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50 Marvelous Examples of Light Brown Hair with Highlights

49. Short Brown Hair with Thin Highlights. If your work life has restrictions on hair colors, try peek-a-boo highlights for a subtle change.

If you are a lady with brown hair, switching to lighter hair colors may scare you a bit. But what if you really want to try something new this season? Try to enrich your light brown hair with highlights! There are so many shades of light brown that you will find your perfect color no sweat! You can add highlights for depth to create a style that flatters your skin tone if you don’t want to dye your whole head.

Here’s a list of light brown hairstyles that will have you thinking about going lighter this season.

1. Light Brown Hair Color with Blonde Highlights. Here we see a perfect combination consisting of face-framing highlights, chocolate lowlights, and soft feminine waves.

2. Beige Blonde Highlights. Having light brown hair with highlights of a slightly paler shade will result in a natural-looking style, such as this one. Delivering a minimalist look, the beige bronde hair color is truly a feast for the eyes.

3. Light Brown Hair with Honey Highlights. We love a good wavy, textured look, and with some honey highlights, it’s super chic!

4. Brown Hair with Blonde and Platinum Highlights. Blending a few shades of blonde and brown into your hair can give an unexpectedly cool effect!

5. Light Brown Hair with Blonde and Beige Highlights. Women always ask, what color highlights look good with light brown hair. Of course, blonde! But for a bolder look, we recommend having different shades of blonde. This trick adds depth to your hairstyle.

6. Light Brown Hair with Beige Highlights. Brunettes, if you are trying to go a bit lighter but still want that summer/beachy look, check this style!

7. Brown Bob with Caramel Blonde Highlights. Effortlessly chic highlights for a straight choppy style!

8. Light Chestnut Brown Hair with Balayage Highlights. For a seamless transition between your natural hair color and your highlight color, try the balayage approach!

9. Short Light Brown Hair with Highlights and Lowlights. Lowlights are the darker pieces of hair, and they can be useful when you want to add extra depth to your short style. Especially if combined with dimensional highlights.

10. Sunny Blonde Highlights for Brown Hair. The light brown hair with blonde highlights looks chic and romantic. Besides, it is perfect for those who want to feel like a Hollywood diva, even on a regular day. Add subtle waves for your hair to flow beautifully and have amplified glow.

11. Ashy Brown Hair with Honey Highlights. Having highlights more intense through the lower half of your hair is a great way to test out if lighter hair is for you. Add waves or curls for texture and volume.

12. Chunky Cool Blonde Highlights. Having cooler blonde highlights in the front really sets the tone for the whole look. You can have lighter highlights all over or stick only with face-framing pieces.

13. Toasted Waves. A perfect example of highlights and lowlights working together to create a beautiful style. The best highlight colors for light brown hair are blonder/bronze colors. They bring out the undertone of your natural hair color while giving you the depth in shades.

14. Light Brown Waves with Thick Blonde Highlights. People might think that you’ve got a blonde ombre, but it’s actually thick highlights they see. The waves with the thicker highlights add a bunch of texture.

15. Light Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights. Adding highlights to the front will instantly frame your cheekbones and jawline.

16. Auburn Hair with Peek-a-Boo Highlights. Barely there highlights are so fun and effortless to style!

17. Rose Pearl Highlights. Combine your gorgeous light brown hair with a luxurious pastel pink tone. This style is not only unusual and fit for a creative lady but also allows you to spare the worries about your roots growing out – after all, the crown of your head stays with your natural color.

18. Straight Light Brown Hair with Highlights. The beautiful transition between her darker color and bronde balayage highlights is perfect!

19. Light Chocolate Brown Hair with Highlights. In terms of chocolate, this is milk chocolate with caramel inside. We can’t get enough!

20. Chestnut Brown Hair with Light Auburn Highlights. Not all balayage highlights are blonde, you can go for a darker shade to bring out your natural color.

21. Light Brown Balayage. Light brown highlights give you space to experiment and find what fits your personality best, which is amazing! After all, there are so many hues to choose from: caramel, ash, sandy, honey, cinnamon, gold, copper – the list goes on.

22. Light Blonde Ombre with Dark Roots. You can have the best of both shades with this caramel blonde hairstyle!

23. Warm Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights. The warm brown base color with soft face-framing blonde highlights is summery – refreshing and delicious!

24. Ash Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights. Mixing ash brown hair with a cool blonde gives you a surfer, beachy texture.

25. Long Brown Hair with Balayage Highlights. Add texture to this look by curling the bottom half of your hair – the longer you curl your hair, the tighter the curls will be.

26. Blonde Highlights All Over. Lighter hair can be hard to manage when it comes to your roots, so an easy way is to leave your roots with your natural color and do highlights all over your head.

27. Brown Hair with Thin Blonde Highlights. If you are nervous about changing your color, try super thin highlights first to see if you like the look!

28. Light Brown Hair with a Lot of Blonde Highlights. An alternative to dyeing your whole head a different color is to have a bunch of highlights all over your head.

29. Light Mocha Waves with Honey Highlights. Honey and mocha? A match made in hair heaven.

30. Short Light Brown Hair with Auburn Highlights. Upgrade your brown bob with auburn highlights as a seasonal change to your look.

31. Walnut Brown Highlights. Refresh your brunette hair drawing inspiration from the nature and its gifts.

32. Chunky Ash Bronde Balayage Highlights. To keep your cooler tone throughout your hair, go for an ashy shade of blonde during your next trip to the salon.

33. Mocha Waves with Beige Highlights. Go for this color if you want an effortless cool-toned color update for your mocha locks.

34. Bronze and Beige Highlights with Ash Brown Hair Underneath. Layering highlights on top of your natural color is a different approach to highlights! Curl your hair loosely in order to see bits of your natural hair through the highlights.

By Jess

35. Sleek Caramel Highlights. Having different shades of caramel throughout your light brown hair will add depth and make your hair look super thick and full.

36. Cool Light Brown Hair with Highlights. If your natural hair is on the lighter brown side, weaving lighter blonde pieces throughout will work well and bring out the beautiful depth of your locks.

37. Rich Brunette Waves with Light Brown Highlights. Keeping the highlights subtle and thin show off an effortless color transition.

38. Cool Balayage. Don’t be scared about going lighter with your highlights if your hair is already light brown. To add visual interest you can create loose waves by holding your hair around the curling iron for about 10 seconds.

39. Mid-Length Light Brown Hair with Honey Highlights. Just because you don’t have a ton of length doesn’t mean you can’t play around with balayage highlights. Flipped ends here look gorgeous!

40. Beachy Waves with Bright Blonde Highlights. Talk about TEXTURE – the curls combined with the bright blonde color at the bottom of your hair will turn heads.

41. Wavy Bronze Highlights. Whether you keep highlights in the front or have them all over, bronze is such a pretty color for all shades of brown hair.

42. Brown Hair with Light Caramel Highlights. Style smooth midshaft waves so you can show off your length and color better.

43. Shoulder-Length Beachy Blonde Waves. Achieve the ultimate beachy look with this cool blonde highlight color. The key is to make sure the transition between your natural color and the highlight color is smooth.

44. Toasted Blonde Balayage. A side fringe can instantly frame your cheekbones and jawline, while the toasted blonde highlights add a fresh take to your brown hair.

45. Caramel Blonde Highlights. A perfect mix between blonde and brown gives a gorgeous caramel blonde look.

46. Wavy Babylights. Shorter layers make it a bit harder to show the transition between a highlight color and your natural color, but babylights can work fine in this case! It’s a specific technique where a color is delicately painted on to create a subtle change in hair color.

47. Light Ash Brown Hair with Platinum Highlights. Having platinum blonde pieces towards the face immediately brightens up your entire look. A super-trendy example of non-banal highlights.

Face-Framing Platinum Highlights for Brown Hair
By Gina

48. Glazed Waves. The light brown waves set off by darker roots and brightened by a shiny finish are a feast to the eyes!

49. Short Brown Hair with Thin Highlights. If your work life has restrictions on hair colors, try peek-a-boo highlights for a subtle change.

50. Shiny Honey Highlights. Try a warm, darker shade of blonde to get a toasty effect.

To refresh your current look, consider going for a light brown hair color with highlights. A customized solution will brighten your complexion while giving you a new reason to share tons of pictures! Try different shades of blonde to get your perfect shade.

by Victoria Morales
Victoria is a freelance writer living in NYC. She loves writing about lifestyle, skin care and all things hair. She's always open to sharing ideas on new trendy hair colors, haircuts and hairstyles.