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30 Killer Ideas on Wearing Jumbo Box Braids Throughout 2024

Serena Piper

Being the largest of all braid sizes and reaching the thickness of two markers, jumbo box braids give you a surefire way to stand out, no matter the length and color.

They can last up to eight weeks and require less time to install, not to mention their highly Instagrammable look and numerous styling options. If you are interested in jumbo box braids 2024, we’ve got you covered with our collection of fresh hairstyles gathering likes on social media.

1. Big Jumbo Box Braids with Highlights. These goddess braids use the knotless technique and incorporate golden blonde to handsomely mimic the sun-kissed effect of highlights.

2. Snow Queen Short Jumbo Box Braids. Styled in vanilla blonde and accessorized with silver cuffs, this bouncy lob feels particularly crisp against the tan skin, like a breath of frosty air on a hot day.

3. Effortless Box Braids with Extra Volume. Even a smaller number of spirals added to large box braids styles will enhance their volume and bring out bohemian vibes.

4. Side-Parted Medium Jumbo Box Braids. This smart girl uses the knots of the braids to her advantage, letting them create additional lift at the roots for her lovely copper-tinted lob.

5. Large Parts Box Braids with Crimson Red Flair. This spectacular zigzag pattern is a statement on its own, and the rich berry red extensions make it really hard to miss.

6. No Frills Long Jumbo Box Braids. Although having a handful of accessories and curls inserted here and there, this style clearly doesn’t want to divert attention from the clean geometry and remarkable fullness of the braids.

7. Big Box Braids with Pink Accents. Jet black and hot pink is definitely a striking combination, and this girl uses it sparingly to garner attention without going too garish.

8. Goldilocks Jumbo Bohemian Box Braids. This mesmerizing style couples light brown braids with metallic yellow curls to land a cascade of golden locks radiating free spirit.

9. Large Knotless Box Braids with Extreme Sections. This cute style shows that you can achieve quite another look simply by changing the size of your partings.

10. Two-Tone Blonde Goddess Braids. While we like large box braids hairstyles with loose locks for the volume they create, the cascading down spirals can also expand the length.

11. Heart-Shaped Big Part Box Braids. Apart from featuring a fun mix of medium and oversized braids, this fancy style wows the public with accurately defined heart-shaped parts.

12. Giant Jumbo Box Braids with Top Knot. This stunning ‘do explodes the myth about the inflexibility of big-sized braids, getting them perfectly styled in a majestic bun.

13. Large Box Braids in Raspberry Red. This gal proves that tan and darker skin tones can pull off dramatic shades of red breezily and wraps her braids in a vibrant pink with notes of red and purple.

14. Cleopatra-Themed Jumbo Braided Bangs. While many jumbo box braids hairstyles don’t bother to avail of face-framing, this coif does everything the other way around and pairs huge knots on the forehead with smaller knotless braids.

15. Arctic Lime Accent in Jumbo Goddess Box Braids. If you believe ordinary goddess braids are already old hat, think of inserting a bit of neon or pastel to give them a new twist.

16. Jumbo Blonde Box Braids of Different Shades. Instead of playing with high-contrast colors, this style just blends honey and creamy blondes to arrive at an amazing look.

17. Acid Yellow for Jumbo Knotless Box Braids. With no knots visible throughout your massive braids, you are welcome to maximize their vibes with incredibly bold colors.

18. Center-Parted Magenta Box Braids. Although we have already seen jumbo box braids styles in this color, this simple style deserves special attention for the fullness and flexibility it delivers.

19. Gypsy Braids Rich in Contrast. Big box braids hairstyles can include loose pieces and braiding in various proportions, and this charming ‘do obviously prioritizes the volume of curls over the tightness of braids.

20. Huge Box Braids with Triangle Sections. Well, we all know that box braids imply square parts, but it’s difficult to refrain from experimenting with patterns when it comes to large sections.

21. Silky Smooth Jumbo Braids. Looking at these delicate and lightweight braids, we are pretty sure to see minimalist knotless plaiting among the most popular big box braids hairstyles 2024.

22. Foxy Peekaboo Jumbo Braids. This swoon-worthy style hides a nice set of super-bright side braids under the ginger ropes of hair adorned with white string to give us a clue.

23. Triangle Jumbo Box Braids with Accessories. Similar to square-shaped parts, triangle sections can come in a smaller size, resulting in more braids and, thus, a fuller look.

24. Massive Box Braids with Tapered Ends. Don’t you like the extraordinary contrast created by these really big giant jumbo box braids ending with the tiny tips?

25. Jumbo Honey Box Braids with Beads. This style takes a somewhat different approach to curly strands, keeping them on the messier side for a more carefree look.

26. Large Diagonal Knotless Braids. Although famous for putting little tension on the hair, jumbo knotless braids may require smaller sections to allow better access for cleaning and moisturizing.

27. Red Jumbo Box Braids with Curly Ends. This ultra-long style strikes the eye not only with the length but also with the intense red color and springy ringlets popping out throughout the braiding.

28. Asymmetric Bob Made of Extra-Large Box Braids. The loose hair strands in this buttery blonde bob are intentionally fluffed out to give the style a more textured and fuller feel.

29. Real Big Jumbo Box Braids in Cherry Red. If you are looking for color inspo before going to a hair braiding salon, look no further than this exquisite blend of purple and red.

30. Jumbo Braids for Elongated Bob. This mid-length hairstyle boasts a clear shape and a vibrant red shade to consider it as an alternative to lengthy braids.

After scrolling through our collection of jumbo box braids, you know for sure they are truly diverse and highly adaptable to personal traits and preferences. Whether you install just 4 jumbo box braids or opt for a full head of plaiting, that’s a never-fail way of making a statement.