice frame with a shaggy bob featuring point cut bangs!

37. Textured Ombre Lob. The blunt bob goes well with a prominent eye and eyebrow makeup.

38. Coppery Shag with Jagged Bangs. You can safely wear full-on bangs with no risk of making your face seem wider if they are cut choppy and balanced by a longer length with excess weight removed.

39. Shaggy Layered Long Hair. Searching for a good haircut for a square face? Some wavy layers are exactly what you need! You can also play with your favorite colors to enhance the texture of your hair.

40. Little Square Face. This hairstyle covers the sides of your face making it looking narrower and more delicate. The symmetrically cut baby bangs also work to balance the proportions of width and length.

41. Shaggy Lob with Face-Framing Pieces. Here is a wonderful illustration of low-maintenance haircuts for square faces since this textured lob is intended for messy styling and graceful growing out.

42. Pixie Bob with Long Bangs. Use some hairspray to add dimension to your bangs and crown hair for a mesmerizing effect.

43. Medium Shag with Balayage. The lighter color on the bottom makes the strong jawline softer.

44. Dynamic Highlights for Square Face. A smart color job can enhance the elongating and softening effects of your layers by emphasizing the wavy texture and bringing in better movement.

45. Weightless Short and Long Layers Combo. This bi-level mid-length hairstyle perfectly rounds out the corners of the face with the shorter layers along the sides and visually elongates it with the strands tapered toward the bottom.

46. Long Hair & Square Face Hairstyle. Long loose waves work for square faces in all their variations, especially if brightening highlights are involved. Doesn’t it look beautiful?

47. Center-Parted Wavy Mid-Length Cut. It’s important to be careful when picking hairstyles for the face shaped as a square, but you can never go wrong with waves. Get that perfect sun-kissed hair color by mixing dirty and strawberry blonde. This color is ideal for those with fair skin.

48. Voluminous Shoulder-Length Cut. Placing the first layer at the chin level is a good move, as this helps to soften the angular jawline and create volume around the face, which is starkly illustrated here.

49. Straight Blunt Cut with Blonde Balayage. One of the classiest square face shape hairstyles is the straight blunt cut that entirely hides the corners of your jawline and cheekbones but highlights the eyes and lips at the same time. Add balayage for more dimension.

50. Asymmetric Bob with Deep Side Parting. The best haircut for a square face must counter the width and soften a strong jawline, and a bob with an extra height, curved inward tips, and a longer side checks all the boxes.

Haircuts for square faces have a mission to make your face shape slimmer and more feminine. Longer layers, waves and curls create the illusion of an oval face. With these you can emphasize only the features you like and easily mask the extreme angles and width of your face.

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